Saturday, 21 March 2009

Dunblane, The Pimp Chris Tarrant, Nigel Lawson and more...

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The complete headline title would be mile long, but try these jig saw pieces: Dunblane-Nigel Lawson-George Robertson-Jacob Zuma-Yusuf Islam-Bill Clinton (blowing US Embassies)-Nelson Mandela and son on.

First, a one off query from Trevor Eley: Why was Tony Blair called Marilyn in his boarding school days, if he wasn’t fucked by almost anyone with a cock large or small?

Now then, the blog established ages age that Mandleson = Prince of Darkness = Prince Of The Paedophiles.

The blog also established Lord George Robertson as a paedophile and in-charge of NATO.

No one commented or objected to these blog allegations so my assertions must be true. Now, I would draw the attention of deer hunters, student unions, Eggheads and associates to one song by Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens):

“The Little Ones” performed in Royal Albert Hall in December 2004 at the Voices of Darfur (you see how long this has been dragging on and America dragged her feet, blaming Omar Ul Bashir for atrocities?) for the children of Bosnia and Dunblane.

Then lots of others wrote and sang:

1) Ted Christopher with consent from Bob Dylan wrote “Knockin On Heaven’s Door”
2) The Living End wrote “Monday”
3) Pipe Major Robert Mathieson wrote “The Bells Of Dunblane”
4) James MacMillan wrote “A Child’s Prayer”, 1996
5) Ditto, but “The Sixteen”, 2005, referring to the 15 children and a teacher who were massacred by the Browning pistols of Thomas Hamilton
6) Eric Bogle Wrote “One Small Star”
7) The National rock band Brutal Attack released “Angels Of Dunblane” on their album, When Odin Calls
8) Scottish Celtic rock band Runrig wrote “Life IS” on album “In Search Of Angels”
9) John L. Bell wrote “There Is A Place” in collections “The Last journey” and “When Grief Is Raw”

Remember that Tony Blair = Peter Mandleson in this analysis. The former buried Dunblane under the official secrets act. The paedophile George Robertson extracted an apology from the Sunday Scottish Herald newspaper. I hereby bust open the official secret act by my people power. I also demand that the Herald retract their apology to George Robertson and start writing on Dunblane again.

Now, the most exciting and thrilling exercise for me, my team and you all out there is to connect these jig saw pieces together:

Chris Tarrant (the pimp), Ingrid Tarrant, Bill Clinton, US woman ambassador to Kenya when embassy was blow up by Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, D, Nigel Lawson, Harvey Proctor’s surviving ring of paedophiles, David Cameron-Peter Mandleson-George Osborne-Russian billionaire Mediterranean yaught owner-Michael Howard-Sandra Howard-Chris Tarrant (again),…

Then another jig saw:

Bill Clinton, blowing up of Jewish hotel on Kenyan coast, blowing of embassies, colonising Africa, strengthening link with Jacob Zuma to drive South Africa to anarchy, propping up the drug dealing Robert Mugabe, silencing Nelson Mandela, Careem Mac Maharaj, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, Professor Jeffrey Sachs of Harvard, U2, and me.

While others are silenced, I am free to write and to devastate Free Masons and their unbelievably strong circle of people. Just imagine: NATO is paedophilic, it is Free Mason, and is after the rest of Europe to join it!

How exciting is all that, Marilyn Blair?

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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