Sunday, 22 February 2009

Dumbing Down The Irish with Fluoridation

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Dumbing down the Irish with fluoridated water supplies:

I was proud of the Irish nation demonstrating in the 100,000 numbers yesterday in my support to take Britain out of NATO, and their demanding their government to do the same. I also acknowledge Jerry Adams proactive support from the North.

Fluorides in water and tooth paste was covered in an earlier blog post as an intellect suppressant. Is it any wonder that the Irish water supplies are fluoridated? What about the Irish Americans, and their reactions to Ireland being dumb down? One cannot under estimate the significance of the Irish in America, can they?

I note here in England, Sainsbury has re stocked their shop shelves again with fluoridated mineral water, but then Lord Sainsbury was a Minister of Science in an earlier Window Dresser government, wasn’t he? Apparently, he can still pull strings to do what he likes and raise two fingers at this blog.

His days are numbered.

I am proud of the Irish in keeping demos peaceful. The opposition would love to see us use violence so that they can bring on their gangs (The BNP in Britain) and spoil our winnings. In that case, what this blog has achieved since April, can and will be wiped out in one day. So, careful, every one.

Take the Germans: They are furious at seeing our soldiers breathing down their necks, our teenage soldiers getting drunk and driving tanks up and down German streets, with the German police watching helplessly. At the same time, we are EU partners, NATO partners, and all the rest of it. Who is kidding who?

While the Germans, the Irish, Indonesians, Mexicans and others mentioned earlier know their national landscapes better than I do and can take appropriate actions to free themselves of American Imperialism, I want the home base peaceful and quiet.

The blog is doing a fine job of maintaining law and order for the Window Dresser Brown and his government to spend their remaining days as best they can. Meanwhile, I will continue to make Britain a better place to live in, work in and even attract investment from abroad. I have secured our constitutional stability for British Commonwealth and our other recent admirers to take heart and believe in New Britain.

I remain solidly behind you all.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS Look for Hamourabi Law codes when opening the Iraqi Museum this week.


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