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Attack On Glastonbury, May Be Even Of The Nuclear Type Planned By Gordon Brown And Jackie Smith

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Hammurabi applies

The Freemason child raping, organ snatching government of Gordon Brown are getting ready to shed the nation’s innocent blood by the millions of gallons this summer and blame Al Qaeda.

Jackie Smith, the super bitch Freemason announced that her department will train thousands of people to defend themselves against Al Qaeda attacks. There is no Al Qaeda. At best, if it exists, is a part and parcel of the Freemason movement with a Liam Donaldson twist in it.

There is no need for Jackie Smith to train any body. I have told you enough to figure out for yourselves that the Freemasons have been at work for centuries to produce shepherds and sheep using terrifying means beyond belief. Let me give you a break down of sub categories in Britain. The model equally applies to other parts of the world:

By stealing organs from live children, and foetuses, they carry out human experiments employing medical labs (Purbright?) and pharmaceutical giants. They can genetically modify humans to manufacture guerrillas, shepherds (government heads), and millions of followers among the general public.

Guerrillas are knife men and gunmen who are engineered to kill with no feelings whatsoever. Here is a first hand example of one who is known to my new team members I know now through D: The guerrilla climbed the bedroom window of an attractive girl somewhere in England and raped her. The girl sought publicity and made a lot of noise. A while later, the guerrilla climbed through her bedroom window, held a knife at her throat and warned her that her throat will be cut if she did not stop seeking help.

The girl stopped, but her father took up her case. The guerrilla confronted him on a public street in full view of the public (they knew he was attached to the local Masonic Hall) and knifed the father 14 times. The father died. The police and other security (MI5 and MI6) turned a blind eye. The guerrilla still roams the street terrorising the people.

There are 1,000s, perhaps 100s of 1,000 of these guerrillas covering the length and breadth of the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland. So Jackie Smith doesn’t need to train more.

The shepherds and government leaders and the establishment have been adequately detailed previously where the Freemasons have produced the kinds of Marilyn (Tony) Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg and sop many other that you know of by now.

Both of the groups above are terrifying enough and they have been super efficient in raping, drugging, killing, and mutilating our young with extreme loyalties to higher masters hidden among us.

The third dangerous category is the converts in their millions who vote for their respective parties including the rapist and flag carrying BNP in local and general elections and brings one of the two main parties to govern.

Then there is the undecided and this is where the Freemason press play their parts to thoroughly confuse the them. The prime example of these are the SUN and the Daily Express and their Sunday sister papers. They totally devastate the reputation of future prominent members of my team such as Ulrika Johnsson and Paul Gascoigne.

Let us put the SUN under my microscope: The SUN’s front page yesterday (Saturday 21 March 2009, my new year) reads that Ulrika blames herself for the rape (some one raped her. I didn’t buy the paper to find out. No need). How can this be? The SUN treats its readers to be such a bunch of morons that they will not get curious about one thing:

Surely, in case of a rape, there is only one party at fault. The rapist! As simple as that! Readers are so brain washed over the years that they must fall for such sub intelligent reasoning or the SUN would have gone bankrupt years ago. Will you still buy the paper?

Paul Gascoigne, the English hero footballer cried for England when England was out of the World Cup in the 90s. He would have been a major force in restoring the nation’s dignity, and as such, he was a threat to the Freemasons governing us. They wish us no dignity. They have anal sex with our children and subject them to be raped by animals to break their pride, dignity and self worth. Consequently, the likes of the SUN and the Daily Express sat upon Gascoigne and destroyed him.

Now that I have given the likes of Gascoigne courage that I will restore all of our dignities, the SUN was quick off the mark to publish in today’s Sunday paper how Sharon, Paul’s wife was to be blamed for of his downfalls. This way, the SUN washes their hands of any involvement in having been one of the greatest enemies of this soil and its proud people. I have shown Britons the way to deal with SUN.

Terrorise them. Spike their food, and gradually kill them with induced cancer and heart attack. My team will tell you through this blog what you need. Use them. In short, become Freemasons by following instruction that will be provided by D, and others very soon indeed. Kill them the way they kill us.

Gordon Brown joined his Home Secretary and confirmed that 1000s will be trained to counter Al Qaeda attacks. Attacks on us will be by Brown, Cameron, Cleg, Nick Griffin of the BNP, NATO, and the world’s armed forces. So, how will they attack us, you might ask? Well, there is the nuclear solution, biological weapons of mass destruction against us and/or livestock (foot and mouth of 2001 to make Briton join the Afghan invasion), or simply conventional weapons such as bombing from the air, sea and land using the army, navy and the air force.

