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British Bishop Has More Supporters Than He Knows

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British Friends of the British Bishop Against His Scum Bagship The Pope

Broadcast right now (11:24 hours GMT, Friday 13 March, 2009) on available for listening for a whole week from today.

Incomplete, as I was busy doing other things:

Professor Geoffrey Giles is an expert on the German concentration camps. The subject is “Operation Bernhard” or industrial scale money printing set up in £ Sterling to flood Britain and derail the British war efforts by destroying the economy. A Russian Jewish émigré master forger was employed and the commander of the camp told the 100,000 strong Jewish forgers that they will walk out with their lives and freedom (not gassed obviously) if they did a good job.

They did a damn good job. The earliest forgery was a £10 note in December 1935. All forgeries were so good that it was difficult to tell their work apart from the genuine notes. The latter was whiter than the creamy fake ones. They even had perfect water marks.

The Jews of the Concentration camps had even pierced holes in the eyes of the queen (Britannia) telling the outside world that those notes were forgeries but the news never broke out of the camp. Such was indeed the stranglehold of the German Nazis on the Jews but there were no gassing of them.

The Swiss banks knew right away how to tell them apart. In my view, they must still do. So do the Austrians, because a returnee British soldier had brought one bank note (fake) with him back to England. So, the Nazi hunting Simon Wiesenthal Foundation must know. Through them Hollywood knows, but still kept piling it on the Germans to keep the Neo Nazi killing of the Arabs at the hands of the Israelis.

Pretty good scam, isn’t it, as the Bishop and the Latin Americans and Irish among others might have been dying to tell the Pope for decades? Killing of the Arabs by the Free Masons traceable right down to RBS (Fred the Goddamned Shred), Lloyds bank, Barclays bank, other top Free Masons, the Evil Popes (this blog derivation plus the Rolling Stones ‘Sympathy For The Devil), American Empire right from 1948 onwards, the British governments (the Al Naby connection), right down to Peter Mandleson, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

Riddle solved. I support the British Bishop and his claim that no more than 300,000 Jews died along with the Gypsies, the Slavs, the mentally ill, and the disabled. Jews were not singled out at all.

Must go and do my Friday prayer now and be among some good people for an hour or so. But I will say this before I go. The April Conference of 20 heads of states with the inclusion of Barack Obama will take a different shape now. America cannot, will not, and shall not play the upper hand at all. She best be a careful listener and follow what exactly the Window Dresser Brown will dictate.

I have got Brown exactly where I want him, and he’d better do what common sense prevails, i.e. these blog philosophies: Consumerism.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS Jo Brand, the continuity announcer for this morning on Radio 4: Help me retake your University’s campus on Cooper Hill in Egham, taken by the Free Masons for housing development. I have claimed the site (blog posts last year) for my head quarters, and now invite the likes of Sir Richard Branson, and Sir Alan Minton Sugar to pour in money when the time comes to do dry cleaning, build new formulae for Fair Trade and a lot more of Consumerism philosophies.

The Free Masons who have chased Brunel University out are: Oracle Residential telephone 07787 799 909 and 07811 213 362. Safe Estates, phone number 0208 238 6088. Chase them out Jo, and take possession of the site.


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