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Meeting at William Blake Ward on Friday 13 February 2009

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Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

You would be delighted to learn first hand how effective your Rule by Decree is proving to be. Subsequent to my informing you about only some aspects of one mental health ward (Blake) in Abraham Cowley Unit, the positive reaction in the ward was electrifying.

We received a van full of Mind’s publications for supplying William Blake, John Clare, Laureate, and Spencer Wards.

I had publicised the idea of writing to you in my blog, days ahead of the publication. Its’ mere mention produced a visit by two mental health inspectors from Surrey and Boarders Mental NHS Trust, and a visit from an infection control nurse (similar profession , with mine at Imperial more than 30 years earlier).

We inspected toilet and bath areas where my positive additional contributions were noted with thanks by Ms Briany Robertson, the nurse. It was such a delight to speak the same language once again:

• Toilet doors to be made of copper
• Ditto but hot and cold water taps
• Drill holes to freshly revamped toilet seating areas are to be made flush with the main surfaces to obviate the need for germs to accumulate and germinate
• Batons/coverings to freshly constructed wall panels are to be made flush with wall surfaces for ease of cleaning
• Ditto but ducting to wires leading to electric switches
• Banning the use of bars of solid soap in bathrooms. They are centres for cross infections

In all the excitement, I forgot to include MRSA, the hospital acquired infection that cost a dear friend of mine an amputated leg. Mr Darren Pilley's case will be published in the blog in due course, when soloicitors Taylor Emmett of Sheffield and Professor Keith Willett of University of Oxford will be accused to miscarriage of justice in dealing with Darren's case.

Briany had her own list of updated infection control measures with which she could have filled my day with, but alas, there was no time. Your Majesty may be incredibly amazed to know that it is for this very knowledge of mine that I have been diagnosed as suffering from all sorts of mental illnesses, from Schizophrenia, to manic trends, grandiose delusions, and Bipolar Disorder!

We had our Friday Ward meeting yesterday, and the room was fuller than ever before, thanks to ways you made things happen without relying on your “window dressing” government whom I had declared defunct owing to the Force Majeure the world is experiencing legally. One was the written announcement by me that Johnny Cash was raped. That brought the George Washington memorial crushing down. My philosophical blowing up of the obelisk in DC brought down the Lincoln underpinning that Obama was hoping to tie in the American Constitution with Magna Carta.

Hence, no national laws in either country, and hence the validity of my stating Force Majeure. No doubt, the respective governments have drawn their own. They are busy at work implementing clauses but with Britain still playing the smaller of the two partners. America must realise that they lost an Empire that may have lasted a good part of the last century. There is a new world order in which thy will have to scramble to find a new ranking to place themselves in.

The world is badly bruised, with broken minds and hearts at the hands of America since 1989, while dragging Britain every where to do her dirty work for her. Britain herself is suffering from a bleeding heart and a mind full of unnecessary drugs. We have started healing our minds in a bottom to top approach with Her Majesty’s full participative involvement. Here is what else was discussed at the meeting:

Our nurses are going to be wearing uniforms, not necessarily of the old type, but of easy to wash top and suitable lower wear. For the first time in decades, the nurses will be practising what they are taught. For eons, their minimum 3 year hard training has served them no other purpose than that of health care assistants. Talking illnesses with patients have been taboo subjects and remained the domain for the psychiatrists.

The latter for their turn, talk medication only, as I can vouch for last 15 personal years experience and watching 100s of other patients/end users. This way, the pharmaceutical industry has had a free range run of psychiatry, making billions in the process, and making psychiatry the most ever devastating power of the state; above security and even national defence forces.

Have the Royalty been safe from the claws of psychiatry? With the encouragement you had given me already, I have certainly sat out to find out. While the “window dresser” Brown still pays lip service to a defunct Emperor Obama who has problems enough running America alone, let alone the world, you and I will sort out psychiatry.

