Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Revolution of A New Peaceful Kind

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I am overwhelmed and showered with excellent news from around the world and indeed Britain since my announcement to take Britain out of NATO. I have material to publish for the next two months even if the rate of continuous flow of fresh data reduced from full bore flow to mere drops (as if from a kitchen tap).

Here at home, the situation is as if I have ended up with droplets of water that I am in the process of adjoining together to form a lake. Every body from the sheep farmers to post office workers, Universities, fashion, and a whole host of others want to come out and 'express' themselves. Bruce Springsteen (a big thank you) wants to partake in Glastonbury (a first) this year and may be singing us some BORN FREE songs. We will then broadcast Glastonbury back to America and the world.

Abroad, the Norwegians have come out of the wood work and say they have a navy! Really? Who knew that? Not I. They want to get rid of NORAD (The North Atlantic Defence Treaty Organisation). Defence from whom? The Danes, the Canadians, the Swedes, the Finns? NORAD is as big a joke as is NATO. They will and must go home, to America.

Tha Jamaican midwives have been busily at work in Chad, the Pakistani girls complaining about their plight of poor educational facilities, the Indonesians inviting the BBC to cover their elections, the Mexicans demanding I do a piece on their drug trafficking through their porous border post this minute (!) and the US boarder guards receiving drugs from the Mexican drug Lords, and more.

What amazes me is that Mexican Drug Lords deal directly with US Boarder guards, and president Obama pretending its not happening!!!! Or is it more like Bush and cronies including Blair and Mandelson are still in-charge of the civil service and are running the Drug show just like that? I really, truly cannot offer any other explanation at all. The volume traffciked each year is valued at 13 to 14 billion US Dollars!

Is that why Mandleson is hell bent to part privatise the Royal Mail in order to divide and to rule? You see, eventually, if he succeeds, there will be fewer post offices. This will lead to more isolated villages and societies totally unaware of each other’s existence where drugs can be sold, and children raped.

What is alarming is that the Tories (Ken Clarke) have ganged up to vote with Mandleson to make him succeed in privatisation. Has every body gone completely mad?

This is all happening while we remain a part of NATO, practically. On paper, we are out.

There is a sea change taking shape where millions of Britons will soon gently invite the American forces to leave and to go home. We will then have a different society for which to cater everything in a first ever bottom to top approach.

For now, I suggest I strengthen Lord Winston's cabinet:

Edwina Curry, Martial Law Home Secretary to unite all 48 police forces in to one, for humanity will be on the move from Scotland to Plymouth.

Sir Alan Minton Sugar, Martial Law Business to insure Royal Mail remains in Public hands.

Professor Phillip Allan of Imperial, Martial Law Environment, to establish ground zeros on the soil, water, and air environments and nuclear power. Kyoto is rubbish. American data and figures complied by Neo Nazi, Sphere of Evil, and Drug Dealing Bush Administration and are wholly inaccurate and unreliable.

Self will hold the post of Defence and order our forces out of Afghanistan as of today.

The sea of Britons taking to the roads this summer will bear in mind that we have one common purpose that has not been clarified until now. We will not demonstrate in separate groups. There is a business model to follow. It is called “Consumerism” from now on. The whole country is one big shop, and the people are customers and suppliers.


We will form a back bone, a skeleton, and flesh up. The model in mind is that of dry cleaning and associated businesses from sheep farming, wool washing and cleaning, dying, yarns, textile mills, knitting, weaving, fashion, tailoring, mass production, and retail.

On this back bone, we will add skeleton pieces from the transport (cars, vans, Lorries), other supply chains and all the rest of them.

There are better qualified women and men out there to complete the model, flesh up with services, catering whatever so that we are all one, with a common purpose to shop and to supply.

We will lay new foundations as if for a new building.

We will start with substructure or foundation that is below ground. These are the secret organisations, like the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Free Masons, the not so free ones, Chatham House, DEMOS, and all the rest you can identify.

You will simply knock on doors and demand to know every thing. After all, you can’t have a super market with areas curtained off that you can’t access. You get no replies, you go to Glastonbury and sing your hearts out.

This in itself will create a supply and demand situation that you must serve. Glastonbury may remain open for as long as it takes. It could remain open for a month or 6 months. Who knows?

The people will be like police sniffer dogs. They will leave no stone unturned.

There will be no fear of violence from the BNP and/or their opposing Muslim/black/Asians. Unlike previous occasions, they will all be outnumbered.

Once you get rid of the secret organisations, your foundation work is complete in the bottom to top approach.
Now, you are working on the super structure: You will set up local wards, and councillors.

Remember that so far, you have not touched the government. You have no business with them. Window dresser Brown and colleagues will govern as they do.

From local wards, you will then set up borough councils. Existing ones may do, or changes may be made as we go along.

We will be re engineering. We open up things. We keep the good bits, throw away the bad ones, and the blog will supply you with new bits. You assemble in the field. The blog approach will still be based on 1 + 1 = 2. Common sense will prevail at all times.

Then cities that will have no boundaries: Why limit space where some people live 6 to a room when others live 1 to 6?

Conjoin rural and urban economies together. You may or will need more post offices loaded with new supplies and services (internet cafes for youth?). They will be the blood streams of new societies. Every body will be aware of every body else, united, no matter how far apart.

Then, General elections, and new government.

You will then get straight answers from your MPs, and they will not change to a different species once elected.

That is the bare of the bones of it for now. You really do not need more even if I was able to give it to you. I have thus created a sustainable approach by making demonstration itself as a commodity. The demand is there. Supply it with live music, radio, TV, theatre, newspapers, web sites, and magazines.

You will have set up little transitionary or permanent businesses. You will have banked money and widthdraw from post offices come banks.

Royalty? Later, when the family will be able to speak. Meanwhile, the public will respect the crown merely as a bench mark on a map to find ones bearings. The personages of the Royals are neither here nor there, nor any where. Right? You see, one way to look at it is this: Here is a family who has been deprived of human rights of ability to speak or to express themselves otherwise. If they had chosen not to have done so, than that aspect will be brought to light too. Naturally.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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