Wednesday, 18 February 2009

BOE Printing Money Is The First Fruit of HM Martial Law Government

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Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

The proposal from the bank of England to print money to supply the commercial banks with, sounds like the bank has taken advantage of Your Majesty’s Martial Law government ahead of my meeting with our military leaders to do some ground work first.

I hope that Prime Minister Lord Wilson forgives me for going ahead and giving full approval to the bank’s idea, while the Prime Minister readies himself to assume his new powers from Your Majesty. As the Team Leader, I take this opportunity in the national interest. What frightens me about this economic downturn is that so many factors have come to work in unison against global progress, the likes of which may have never been experienced before.

The cushion between the current BOE interest rate and going in to a deflationary spiral is so critically thin that we cannot take further risks to see the situation revert to a normalcy we all knew too well. I can cite an example from fluid mechanics: Some formulae and coefficients are so complex that they can only be derived by empirical methods, i.e. laboratory tests and measurements.

Examples are Reynolds Number, Alan Hazen formula, Chezy’s coefficient or formula. There are no theoretical derivations for these highly significant entities without which one will have no fluids flow through open channels and even pipelines!

The current economic climate may give birth to new economics. Printing and pumping money can be considered as laboratory measurements. Banks may need to commence recording new data for writing new economic formulae one day. Who knows?

While on the subject of finance, I may have unearthed a new cabinet member to join Lord Wilson in the cabinet: Mr Anthony Gottlieb of the Economist, a philosopher, and a visiting Professor to the Harvard School of Public Health. Welcome to the team, Mr Gottlieb as the Chancellor of Ex Chequer. Please arrange details with the BOE on the amount to be printed, and who should get what.

I suggest you and the BOE bear in mind that we do not owe the Americans a dime. They may have treated us the same as the state of Israel for half a century or more, doing their killing for them, and getting shot in the back (friendly fires) when refusing to kill. Gone are those days now.

Yous very truly,

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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