At this stage, I wish to assure you that I have capable support bases, all in Woking who have picked me up from sleeping rough around Downing Street, homelessness, and social exclusion to what I am today. Apart from David Rye (his non executive director for a year), they are Henry Woodhall of Corner House, and John Christie of Partners and Corner House. Henry’s Project 18, with supervision by Dr John Ging (a sadly broken up concern) and colleagues Helen, Maxine, and Emma taught me my basic IT skills (Words). I liked them so much that I volunteered to become Henry’s telephone receptionist for a few months.

Then, Project 18 found me a placing in Queen Elizabeth (your late mothers) College for the disabled where I did a year’s course in book keeping and accountancy in 2006. When looking for jobs, prospective employers told me that it was ridiculous for a man of 63 not to even have one week’s experience in the job he was after. I laughed and agreed. I threw the books away, and looked at what happened next?

Don’t you think I have had a wonderful life mam, while living in utter poverty for the past 22 years? I have laughed more than I have cried, and it is even getting better: Most of the rest of the world suffered humiliations since 1989. Britain endured it for nearly a century. We found laughter to show our pride in ourselves. We laughed at ourselves. This is not an easy thing to do unless you dig deep in your history and culture to produce real gemstones.

Do we have a Direct Line, Steven Fry and Paul Merton? Just wondered.

Our century’s experience of healing our wounds with laughter can now be coupled with our experience of turning psychiatry upside down. In this field, we have 15 years experience already. That was the day when I walked in to Springfield Psychiatric Hospital in 1994 seeking marriage guidance counselling (much shorter waiting time than RELATE, the equivalent body). In 15 minutes, they declared me with suffering from Schizophrenia!

My wife who should have been interviewed was not EVEN PRESENT IN THE MEETING. She wasn't even in the hospital. She was at the shop working. There had been no previous approaches to the hospital by etither party, short of my makimg the appointment. I told the panel of consultants Gabriela Zolesi, Paul Dewsanp, and Moodley that they were all talking rubbish. I still maintain my views about clinical psychiatry as a game of throwing dice, a guessing game, neither an art nor a science or combinations thereof.

With such experiences to hand, coupled with British arts and culture, we can commence mending the minds of the billions of people who were shocked, awed, a lot of them killed and burnt as collateral damage. Their children may be scarred for life unless the only qualified country on the planet does not rush to their rescue.

Shall we knock on the Maputo door, our non English speaking Commonwealth member, Your Majesty? Not only in memory of their national hero, Samora Machel, but if things went wrong, we can blame the Portuguese and the English languages instead of Al-Qaida and Taliban.

Oh, the Web site: Sadly, there is not enough time commuting back and forth from the hospital to have a detailed look. Just the first page and an early photo of you were enough for now… If there are other old photos and copies exist in the public domain, then differences may be telling. It is your show mam and done with craftsperson-ship.

Yours very truly,

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS Dry Cleaning: No Investors yet.
IYNF: Have a good one IWTO/FAO and others
Any mutton on shop shelves soon now that lamb prices have shot up by some 40% thanks to lower £ value?


At 15 February 2009 at 11:37 , Blogger Vitanol said...

My dear friend
I am pleased,your illustration actual
situation on the ground Blake Ward IS very interestedly render.
Application public funds,rational or unsuitable use it's sish.
I don't know if hospital dress, what is the good of it?
I think informal dress staff members evoke the atmosphere far better.
From my opinion patients under treatment need more information as to their diseases and drug, safety of a drug and side effects.
Cultural self-realization, sports activity and many others activity cordial innovation balance of mind.
Problem''hygiene''is here only avoid and cover up real problem.

yours sincerely
your friend from Czech Republic

At 17 February 2009 at 11:50 , Blogger mohammad-in-egham said...

Hi Vitek,

Delighted to hear from you. Hope you've settled down well. One of your pencil sketches still decorate the a wall.

The main rarson to hae uniforms if for staff to assert dome conviction in delivering positive messages to patients. Both patients and staff are so demoralised over the decades by the dugs industry that I find it difficult to make the initial brakthrough easier. Wearing uniforms will draw some respect for professioanalism without coming across as autocratic.

We have hard work ahead of us. A lot of what we will do may very well be trials and errors until we get it right.

Your friend,



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