Sunday, 15 March 2009

British Muslims gagged and cannot express themselves.

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British Muslims calling returning British soldiers butchers and killers have no freedom of speech to call “a spade a spade”. They know that British soldiers with Muslims among them are sent by America forcing the Window Dresser government to send our soldiers to war against their will or that of the nation.

They are not allowed to state these facts, and if they are allowed, their statements are edited out of radio, TV, and press interviews. On the other hand, leaders of all the 3 main political parties have jointly condemned the British Muslims' statement for demeaning the spirits of their soldiers. Preparations are under way to make genuine demonstrations by the Muslims illegal.

The Muslim bashing by the 3 parties including David Davies of the Tories adds fuel to the flame of hatred between the indigenous population and the Muslims. This is all to divide and to rule us further, because the establishment are all Free Masons and have a direct hand in lebensbonisation, drugging, raping and killing of our children.

I advise the Muslim to change tact, and pay respect to their soldiers on return from their brave and unselfish actions in both theatres of war in Afghanistan and Irag. They were shot and killed by both American soldiers (friendly fire) and American trained Taliban when they refused to kill innocent Muslim elderly, women and children.

I encourage the British soldiers to get out a bit more in full military gear during weekend breaks to go shopping, paying bills, etc. Make your presensce felt in the community. As mentioned in the previous post, I may call on you to man every ward, borough, city and the country to flush out the Free Masons right down to street gangs knifing, gunning, and raping the rest of us. How else can I give confidence to the Japanese and the Arabs to invest their trillions in the UK?

Another aspect that was touched upon earlier but not expanded on is this: The Americans train Wahabi Muslims in Saudi Arabia to go to Afghanistan, apply Sharia Laws that don’t exist in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia (Saudi King freed by this blog to appoint the first woman cabinet minister in protest against the Americans painting an incorrect picture of life in Saudi Arabia. Worse still, the strict regime in Saudi Arabia is enforced by America and the Saudi Royal family blamed for.).

The manufactured Taliban are indoctrinated to go and kill the infidel British and Canadian soldiers (the American ones are not fighting Taliban). The manufactured Taliban overpower and overrule the genuine Taliban and give them a bad name. The Americans open up and finance the Madrassas where young children recite the Quran while leaning backward and forward. Afghans laugh at kids who recite the Quran in this fashion.

Above all, it must be remembered that the Taliban have no source of finance to pay for these Madrassas. Afghans are poor. Finances allegedly come from Saudi Arabia. They are actually the American government funding may be through Saudi Arabia. Taliban have no access to the opium money. The latter are transported on US military planes from 18:00 to 06:00 hrs local Afghan time and taken to secret American cities in Germany for distribution by the Pope, his allies and commandos the Mafia, The Americans, and the rest. In short, the Free Masons including UK bankers right down to Fred the Shred Goodwin.

Channel 4 TV, the prominent team members will televise a documentary by a woman from the North West frontier Province that will shed a different light on the scene out there. It is a “must watch” for your Monday 16 March 2009 viewing. I want the whole world to watch it.

Mohammad Karim Ahamdzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. There will be no further post today Sunday 15 March 2009. I will be out doing my rounds of family and friends houses and will have nice Afghan meals.

I have alarming news from Logar (ancestral home) that American soldiers burst in to my family homes scattering women and children. They break open suit cases and lock up storages places by live bullets looking for arms and ammunition. They do this en route from Kabul through Logar to Ghazni and Wardak Provinces to fight Afghans who have taken up arms and bravely fight for their survival.

Summary of the Afghan bit in this post: America and NATO mainly fight American trained Taliban imported from Saudi Arabia. How clever is that? Very clever, had it not been for this blog to expose the scam.


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