Monday, 9 March 2009

Addressing Britain's Political Parties

Post number 226,

It was good to hear Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems announce in their Spring Party Conference in Harrogate (spent a week there in 1986):

That the Party should start anew.

That the nation is fed up with red, blue, red blue, red,…

That heads of banks that ruined them should be sacked.

Precisely, and I couldn’t agree more. These are blog philosophies based on 1 + 1 = 2. The latter philosophy is like a torch showing you the way through a winding dirt road between two villages full of pot holes and protruding sharp stones. You can only see the path in front of you. No more.

Let me take a step back and confirm that the other two main parties are basically acknowledging that major changes are inevitable.

I can conclude that the three main parties, the blog and the public have now converging views in dealing with future.

My ‘torch’ shows me the path in front is that of a single party state. Let me explain: The nation wants 1 + 1 = 2 in all aspects of life from health to food, education, police, the environment, you name it. That is the best. They want the best. Now, if you galls and guys in the House of Commons wish to have a multi party democracy, then you’ve to offer manifestos that would surpass 1 + 1 = 2. Can you? If you can, will the public accept them? They will obviously not. Point made.

Now, if this sounds like Communism, it’s not my fault. It just happened, plain and simple.

Having settled for a one party state, we now have important but very easy work to do. I now address deer hunters, Eggheads, and associates:

Post number 224 confirmed that we are governed by Window Dressers who have willingly or reluctantly continued to govern us under the very strict rules of ‘racial purification’ as ruthlessly dictated by various American Emperors. Details are irrelevant, but let us assume that some of our children are being raped as we speak to become tomorrow’s leaders, while the rest are drugged and dumbed down with fluorides, Donald Rumsfeld sugar substitute sweeteners, and additives to food that we have no idea what they are; to become cannon fodder.

When drugged and dumbed down, we will have becaome subservients and unable to protest. Isn't that where we are now, no thanks to the likes of Fergussion and Mandleson and indeed psychiatry too. The latter destorys those who are still capable to protest. Like Moi. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWa (just kissed myself on the back of my hand, went to the window and stuck two fingers at nobody!)

You can deduct that the whole apparatus of government, business, banking, waste disposal, and any thing else you can think of are run by the elite classes in this country who enforce rules of “racial purification” in the strictest possible way. Chief executives, general managers, Prime ministers, cabinets and the rest are all there to run the show. I no longer need to identify the people at the top. You just find them yourselves, go back to foundation work, destroy roots, watch out for land mines, and repeat procedure for other groups.

We no longer need to demand that Fred the Shred and his board be replaced by others. They are replaced as of now, because we no longer tolerate being “racially purified” by our bankers in banks where we are 82% owners. As I say, 1 + 1 = 2.

That brings me to Lloyd’s Bank: The government is being very sneaky to slip through a deal with Lloyds similar to RBS where the chiefs will be permitted to demand and get all sorts of inflated bonuses, and pensions. Over my dead body. They will be lucky to get what job trainee Fred the Shred will get. So, watch it Brown, because I am watching you.

My ‘Torch’ says food, because of the dumbing down connection mentioned above. Basically, it is sensible to throw away the old philosophies of import and export out. If our £ sinks very low and we cannot afford to import, we will die! I won’t allow that and suggest we become self sufficient, or as near to it as we possibly can. To achieve self sufficiency, we need to help our own farmers and producers harvest more.

That in turn will bring a conflict between the super markets and local producers. That is precisely what I want. Super markets dumb us down with 10,000 products on the shelf. Each family will have to employ a university to do their shopping. Since that is impossible, then the super markets must go. We will then go back to high street shopping just like the old days.

We will even have our post offices back and open up Woolworths. Who knows, but theses are my guestimates for Westminster defunct parties to get together and hammer out some provisional policies. The 60 million this summer will fine tune and flesh up.

More later as I progress ahead of you with my torch.

Good luck all. You may actually look forward to going to work now instead of dreading it. It is easy when you know how to.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS Ulrika Johnsson: Boy, you can get your pretty little ass into gear when Sweden wants you, can't you? The world aught to know that Ulrika appeared this morning, out of the blue on and spoke her heart out. She had earlier been embarrassed about telling doctors or even friends about a urinary illness she had been suffering from, because of the shame of it all. She is no longer ashamed and told the world about it, never mind doctors and friends.

Actually, she had brought a doctor along to back her up... If she is so brave now, then Ulrika will have no problems telling the world and the Afghans about G.W. Bush's Lebensborn children being produced by raping and drugging them in Afghanistan as we speak; as well as in Iraq.


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