Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Some Loose Ends

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Religion and science: A new correlation?

The seemingly nonsensical debate on 21 January when the psychiatrists took me away was going to conclude with a human connection to the non - existence of fire (hell), and black holes as a source of causing extreme fear in humans.

Interestingly enough, I had started developing my dry cleaning ideas from something very small. In fact, 4 nano metres dirt particles in size. This size is 1000s of times smaller than cells, and indeed atoms that make up cells. My curiosity to scientists is that I had ended up with a model of the big bang if 4 nano metres is sufficiently small. Just imagine the size of this blog to date with no end in sight.

However naïve the comparison is I would offer my assumptions for the derivation in part of 21 January as raw data in case if it does prove useful to some one, some where, some day. It would be a waste not to record it.

Assumption 1: When the team of GP and the psychiatrists came, I had philosophically shot them up in space in distance intervals visible to the naked eye. Once there, I built a platform, and shot them up for another similar distance. The aim was to shoot them up far enough so that I remove their sight, smell, vision, feel, and hearing me, and they would be long dead if they tried to get back to me on earth.

We were out on the road by now, and I was weaving my way in and out between them. They understood what went on, and were stunned. I then, volunteered to get in the van en route to the hospital without being forced in to it.

Assumption 2: I had destined the team in space in a volume stretching upwards to 14 billion light years away. The volume was that of a cylinder with earth’s diameter.

Assumption 3: Human rights and equality was of prime importance, this time, taking account of age, too. Man = Woman = Human = 1 day old infant = any race = any religion = any disability = …..The exception was mental illness. A one day old infant can vote too, or rather their parents can vote for it. With this assumption, there was no feeling of heat and fire, and the total absence of any black holes in the volume under consideration.

If giving a human infant as much rights as fully grown adults may remove hell or the cause to fear it, then is any one surprised at my revulsion to paedophilia and of those elements causing the break up of 2 parent family units?

Yours very truly,

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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