Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Police and The Community

Post number 194,

The blog thanks Sir Stevenson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner for admitting that stupidities exist in his force that must go. I agree 110%.

It is ludicrous to have separate police vans for white police officers and the Darkies. Come on, man. We live in the 21st century and the whole wide world is reading this blog, thankfully.

How can we democratise Afghanistan and Iraq with such a shameful and disgraceful misconduct at home?

That is not all.

Take Commissioner Ghafour and senior police officer Ali Desai. The latter, modern, witty, with it, and a pride of any police force if not corrupt.

Commissioner Ghafour has been given £300,000 to go and sit home. What about if he is clean, loved his job, and would love to do it, still? But he may have been side lined just because he is a goddamned Paki?

Both of these men have Muslim names, but may or may not be so. Even if they are, so what? My being a Muslim hasn’t stopped me from kicking any body’s ass that are stupid and live in dark ages, has it?

This blog may not be in rich in money, but it is rich in time, and powered with ‘truth’ and TRUTH. If you care to know what these terms mean, then read earlier issues of the blog, and it will tell you. Truth and TRUTH are absolute unbeatable powers that must not be messed with. It silenced G.W. Bush and his Empire buildings Neo Nazi, Sphere of Evil Drug Dealing thugs, supplying Tony Blair and Peter Mandleson. The blog shut up the Pope, too.

Shape up and sort things out. I will be relying on you this summer.

Hazel Blear, Window Dresser Community Secretary came out and said that radical Muslim youth must be sorted out and the fundamentals of fundamentalism driven out of them. Really? Share reading this post with Sir Stevenson and see if you can pick up any tips. If not, than I say this: May be it is the way their elders are treated and the youth are reacting. What is the point of them being who you want them to be, only to be kicked in to touch when older like Desai and Ghafour?

Find out. Talk to the youth. Leave the Imams and Mullahs alone. They are not allowed to be community leaders in Sunni Islam, you moron!!! They just conduct prayers. Get to know your Islam, even though it is none of my business to get involved in.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

Martial Law Home Secretary Edwina Curry to note and follow up.


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