Friday, 20 March 2009

Clearing Home Turf Of Rubbish

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Hammurabi applies

Yolande Lindridge is a spiteful, lying, and double crossing Masonic Plant who has half destroyed the lives of a number my new team members. She is also an associate of Anne Widdecombe. As such, Anne is struck off from Professor Robert Winston’s Martial Law cabinet with immediate effect.

Let me re introduce A. He is none other that Trevor Eley, my neighbour and a sexually abused child at the age of 7. There is sufficient blog coverage of him earlier, but the bulk of his stories will be unfolded in good time.

Yolande tried to kill Trevor when the Free Masons couldn’t kill him in Guildford, mainly by poisoning and spiking his food, drink and tobacco at the Day Centre that is run and managed by the Free Masons, and the 5 York Road Project, Guildford.

Yolande offered Trevor a place at her home in Brampton Carlisle, where she herself spiked Trevor’s food that badly affected his liver. He fled back to London.

Then Yolnde tried to pin the Millie Dowler murder case on Trevor but that did not stick.

If I am to clear the world of Free Masons, I’ve got to tidy up my back yard first. So here goes: Michel Carney and Kaz, police officers, get Yolande off our backs.

Yolande domain in Free Masonry extends from Kent, Egham to Plymouth where she has caused trouble for my new team members, the GP, the PhD lab expert and a third person. Yolande had got two of them arrested by the police, and they are currently out on bail. Further details to follow soon on receipt from the field.

Meanwhile, deer hunters, Eggheads and 10,000 followers gang up on Yolande and make her life hell.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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