Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Aha! Then Jade Goody Does Know A Thing Or Two About A thing Or Two.

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Jade Goody received messages of good well from Michael Jackson (an audio tape), Amie Weinhouse, and Robbie Williams all of whom have own hearts to pour out as it were…

The fascinating thing is that Jade Goody has the power house of a publicist in Max Clifford too to spell it all out. So, you would have thought that Jade should have all the reasons to be hopeful that her deep seated secrets will come out in the open. May be, but it won’t be through the efforts of Max Clifford. Here is the clever plot:

Max must be working along the lines of my no win no fee solicitors, two of them: Paul Fouad of Emmit & Taylor who cheated my poor bus driver friend Darren Pilley out of a respectable living and destined him to live in poverty, and Richard Hopkin of Brethertons, Rugby who may have thrown his lot with Barclays bank and the other giants AIG to prove me a liar through proving my brother Jagjeet Singh Sandhu a liar.

The game is that they have taken the legal aid money of say some £,10,000, one has dumped his client and sided with the giant NHS, while the other is dreaming of doing the same, most likely, by siding with Barclays Bank and AIG.

As far as Max is concerned, bear this in mind: If you think that a publicist is allowed to work against the powerful establishment of Neo Nazis and paedophiles, then you are taken for a ride. At the same time, for Mr Clifford to seemingly muck rake against the establishment and prosper is a joke. It is highly intelligent of the establishment to lure us the public that we indeed live in a democracy because of the mere existence of the likes of Max Clifford.

You see, we are free to charge at the establishment through the likes of Clifford, and the corrupt of the earth the press (particularly, the SUN and the Daily express in the case of the latest Muslim bashing, and Rupert Murdoch) writing about it. What else do we want? Indeed.

Max will take his cases just as far as he does not cross the line of exposing the establishment, I must say in relevant cases, of what a bunch of scum bags they are. I tested Max Clifford with the subject of this blog. He offered me a flat refusal and I may have it in writing (if I have not deleted the e-mail in anger).

I said fascinating at the onset. I seem to have set a little challenge for Max Clifford. His efforts against the trio of Robbie Williams, Michael Jackson, and Amie Weinhouse to tell Jade’s story. Which side will go that extra mile for Jade Goody? Will the trio sing out aloud in O2 and Glastonbury and tell us Jade’s story and expose Clifford as one who never finishes a job, or will he be made to go that extra mile just for this once in cases where the establishment has been the target. Time will tell, but meanwhile:

Anecdotal evidence has it that Max Clifford himself recovered from a case of cancer. Was that induced (a minor dose) as a warning shot to remind him that if he crossed the line, he too could be dead as the likes of Mo Mowlem and others might have been?

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. My trio have added incentive now to write better songs. Go for it, you three.


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