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Desperately Seeking Meryl Streep!

Post number 223,

Dear Ms Meryl Streep,

Hammurabi definitively applies.

Although you are now invited to join my team of global BBC, deer hunters, eggheads and others, you have no choice but to accept.

I am at my wit’s end to reach you. I have a feeling we stories to tell and most importantly, it may be the same story: Sweden.

Abba’s music, after a brief decline, has been ever popular, and there are ABBA bands all over the world to promote Sweden. It hasn’t worked. Then much later the movie Mama Mia was released, and even I took time off and watched it with my two sons. That didn’t work either to flush out the Swedes out or for that matter, ABBA members either.

Then, if I am not mistaken, London and Britain took charge and staged the musical. There were posters every where, including the famous London red buses. Nothing doing not a sound.

Then of course as the world knows, we have the phenomenon in her own rights, da ra ra ra! Ms Ulrika Johnsson! She is every where in Britain. Has she turned her back on Sweden? May be she’s been trying. She even shagged Sven Goran Eriksson to create some noise. Relatively speaking, no noise at all. Nothing about Sweden.

Let’s cut out the crap. Slow catchers, talk to some one who knows how this post will end. I haven’t the time to fuck around.

Then you have ABBA song: Any body can be that man: Does this mean any man out there can fuck me? It doesn’t matter because it hasn’t mattered thus far?

More details left out and I hit America with this: Folks of the world, check out

The article was written in the Telegraph in 2001, as it happened, the year Afghanistan was invaded under the guise of 2001 (crap now as you will see a few posts later). The case was also on British national TV about the same time. Because, the internet and satellite TV was not as popular as is toady, the news did not make it outside UK shores. NO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND SPEECH AT LEAST AS OF 2001, WORLD. Make a note!

In addition to what you read on the site referred to above, viewers of our TV remember the following tit bits:

“Lebensborn” children were bred by the German system in Norway, German nurses in white tunic seeing to them in camps all over the place. It was a racial purity programme.

The website above will tell you that these children IN POST WAR NORWAY were called Tykerbarna (German bastards). The children were the product of German Nazi officers and young Norwegian girls.

The above site was not found in Google. Naughty Google. Oh, I Googled Lebensborn children. There is no entry in Google.

An item Lebensborn-JewishGen was clicked upon. The site is inaccessibly on Yahoo, the search engine for Lebensborn children.

Now, we all know that the brown haired ABBA girl is Norwegian born. Is she a Lebensborn child? She will let us know now, hey Myrel?!!!! Was she the dancing queen when very little? Boy, have I got a big one here or what?

The point is this: Say America has been in sole charge of the free world after the fall of the Eastern Block or the Warsaw Pact. Suppose it was the Warsaw Pact that had stopped America from blowing the Lebensborn racially programme wide open. She didn’t. The US of A hid it deeper and deeper. So, it is blatantly obvious that America has been and still under the Obama regime a supporter of the Nazi racial purification regime and wants to implemented in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Gaza (America has the West Bank already under the traitor Mahmood Abbas’ leadership), Cuba, Venezuela, Somalia.

One supposes that the Afghans and rest will be racially cleansed and replaced by blonde haired, blue eyed Scandinavians. Except for the fact that a black president in not going to take any of that shit. Poor Barack has got a tough job to do, and he must be eternal grateful for this loopy Afghan to sort out the fucking mess for him.

You see, world, this blog is like a bolt of lightening. Blog posts are the dazzling flashes. It will be a long time, in this case before you hear the bang on ground level. Depending on connectivity density of the internet say per square kilometre of world’s
surface area, folks will hear the bang in months and months to come. This is the time span Obama has to do extremely smart and face saving exercise, like those currently under way in Iraq.

A lot speedier withdrawal of the troops will take place with the publication of this post. The president is already engaging the American troops to mix and mingle with the Iraqis freely in friendly and brotherly and indeed sisterly manner. This reality will not and cannot be reported to the open world through the available press and media. Blood shed will ensue around the world in massive uprisings in people chasing out 1 to 1.5 million American armed forces personnel and take them home. It will all be done gradually. I will carry on with my bird’s eye view, and make announcements like this one:

The two Koreas: Cut out the crap. The North is electing a Swiss educated new leader, the youngest son (26) of the Great Leader (well done your Excellency) Kim Il Jung. The South people and workers Unions are planning massive walkouts during the North/South military exercises in the DMZ, the most heavily fortified boarder post in the world for America to divide, to rule and racially purify! Just unite.

