Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A Martial Law Government

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Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

I have received some real bad news regarding the fete of our British soldiers serving in Afghanistan. It was reported in the UK press and media a few weeks ago that the Americans were going to arm local villagers in Wardak (or Wardag) Province to fight other Afghans (referred to as Taliban) running the region and manning road blocks.

Wardak Province is near Logar Province, the Ahmadzai’s (mine) ancestral home (Surkhow or Red Water). Ahmadzais are elsewhere too. I believe reports coming from the area to be true. Traditionally, Afghans do not fight each other while dominated by foreigners. They deal with the latter first, before settling old scores.

The villagers in question were supposed to have been British soldiers dressed up as Afghans as ordered by the American military to fight Afghans. Such actions by the Americans are not surprising, especially with Robert Gate of the Neo Nazis still holding his defence post, and Hillary Clinton the other Neo Nazi having been trusted with the Foreign Affairs portfolio.

The latter enforcing authority on the Japanese during her Asian trip, reminding them that American forces are only a stone's throw away on the Island of Okinawa, raping young Japanese girls on occasions and getting away from being prosecuted any where on the planet. One must remember that Japan has $91 trillion trade surplus money that Obama wants to rebuild the American economy with.

Strengthening your provisional government:

I suggest that Professor Lord Robert Wilson to be your first Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Health. He will appoint other cabinet portfolios from his ranks of academics qualified in their respective fields to fill in other posts. There are going to be no political parties of any type, not at least for a while.

Meanwhile, Lord Wilson can tidy up psychiatry with the team in Abraham Cowley Unit along with our Dr Deepa Deo, Dr John Ging, Dr Parvez Malikniazi, Dr Anand - Lesley and team of postgraduate researchers from university of London, Professor Sir David Rye of Mind Woking, and the entire team of Corner House, Woking. Lesley did a research piece on me last July and August at the hospital.

It would be painful to remind us all that our ruling elite are not only captive slaves but that their parents and fore parents were born in captivity. They think life without tugging alongside America is not only unthinkable but it is impossible. That does include the leaders of our armed forces. I am prepared to meet them in Egham and have a talk on how easy it is to sever links with America on all fronts, while putting all the blame squarely on to them, and them alone. An Englishman historian will be in touch soon, mam on my behalf.

Here is how to, Your Majesty:

The US used the pillar of Magna Carta and built from it a cantilever platform. She loaded the platform so heavily that it has endangered the security of the very pillar that supports it. That is why I mentioned earlier that constitutionally, we ourselves are not on sound footings any longer. We have a metaphorical leaning Tower of Pisa – very unstable.

Our military leaders should not forget for a minute that other democracies such as India, the rest of the British Commonwealth, and young democracies of Eastern Europe do share elements of Magna Carta with us, the founders. With this communication, I, the undersigned as Team Leader, Earth Projects can assure the whole wide world that constitutional instabilities described thus have long been observed. My enforcing Force Majeure covers the eventuality more than adequately, so that normal daily business of running governments and foreign trade are not left in a limbo land. World governments may consult their own lawyers.

Back to the Afghan front but very briefly:

I wonder what confirmation Hon. David Milliband, the Foreign Secretary has brought with him on the Wardag front after his consultations with the British military commanders in the theatre of war, if he went there at all. May I suggest to Your Majesty that David remains in his post in Lord Wilson’s new cabinet? We need his dextricity to make Britain into a new world economy engine, either as a part of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China), or competing with them.

The preferred option would be to see Britain and Her Commonwealth of nations, with India among them, coupled with Russia (my good relationship with the leadership), Brazil, and China (You would go where money goes, wouldn’t you, bunny wunnies, cuty pies and everything else?) can be an unbeatable economy engine, with combined money power, and a market place. We are in Europe, too.

Your Majesty’s running a Martial Law government will not only make Britain the most secure place to invest in but the most legal one, too. America has a long way to go before returning to constitutional issues and becoming an internationally recognised legal entity to do business with. All current and future business dealings with America remain illegal, unconstitutional, unethical and highly immoral.

We will have casted a reinforced concrete buttress to rebuild a new platform extending from Magana Carta when she has dealt with things internnal. Put simpler, we will allow USA to graft a new shoot from our Magna Carta tree of nations. My sweet home USA will even be sweeter still. Hot ferdom, Barack. That will be nice.

Meanwhile, our window dressers keep on disgracing themselves. Although, Tony Blair is politically dead, his cronies still desperately try to make a come back. The best effort is currently being show cased by one Mr Peter Mandleson, having gone to the US to tell the Obama Administration that neither nation has a blue print for solving the current banking and fiscal crisis. Every body knows that, Peter, except you waking up to it too late, matie!

My own MP Phillip Hammond, a thief of my intellectual property, is the second to George Osborn, speaking on treasury matters. A thief is second in command of our money matters in David Cameron’s Shadow Cabinet, Your Majesty.

Despite it all, congratulations, Your Majesty. Your rightful duties to your subjects and the world at large have just begun. Enjoy it.

Yours very truly,

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects.


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