Monday, 23 February 2009

Thank You, Senator Richard Lugar.

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Hammurabi Law Codes apply

Dear Senator Richard Lugar,

Thank you for the diplomacy, tact, politics and impeccable timing. But then I was expecting nothing less from the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Advice Committee Senior.

Your reference to shift of policy on Cuba due to regime changes in both countries reminds me an Afghan saying that Zalmai Khalilzad could translate for you, if unclear: ‘Door, I am talking to you, but wall, you listen!’

We have had a change of regime in Israel, too. You came in time to save the day, because the amateurs had just disgraced themselves: The best they could do was to get the criminal organisation Amnesty International (AI) and use them as their sacrificial goat. The latter (who had ignored my personal case of sleeping rough and a beating up by the British American Police who gave me a broken rib) accused Israel of using White Phosphorus or whatever on the Gaza Palestinians, and Hamas of using rockets on the Israeli civilians.

I wanted to hunt down AI in due course and bring them to the book. The amateurs gave them to me with their hands tied behind their back. AI are criminals and their getting involved is not only ridiculous but unlawful. Why couldn’t they step in earlier, however criminally intent they are? They seem to have had no choice either. The amatuers had ran out of pawns to make moves wih!

However, the Israeli bit gave Netanyahu an open door to reach out for Mrs Levni and re invite her over for fresh talks, and I am pleased that she has accepted. AI was not needed at all, because I had check mated the amateurs in to submission any way. I had left them no way out. In fact, AI did a lot of damage. If Mr Netanyahu was left alone, I could have squeezed a better concession out of him.

You made up for it all and even suggested a short cut: To commence work across party lines just as President Obama had wished. Now, I am relieved that America has been placed on a self healing process, but not quite on auto pilot yet. Bringing in Jimmy Carter will definitely help. He’s been awfully quiet. Have you noticed that, Karen Videtic of Virginia Commonwealth University? I haven’t forgotten you, you know?

I take it that I should expect no more behind the scene antics from the bygone Neo Nazis then, Senator?

Kind regards,

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. British sheep farmers, calm down; even though this is not a commercial!


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