The Afghan connection: I have my cousin brother General Mohammad Aziz Hassas, a Swedish citizen and living there for the past 14 years with his considerably large family. General Hassas was educated in Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. His specialism is military strategy as applied by the Red Army. Aziz is a paid up member of the Venster (Left Wing) Political party of Sweden with affiliation with the country’s Green Party.

Aziz and associates have the Political Party “Nahz e faraa Gueer wa democraassy Afghanistan and boast some 20 to 27 members in the current Afghan Parliament. The Party has cabinet ministers too along with a number of key and senior civil servants, but the lesser important posts. All the money making, monies holding posts are held by American and British connected pseudo Afghans with a leg in Afghanistan, a second leg in London and a third (wouldn’t put past those Afghans) in Washington. Aziz and associates party are united with another Party headed by a friend of Aziz Mr Noor Ul Haque Uloomi called Hezb e muttahid e milli (The Party of National Unity). Mr Uloomi was Minister of Internal Affairs in Karzai Government and later a member of the Central Committee.

General Aziz’s home telephone number in Sweden is 004648715644, and interested parties can contact him quite openly.

General Aziz was the Vice Chancellor of the Afghan Military University before he was elevated to hold the post of in-charge of the Presidential Guards in the reign of President Babrak Karmal. He was a personnel friend of the family too. The president’s younger brother Tooryali is a close friend of General Aziz. The former was a year or two ahead of Aziz and I (classmates in Habibia High).

Then in London, we have Mr Sultan Ali Keshtmand (a minority Hazarah) who was the prime minister in Karmal’s regime. Mr Keshtmand comes from my constituency of Chahaar Deh, where I campaigned for him in my high school days with encouragement by Akhtar Mohammad Ahmadzai, my uncle, alive and well in Kabul, educated Kabul University and Leeds University Britain.

Akhtar was a good friend of Prime Minister Keshtmand. The former’s last post in-charge of the Red Cross/Red Crescent organisation in Kabul. Akhtar has retired but never left Afghanistan and can be key to re instating some cultural values back in. Mr Keshtmand has other capable people in London. I am not in touch, and for all I know he may very well have active political involvements in Afghanistan.

My duty has been to inform Hillary Clinton of the availability of human resources that ought to have a voice in the future of Afghanistan. I do not support or propose any of them, for that would be nepotism. Let the Afghans inside Afghanistan judge them for their suitability to serve dear Afghanistan. I can recommend that these folks should team up with the Presidential candidate Mr Ashraf Ghani Ahamdzai and see if they can form alliances together.

I am glad the genuine Taliban (not the American manufactured ones for whom the Saudis are blamed. Wahaabi Islam is American, not Saudi Arabian. The latter cannot enjoy lunch without express permission from the American military, never mind exporting Islam. Got it Barack?!). I warmly welcome Mullah Zaif taking interest in I pods and stuff. He is ahead of me on that front and my kind of Talib unless he lets himself down. I will provide media coverage for him to express himself.

Very important: Karzai, the existing parliament, all political parties and ALL ELSE must be dissolved, because Karzai was installed to racially clean Afghans and turn them all to blue eyed and blonde haired ones, except those who already fulfil the requirements.

Sweden have 300 soldiers in the North, and have an extensive aids progarmme for Afghanistan. My family member Mr Gul Wazir has been the President (?) of Logistics in-charge of distribtion to the source of need (no corruption), for a number of years. He has been with the Swedes for some 15 years including time spent in the Peshawer office. His e-mail address is

To give every one how unstable Kabul itself is, take a load of this: Mr Gul Wazir's young teenage son has fled Afghanistan two months ago and is in hiding in Sweden! Petrified to surrender himself to authorities, his father is sorting out some paper work for his ease of approach with the Swedish authorities!!!

Got to go Meryl. It’s food time for this baldi brown eyed babe!

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, earth Projects

PS did I make it clear that it is formally derived in this here blog post that all American establishments at least from 1989 onwards have been and are Neo Nazis? History Captain Chris and Royal Holloway strong team of Historians (all mine!) will strongly disagree. I will let them, with pleasure.


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