Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fruits of The Revolution

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Hammurabi applies.

Apologies are offered to the nation and indeed the world for not getting back to you all earlier on this magnificent day. I just finished a meeting with psychiatry after yesterday's announcing of our revolution. All is well. I am free to continue work, and the nation of Britain remains free of the fear of psychiatry ever detaining them for expressing themselves. You are practically FREE, folks. Congratulations!

1) Sincere condolences to David, Samantha, and the Cameron family for the sad loss of their son on such a Historic day.
2) As a direct result of my announcing the revolution, a daughter and a grandson, may have gained freedom of speech and expression to pay their gratitude to a mother and grand mother. They may have waited for 7 years to be able to come out and do so. This is one probability out of a few others developed over the years.
3) Then, Her Majesty did a bit more: She had her Royal Irish Guards marching in full military gear and bag pipes played. With this gesture, she demonstrated her direct rule by decree as the head of the armed forces (as far as I am concerned, and that matters a lot) and approved Professor Winston’s Martial Law government.
4) Then later her envoys Arch Bishops Rowan Williams and John Santamoo jointly united the whole nation of 60 million to donate to Zimbabwe…
5) I warmly thank the leaderships of America, Russia, and Iran for facilitating the Bushahr Nuclear Power Plant to be test started.
6) I thank President Sarkozi for opening his stamp collection with an H.M. The Queen stamp of 2004
7) I also thank Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California for doubling President Sarkozi’s album size! This is as significant as the doubling of the important Muhammads. While this one can write a little, the other one boxed pretty well and talked a little too!

Note: Land line telephone charges from mainland Britain to Ireland have been reduced to 3 pence a minute by some phone companies.

More later.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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