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A Few More Steps closer to Do Dry Cleaning

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Hammurabi applies. This will be a tough one to follow, indeed. But then I have the BBC as the voice I don’t have.

Churchill bust removed from the Oval Office, White House by President Barack Obama. This places him concurring with Earth Projects philosophies. Revelation announced during Obama/Brown meeting on Monday 2 March 2009.

One big affirmation is that President Obama writing to New York Times indicating that no defensive shields will be deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic provided that Russia guarantees Iran remaining nuclear weapon free. A lot of diplomatic ping pong was played and resulted in President Obama leaving the situation unclear. Only for me to step in now and tell the world that Russia’s assurances have long been given but even Russia did not have the freedom of speech (what else?!) to tell the world.

For goodness sake, about 100 Russian engineers have been busy at work for years building Bushar for the Iranians or help them build it. Bush knows it, Hillary knows it, and Obama knows it. This blog is not only valuable but is the only effective weapon to mow the thickest of jungles to clear the way to world freedom. So, I say, Guarantee is hereby given Mr President. Iran will devoop no weapons, they've never meant to. And you forget about tose shields! OK?

More is given below, much, much, more, however difficult proceedings may be to follow.

The nation of Britain has no fear now about removing the Churchill statue from Parliament Square, but all in good time.

Because of President Obama’s Historically Symbolic boldness, the following significant reactions were gauged in different parts of the world.

Another way of putting it would be to state that a number of events is serialised here, and once again I reiterate that proceedings will be difficult to follow.

My Neo Nazi equation (not given to you earlier) is now extended to include more world leaders against whose temples American guns are held. Are they American guns only? This will also be explored and data provided for. Remember, all this is done in writing only, for like the rest of the world I have no voice either.

So here goes and wish me luck:

The Israeli Leadership = The Pakistani Leadership = The Columbian Leadership = The Porta Rican Leadership = Guinea Bissau Leadership = The Mexican Leadership.

During the course of this research (Sea Change In Dry Cleaning), I have been gathering data for the possibility of the Vatican having their own paramilitary/commando style ambush forces striking hot spots around the world to commit atrocities and bloodshed severally or jointly with Bush and thugs.

The following are prominent bits of data selected for readers:

1) Bush and the Pope get together on White House balcony (Kaz in Egham blog with no comments received) blasting the US, Central and Latin America with their combined power packs. Some power!

Excuse the interruption but I need to make an announcement right now (13:46 hours GMT on Wednesday 4 March 2009:

South Korea, Azerbaijan and Armenia: You could be next to be hit like The Sri Lankan Cricketers and indeed Mumbai. Tighten up as best you can. Azerbaijan has sent classical video to U Tube for the Carnegie Concert, and there is unrest reported in South Korea!

2) Super intelligent way the Columbian government communicated: Farg leadership and people are mostly a bunch of Columbian women who are no Drug manufacturers and Distributors. Rather, their major headquarters raided by the Columbian armed forces revealed bomb making equipment and paraphernalia, medical and dental care centres. Not Drug Factories!!!

Bushes America and the Pope (includes Blair, Mandleson and a whole chain of others) had convinced the world Farg were in to Drugs and that the Columbian government was fighting them

Here, I need the BBC to tell the world the connecting bit: President Oribe literally said, in no uncertain terms, “it’s not me, it’s not Farg, it’s them”. Here, “them” are the same people who nearly toppled Phillippe Calderon’s Mexico. President Obama saved the day. The Mexicans announced 3,000 boots in the boarder area assuring me for the first time that Mexico is saved now and can see peace and calm in the near future. Phew!

A brilliant bit here: The double citizen woman Columbian/French Presidential candidate held by Farg women is either safe in France or in Columbia. She is President Sarkozi’s trump card by me as acknowledged by Governor Arnie (the 8th largest economy in the world and boasting 3,500 dry cleaners), (stamp collectors with H.M. The Queen).

That is why President Sarkozi is super charged, and rearing to go like a road runner. And that is why the French people stopped loving him. They simply adore their president to bits. Man, what a show! And he has a Muslim woman government minister? Who knew that ? President Sarkozi is big in EU, and Gaza and every where else where I am big at!

Good, aren’t I? My numbering system got mixed up. Please just follow the text.

