Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hamas Dumped

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Once again, there is no one to negotiate with in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This time, Hamas has been taken out! To explain, one must retract and cover Hillary’s travels to Asia; now over with her visit to Indonesia.

I nearly congratulated Hillary Clinton on her successes in the delicate manner with which she handled the China/North Korea/US situation, when the world heard that North Korea’s missile launches were for peaceful purposes (Communication satellites). So far so good, because the delicate balance China is in, did not get adversely affected. This in itself must be developed and explained:

China had lost some 20 million jobs as a result of factory closures due to the shrinkage of the Chinese global export market (every where), not forgetting the US who consumed the most. Very few are buying Chinese any longer, but it was Hillary’s job to assure the Chinese to remain hopeful as far as the American front was concerned.

While the Chinese may stomach 20 million job losses, a loss of 50 million may bring China closer to civil unrest (according to an analyst here, ? Walden?), a toppling of the communist regime, leading to some reactionaries taking over with fingers on nuclear buttons! Then, what?! New power plays, every body repositioning themselves, and all the rest of it while we are all still sorting out the current multiplicity of crisis engulfing us all.

I was just about to congratulate Hillary for scoring major points in unravelling the Iranian Nuclear crisis so smoothly and easily. After all, she is the roving, self appointed roving emissary. Therefore, I thought she has done no wrong so far, but please read on, because there was another range of reporting that North Korea’s missile launches were for flexing muscles and exhibiting abilities to test fly missiles capable of hitting Japan, and Russia. If true, this will adversely affect the security situation for China (headaches for the regime).

Hillary’s undoing came under focus in Indonesia: She was well received due to Indonesia having been so significant in the early development of President Obama. He spent his first seven years of life there and must have fond memories of the place, its people and culture.

At the same time, Indonesia is supposed to have been and still is a hot bed of Al-Qaida. The world remembers Sheikh Omar Abu-Bakr with millions upon millions of fanatic followers. The man paid a heavy price for spending time in Indonesian prisons, but he is free now.

A lot of questions arise. Why didn’t Hillary take the opportunity to ask the Indonesian government to summon the Sheikh at once, bring on TV so that Hillary could bring Al-Qaida to the book and split it wide open in terms how and where Bin Laden is? How often are the two on the mobile phone with each other, and so on?

For his part, why didn’t the Sheikh exploit the same opportunity if he has a different story to tell?

Similarly, why didn’t the Indonesian government exploit the opportunity by helping set the world free of the Afghan crisis, the Iraqi one, and threat to Britain, the EU, the US mainland and elsewhere?

It is preposterous for the rest of us to remain dumbstruck at the stupidity of all the three parties.


Now, I can re track my steps and have a fresh look at North Korea. Hillary must have pissed them off some how by playing along the old Bush policies of negative diplomacy demanding North Korea must wrap up nuclear dreams and all the rest of it.

With this logic, Hillary can be given no credit for solving the Iranian crisis. Rather, unfolding Iran is down to President Obama actively promoting Arab art, culture, literature, science, jewellery etc across American cities to reach out and establish new understandings out there.

Meanwhile we Britons are promoting Iran in many ways (inter university exchanges like that of Egham’s Royal Holloway’s Professor Francis Robinson and team) including launching a major exhibition of Shah Abbas, in a London museum (a must see) the king who insured Iran did not fall in the hands of the Turks. In ways he is credited with the pride Iranians garb themselves proudly indeed as Iranians.

Iran was disentangled by our hard work along with President Obama, with Martial Law Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary David Milliband as the proactive catalyst.

Upon her return home, Hillary unilaterally appointed ? Ross as the section head of the State Department in-charge of the Mid East crisis. Mr Ross worked in both the Clinton and G.W. Bush Administrations. So change there then, Hillary.

Now, finally, and back in the Middle East, I can report thus: Hamas and Fattah have united to present one front in the peace negotiations in Egypt due next week (?) or soon. Brilliant. Israel was made by me to refuse being the Neo Nazi killing machines, with contributions from Senator Richard Lugar (earlier blog post) but his contributions are now ignored due to the Republican Senators and Congress men and women not towing a joint front with the Democrats on any thing. Well, almost any thing.

The shocking news is that both the US and the EU announced yesterday that they would rather see a bunch of technocrats in the negotiations rather than Hamas!!! Fatah and Hamas wasted their time in getting united, Israel’s Netanyahu was made to make a U turn and ready now to negotiate, but Wallah! Egypt gathering is crippled, with the Egyptians ending up red faced, and no room for the Paelstians. But then the whole thing is about Palestine!

It doesn’t take a genius to track down Hillary as the trouble maker in all this. She must have pulled the NATO card on the EU, and embarrassed Manuel Barossa, the President in agreeing with my Consumerism. Killing two birds with the same stone, if you will.

Hillary must be reminded that I can play twisted too. While I can’t pick out any Republicans any more to target, I can remove one of their crutches:

Madam Ambassador, ex US Embassy, Nairobi. Can you please get a little closer to President Obama and team and explain your internal communication just before and after the Embassy bombing with Madeline Albright, Clinton’s Secretary of State? Things like why didn’t Madeline answer your letter you wrote to her?

And Mrs Albright, are you with us or without? Please send comments to this blog why didn’t you reply to the letter, and then phoned the ambassador after the explosion and expressed shock? Shock at the fact that you were unaware how unsafe the building was when it all crumbled. When informed (phone call) that the ambassador wrote to you, you assumed silence. Why?

Why don’t we all sit back and wait now to see what happens next?

I must acknowledge positive work on the Mexican drug front by joint Canadian/US Forces, and work on child sex/pornography in both countries.

I am also glad that my title as the Team Leader is better understood now in having a free hand to metaphorically fly around the world and trouble shoot in the order of given priorities as they happen.

Please meet some of the team again, if you have forgotten: The BBC global organisation, Channel 4 Television, Oxfam, and the British Council global offices for now.

The BBC and others above will be unravelling Indonesia, including Sheikh Omar Abu-Bakr.

Next: Guantanamo, Consumerise, not nationalise, etc.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects.


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