Sunday, 22 February 2009

Israel, Let Us Consolidate.

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Dear Prime Minister Ehlmut of Israel,

I could not pass up this opportunity to reach out and consolidate. Darren Pilley’s MRSA case can wait.

You were heard loud and clear about an hour ago. This is the quickest I could have responded, and here goes:

You see, the Neo Nazi Hillary, Bill, and all other bastards could not have played it better, or so they thought by getting President Shimon Perez to appoint Benjamin Netanyahu to form the new government.

Now, who is Netanyahu? Let us explore a couple of possibilities: At worst for Israel, he could be the equivalent of the Arab guy who was supposed to have been involved in the bombing of the Nairobi Embassy. The Arab, apparently, after throwing the hand grenade at the US Embassy guards, and getting injured himself (bleeding), bought himself some new clothes. Locals reported him to FBI in Kenya.

He spoke like a parrot as to how he and his other friend had bombed the Embassy. He was arrested and is serving life in the US. Or, is he? Is he not living the life of a play boy instead? How are we to know after revealing so many criminal activities by various Neo Nazi drug dealing (Mexico and 40,000 troops can’t stop them under Obama's nose. The latter has been given a hell of a country to sort out!) American Administrations?

So, Netanyahu could be promised the life of his life after seeing the ultimate massacre of Israel at the hands of the Real President Hillary Clinton.

Or, Mr Netanyahu could be equally as human as you are. Hillary’s gun is simply placed against his temple now, instead of yours, or your new Party leader Madam Levni’s. I am not surprised she doesn't want to be a fig leaf in an ineffectual government!

Mr Netanyahu does not believe or so we are told in neighbourliness. He does not acknowledge the existence of a Palestinian State, full stop! Well, that is the end of every thing, isn’t it? President Obama, Ram Emanuel, David Axlerod et al have all got their knickers in the twist and there is no way out. There is nothing to negotiate. That’s it, finished.

Now, as you know, and the world does too, Hillary has planned a little big gathering later in the year to attend a Gaza show for fund raising for Palestinians. She has already killed the peace process. But she will do all she can to help out the poor Palestinians! Say ah, world. How sweet of Hillary. Bill, you Oxford drop out, you moron! Was this your doing? It is undone now.

The world may not have an answer for Hillary and her amateurs behind scenes, but I do, and I love playing my hand right in their faces. I call her bluff right now, and right here in my little Egham. Now, what will Netanyahu, Hillary, Bill, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the other whole lot of them do?

Your move, Hillary.

And, oh, Barack, get rid of her at an opportune moment, will you? Get yourself a proper Secretary of State. You will have important guests to invite over. They will speak about TRUTH and stuff, the very foundations of this blog. Blood Brothers may stage some kind of a show too to make up for the embarrassment Britain suffered during Nelson Mandela’s Birth Day Party celebrations last year in London. The man could not and did not speak a word. THE WORLD WATCHED IN AWE!!!! And I was locked up for two months!

You see, there may be a lot wrong with us. Our forefathers may very well have been born in captivity, but we had always had a candle lit vigil for Mandela from his prison days. Britain knew that he will be one day our hope, and that of humanity’s.

You will all be alright down there, Mr Ehlmut. Live and sleep in peace.

Karmal Dahan of ex Amiran Engineering, Lusaka (plot 2141 Kariba Road) my Iraqi Israeli Jewish friend and neighbour if alive will introduce me to Israel.

Yours sincerely,

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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