Saturday, 14 March 2009

And Now, Tibet

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Avaaz at, cut vital holes in the curtain of censorship drawn over Tibet. Here is why you should do it:

When the new old world order was set, they devised the United Nations, the World Bank, and International Monetary fund (IMF) as the instruments for keeping lebensbornism and state administered Paedophilia secret so that the killing, drugging, and raping carried out by the Nazis and the Vatican were carried out carte blanche.

The United Nations sat up the Security Council made up of the Soviet Union, USA, France, Britain, and China as members. By association, all these states were Free Masons because not even the Eastern block and China blew the cover of Lebensborn children wide open so that the practice and the scam about the creation of the state of Israel could have been made public. In that case the state of Israel will not have been created, full stop!

So, China is run by the Free Masons today and is practising all manners of unsavoury abhorrent deeds upon the people of Tibet under the guise of colonial hang ups. While I deeply empathise with China in occupying Tibet as an integral part of her sovereign territory, because she was so divided and ruled by other imperial powers during her chequered history, I cannot help but ask questions about her ruling over Tibet with an iron fist.

As mentioned, Tibet is an orchid like Iran and Afghanistan, and her people must be allowed to live their lives the way they wish complete with deep rooted culture, Buddhism, and Dalai Lama. It is extremely sad to realise that 50 years of dictatorial ruling and the exile of prominent leaders in Daramassala, India has eroded many of the historical values in mainland Tibet, but we can and will save what’s left of it.

Ethnic cleansing through injection of ethnic Chinese population in Tibet to tilt the balance of population has not helped either. If China fails to see it in other ways, then lets try a principle of Consumerism:

I will set up new dry cleaning technologies every where, and will have numerous shops around the world, including Tibet. The people in Tibet will all become my consumers and I cannot practice discrimination to stop serving some on the grounds of ethnicity, or other divisive denominators. The people in Tibet will have equal purchasing power of 1 each, whether agnostic/atheist Chinese, Buddhist, Muslim or other.

After all, China does not discriminate who to sell to, does she? Furthermore, I have been kind to China and have been treating her with kid gloves so far in maintaining a delicate balance so that the world’s doors remain open to receive China’s goods. China must reciprocate and shouldn’t compel me to put on my real professional boxing gloves. We all know who will lose. You are Free Masons, and that is enough for now for me to be concerned about…

Tibet is asking for very little, really: The people do not object to be a part of the Chinese sovereign territory. All they are asking for is autonomy to live their lives the way they wish without harming any one else. Freedom of sorts have been accorded to Hong Kong and Macau. Why can social equivalents not be extended to Tibet and her people? Consumerism has sat out to socially re engineer the world. I am gaining momentum and China cannot stop me.

Russia too is run by the Free Masons, it must be remembered.

To strengthen the IMF is to strengthen lebensbornism and paedophilia, as efforts by the G20 in Sussex country hotel over the weekend blatantly emphasised. IMF will be broken to bits and disposed of in the rubbish bin of history or it will be re engineered. Similar comments apply to the World Bank.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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