They could massacre every one in Glastonbury and O2 (Michael Jackson concerts) and blame Al Qaeda. Victors write history. Freemasons will change history as they did after World War II. My supporters and I including the BBC will be wiped out. After all that who will dare ask questions? They will “fix” the world’s finances the way it suits them best and Bob’s your auntie (after an operation by the Freemason’s Liam Donaldson!), and they will rule the human race for another 5,000 years.

So, you might suggest to me that we might as well give up the well to live, stop this blog and let them get on with it, hey?! Well, I have good news for you all and indeed the world: You would be wrong to advise me to give up. You see, I am different in a lot of ways compared to you and even the Freemasons. I have established that. My intelligence outwits any one's on the planet. My speed is devastating. In conventional terms, I have not been raped, and anally buggered by the Freemasons and any one else.

Therefore, I am not afraid of them, I am not demoralised by them at all. In fact, I say FUCK THEM! They are a bunch of moronic sub intelligent clowns that I need only laugh at their primitive secretive ways of subduing every one on the planet. I work openly, and I don’t exist (ref copying the world of microbes to come up with antidotes, and I have).


To deal with Guerrillas: Any unexplained deaths from now on should be squarely put on guerrillas. Start with the death in boating accidents of 2 men and 2 missing in Scottish waters. Investigate the local police force and expose Freemason members. Deer hunters and other: become police, MI5 and MI6 and find guerrillas and kill them.

I investigated a branch of WHS Smith and sons, stationers and newsagents. All publications to do with guns have been discontinued. It would appear that the Brown government does not wish the populace to own guns. If judge however (see earlier blog post) is allowed to carry a gun and the police protects him, then so should we.

I want the nation to arm themselves to the teeth to guard Glastonbury and O2 with AK47s openly with weapons visible to the police and the public.

Families with boys and girls in the army, navy and air force should tip their loved ones to mutinee and get rid of their superiors who are known to be Freemasons. Kill them if you have too. They help Donaldson rip the hearts of your children while they are still alive. Have no mercy.

Publish free daily newspapers on the net and counter headlines by the SUN and the Daily Express. Close them down.

Open up new community radio stations. It is radio days now than TV times.

Take over hospital radio stations that terrorise patients and the local community with unsuitable music and poisonous gags and shows.

Do other stuff you know better than I do. Here is one I just remembered: Get to know the arts of origami from the Japanese. I mean the type they make for underground freedom fighter that carries messages. These would be equivalent to the Freemason’s use of hands, thumbs, fingers, eyes, and face they use to talk to each other. D learnt most of these while he was being raped and crucified. He still carries wound marks on the back of his hands and forehead from the studs of straps he was tied with when he was 3 to 5 years old! Utterly unbelievable!

Generally, become a Freemason and give guerrillas a dose of their own medicines, literally speaking. I will train you as we go along, you lucky people! What would you do without me? You see, the more I know about these bastards and bitches, the worst of a living day light nightmare I become for them. And they have not seen the worst of me yet, provided you all firmly remain by my side, and follow instructions.

The establishment: They will have heart attacks once they realise that I have dispatched their Guerrillas to oblivion.

The dangerous voters: They are either terrorised to vote or genuine converts, i.e. they are Freemasons. Deal with the latter as you would treat guerrillas. Buy the hearts and minds of the former group. Covert them to side with us. Convince them to trust me, because I am good, damned good.

Generally, the good news as far the populace of 60 millions (the voting sector) is concerned; do remember that less than half of us vote for any party at all. So, the ratio of our supporters plus the undecided is higher than those who are Freemasons or are terrorised by them. We can’t loose.

Finally, let me finish with a note of congratulations to the Italian brothers and sisters. I was impressed that 100,000 of you came out to demonstrate in the stronghold of Mafia, despite being warned by them not to do so. You’ve done well and are very brave indeed. Do remember that I still want more than before that when you catch the Mafia Guerrillas, don’t forget a little home work I had given you earlier: take those AK47’s and shove then up their ass holes with the thick ends first. Don’t forget that the use of lubricants is forbidden no matter how much they beg you. Show no mercy for they have shown none to you for centuries.

Furthermore, they are backed by the Pope, Berlusconi’s armed forces, NATO and much more.

Chins up Britain, Italy and world!!

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. Have a laugh at Freemasons, go on! They are 20th century idiots.


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Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!



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