Friday, 27 February 2009

A Scoop, British Press!

Post 197,

Who wants this?:

The British Bishop from Argentina, just home now apologised for his statement that no Jews died in Nazi Concentration camps.

1) Is the priest completely bonkers in the first place for making such an outrageous statement?

2) If yes, why was he given such a responsible position in the Roman Catholic Church?

3) If not mad, then does his claim bear credibility?

4) If so, why is he apologising?

5) What does he know about the Jewish State being created just to get rid of European Jews?

6) Does any one know about some one called Alanby? His name was changed as Al Nabi (a prophet in Arabic). A street is named after him in Israel. He a Britisher, played some kind of a spiritual role (we have not been clean in every thing we have done) to justify the creation of the Jewish State. Did Al Nabi tell the Arabs that he has brought God's chosen people home?! How do I know? You tell me. This is an example of my leaving no stones unturned.

Don't break your heads over this one, press. Just calm down. Get a hold of the priest. Give him the widest of publicities. This is of global importance, needless to say.

7) Inspect Anne Frank's dairy afresh, BBC global and Channel 4. There may be scope for good television there. Some one enquires: What was Anne Frank's Address where she was living and diary produced, for example.

8) This may be a load of crap. Prove me right: The British were sending CERTAIN Jews to Germany to be killed by the Nazis!!! But saving other Jews. What's this all about?

9) Martial Law Cabinet to fully participate and take appropriate action immediately.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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