Now, who were the people who nearly toppled the Calderon government? They were Bush/Blair/Pope/Mandleson. I can add Alex Fergusson of Manchester United/Jose Merinho of AC Milan (£300 wine bottle for Fergusson)/Ex Chairman of Liverpool Football Club (lost transfer battle to Rafa the manager, Fergusson’s arch rival)/the Mafia/and the Pope!

Confused? No problem. I have no voice, cannot drive (! You didn’t know that, did you?), am disabled, cannot speak (will not either…), and am drugged every two weeks. But I can still kick ass, and have the BBC to do all the talking for me. They have known for years what you lot didn’t know. How can they afford not to help? I leave issues as they are – inconclusive and give you some good news before you give up the will to live!

As a result of Obama discarding the Churchill bust:

World Champion Freedom Fighter Fidel Castro bounced back from obscurity as though fresh life was blown on to him. He gave his seal of approval to brother, Raul, who had earlier sacked more than a dozen cabinet members including two stubborn hardliners (one, the foreign minister and the second youngest) who vehemently opposed getting closer to America. Now, Fidel and Barack have actually joined forces ladies and gentle men of the world to actually bring Cubans and Americans together in a loving and caring relationship. See the difference between before and after and enjoy the real fruit of the hard work done by this dry cleaner who has wanted nothing else to do but to get on with his dry cleaning.

How good is that?

The Cuban youth of Florida who had no voice like me, you, you, you, all out there have all been given voice by me now and have shouted out loud saying they would love to go to Cuba and water their roots just as Jag has gone to Punjab.

Let me tell you about Jag and his Muslim boss: The all covered Muslim girl treats her job as prayer or (Namaaz). To us, work is prayer. She will kick ass even without being pressurised by the Window Dresser government to do so and split my brotherhood with Jag. Suppose she is really is smart and she knows the score. Assume that she follows the blog, and then assume what an impossible position she and family are placed in. Leave it to you and ponder about that one. May be Michael Jackson can write a song about it and sing the hell out of it in O2 soon. Time will tell.

Thank you President Obama. Thank you Champion Fidel. You showed them, didn’t you, at long last. It may have taken you more than half a century to do it, but you did it. Folks, meet Fidel!!!! Folks, meet Barack!!!!

Folks, meet the International Court of Justice who is lenient to Champion Radawan Karadic (Hub ul watan e minal eeman, indeed), and who is lenient to President Basheer of Sudan. The Criminal is William Jefferson Clinton, and The ICC is gearing to try the bastard!

Let me tell you all what is really meant by Obama doing away with the Churchill legacy. The lease of 100 years we signed with America is out of the window. The soil we had given them to install Jupiter nuclear weapons is no longer available to America to maintain their weapons there. Greenham Common is free, Aldershot is free. All other military camps occupied by the Americans are free. Soldiers, planes, bombs and all must go back to America in a dignified and measured way. We will sing about them.

Thank you Gordon Brown for witnessing the empty space where Churchill bust once stood in the Oval Office.

Thank you Nick Robinson of the BBC who gave voice to Obama’s brave action.

Thank you Barack for displaying Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi and giving a home to them in your White House.

Then the Vatican announced that they are giving heed to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Massive gathering of world’s religions is taking place in Vatican as we speak, and I wonder what has my work got to do with it. Perhaps, my keeping my religion out so that the others could breathe in comfort. There are a billion of us you know, and I have cleverly kept them all at bay. If they can contribute any thing, then here is their chance.

Earlier, the handing over to President Medvedev, jointly by the Italian President and a Vatican envoy, keys to an Orthodox Church in Rome. The Church symbolises little (but significant) Orthodox Churches in Europe. With this symbolism Russia and the Europeans have distanced themselves from the debate between Vatican and I (very one sided, I must add).

By such an action, the Vatican has weakened their position in the complex of the British Bishop and the Pope as far as the truth on the Nazi issues is concerned.

U tube joined the blog (some how?) and have arranged an internet concert (very intelligent to avoid the world coming out on streets. I got it, you gals and guys. No worries.) They will give a classical music concert from Carnegie Hall, New York, with 70 countries and 3,000 pieces of music taking part including those from Venezuela and Azerbaijan. New Your will be set free.

The city with streets with no names is given one now, temporary, it may be but a street will be called U2 way. You did it boys, at last.

As you will recall, U2 are atop the BBC Broadcasting House, making the BBC more potent than they really are. I throw in Channel 4 too, in these hard days. Thanks John Snow, for all you have done, and still doing it.

