Monday, 2 March 2009

The Bishop and The Pope

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Oooooh! That break and back home again to sleep was good.

Sitting down comfortably to read this? Good. Here goes then:

The British Bishop actually said this (to set the record straight):

That 2 to 300,000 Jews died in Concentration Camps and that no Jews died in Gas Chambers.

The latest stalemate between the Pope = Vatican (a separate state from the Italian one, it must be emphasised) and the Bishop is that the Bishop had apologised for upsets caused in those concerned around the world, but he did not retract his statement. So, the ball was in the Pope’s court.

The Pope ignored the apology and demanded more but did not specify what did he want? He may have implied that the Bishop retract from his statement so that the issue can be concluded and the world and I do not remain curious. We certainly do remain concerned for we have logical minds and have got used to believing in blog philosophies of 1 + 1 = 2.

The right question from the Pope should have been: “Ok, if you don’t retract, then explain your self”. What amazed the world and I for days was that all the global human resources including a university, libraries, philosophers, scientists and more besides couldn’t figure out this simple logic!!!

The world is amazed, some are immeasurably outraged (Catholic intellectuals and fire eaters), some are just plain amused to see what I do. My job is simple. I just report the world’s reaction. The best way to do it is to join parts of the world together that have all come out openly in supporting the brave Bishop:

Peru = Venezuela = Columbia = Brazil = Mexico = USA = Canada = Scotland (!) = Ireland = France = Hungary = Saudi Arabia = Italy = Iran = China = India = Nepal = Kenya = Thailand = Australia = New Zealand = Pakistan = Bangladesh = Algeria = Morocco = Germany = Russia = Dubai = I, Mohammad and some others that I might have left out.

I single out India for one reason: Mrs Sonia Gandhi, the political power behind the throne (as it were) of more than a billion Indians is an Italian Roman Catholic widow.

When this post goes out and all of the above will realise their unity in responding, the rest of the world is bound to follow suit.

Note the absence of the rest of the United Kingdom (Wow! You Scots! What can I say?), and most of mainland Europe and Scandinavia. The former suffers heavy jack boots of NATO’s American constituents while the latter have NORAD choking them to death.

Note also the absence of South Africa where Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu of TRUTH have no voice. Is Tutu’s TRUTH so different than that of the rest of world? I think not. It is Mr Jacob Zuma. When Mandela came out of retirement to be photographed with Zuma in a show of national unity, it was just a show. No more. Mandela could not speak. He was made a laughing stock of the Rainbow Nation and of the world. I have got to do something to Jacob Zuma, don’t you think, world? All in good time. I tell you. All in good time.

The original so called offence was committed on German soil. Angela Merkil and the German people have demanded the Bishop travel there and explain himself. I couldn’t agree more.

Team members global BBC and Channel 4 TV: Can you get cracking? First, help the Bishop gain his human rights of freedom of expression and speech in the liberated United Kingdom. Open your doors for him to walk right in and give an introductory speech to the world. This would calm down parts of Latin America where people are so enraged that peace and stability is in danger.

President Hugo Chavez has called the armed forces high alert to insure the supporters of the Drug Dealing Neo Nazi Pope who control rice production, hoard basic food items and have created endemic shortages, don't topple President Chavez's popular government.

In Mexico, President Barack Obama had to step in and will shortly send American boots on the ground to stop the government of Phillippe Calderon from being toppled by the Drug Armies of Bush/the Pope/Blair/Columbians/Mandleson.

The bishop will then ready himself to travel to Germany at once and tell the Germans on live TV why can he not or does he not retract his statement.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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