Shame about ITV Michael Grade, but glad to see you are on the upbeat. You are now thrown in in my bag. Join in, go for it, and do your stuff. There is plenty to share around.

Channel 5 TV, too. Actually, you gals and guys have been doing your stuff, but I was too busy acknowledging you. Keep up the good work. We are united.

The Hungarians affirmed my proposal of the Earth Projects Europe by forwarding an estimate of $250 billion for the ex Communist European countries. A team of 2 economists from the US and one from the Economist (Chancellor Gotley’s publication) agreed with Hungary and I last night.

Angela Merkil of Germany rejected it, but then she is a very naughty girl. Me, send you Bishop, you agree with Hungarians. Got it, girl?

Ukrainian Prime Minister out manoeuvred her hard line President (NATO supporter) and got rid of the Finance Minister. Sheer girl power. Come on over to London.

Guinea Bissau announced she is a flailed state and running on drugs. Route: Columbia/Guinea Bissau/Spain or France/football/Jose Meribho/Alex Fergusson/Oh, I don’t know but Peter Mandleson/Alex Fergusson/George W. Bush/the Pope/Mafia… You add more, world. Guinea sacrificed one human life (either the armed forces chief of staff first or the president a little later but on the same sad day).

Brave Pakistani woman cabinet minister exposed the true situation in Pakistan using dress code (Jinnah rather than Shalwar Kamees).

Brave Pakistani Home affairs minister lied through his teeth (white lie) saying some thing affirming m and n below (lost the goddamned paper with data on it! Damn it, I’ve got to tidy up this place one of these days. If you all could see it. Ha ha ha ha. Really laughing now!)

m) Brave Punjabi governor/minister announcing that he has detained most of the Lashkar e Al Taiba (?) gang who blew up Mumbai, and shed all that blood. You must be joking sir, and I think you are. Prove it!!!!. The BBC is swarming all over the place. Bring them all on TV and let them talk like parrots. You can’t , can you? We will find out in a few hours when this post hits your screen.

Besides, you know by now that my brother Jag is in Punjab this minute and probably on his way on his crutches to your office asking questions for me. Small world isn’t it?

Brave Imran Khan, world celebrity (ex wife Jemima Goldsmith and a friend of the late Princess Diana), cricketer and politician told us that cabinet ministers are very well protected. By whom? Pakistani armed and security forces or the Americans, or the Popes Paramilitary commandos come Mafia?

Taliban (of all sorts if such subdivisions exist) and Al Qaida if it exists have laid down arms and follow a cease fire as we speak!

Skipping a few steps.

Now, who really attacked Mumbai and the cricketers. Conclude for yourselves. I will jump over and say a word or two on Bagram Air Base and Guantanmo.

The blog, you and I have wound our way to get this far. Knowing the characters of Bush/Blair/The Pope/Fergusson/Mandleson as scum bags, Neo Nazis, probably involved in paedophilia (I am not finished with them yet. I’ve got to do Michael Barrimore and “Kids do the funniest things!” and stuff), how much worse can the people in Bagram and Guantanamo be, Champion Fidel and President Obama?

Erik Holder inspected the place, recommended better social facilities. Woman US Airforce Lawyer stated on the record that Benya Mohammad was tortured in Afghanistan, Morroco, and the US.

Milliband/Hague conducted logical debates in the House of Commons and faced America seeking approval to reveal Benya Mohammad’s records to the public. No such approval is needed because I say so.

Open his case Edwina Currie at once. Benya’s eloquent sister may still be here. She described her brother as extremely well with a sense of humour and perfectly logical mind to communicate with us. I am not surprised he has been unable to walk right in to the BBC and give it all to us. Now he has five TV channels he can choose from.

If he still is unable to speak with the world, then the world will have to understand that there are still forces of the military type of the US origin that are hiding every where and holding guns at every one’s temple. But then that is why we now have U Tube, Michael Jackson, U2, Beyonce, J – Z and a few other hand picked ones to blast all obstacle in our ways. Then of course we have the king: Bruce Springsteen. Billy Bragg and Jarvis Cocker too.

Do I have any more? I am not telling you.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

Hope this reaches Gordon Brown before he addresses the joint Senate/Congress delegates. I just heard this won't reach him. Oh, well, I tried. What does he expect? Blood? Sorry, he can't have any. I've only got 7 pints, and can't spare an armful for him (got it?).


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