Sunday, 22 February 2009

An American Abroad Thanks America.

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Thank you America for endorsing my unilateral declaration for taking my home country Britain out of NATO. You were smart enough to elect President Barack Obama to lead you, and indeed the world but not to keep them as 21st century slaves any more.

Thanks too to Japan, Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Palestine, Israel (naturally), Lebanon, Qatar, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand (thank you, Your Majesty...), Pakistan, India, Georgia (! Have you become proactive, Vadim and Ada Bekashvilley of ex Soviet Union/Zambia in my favour? Remember the auberigne and yogurt dish, national food of both Georgia and Afghanistan!), Russia, Argentina, Ireland, Britain, Canada, Iran, France, Afghanistan, Iraq, Norway, Germany, Mexico, and many more countries around the world.

As an American abroad, I must do my duty to help President Obama in terms of clipping Hillary Clinton’s wings in playing the role of the president. She was imposed on Obama by the combination of Empire expanding Bill Clinton (he blew up the Nairobi and Dar essalaam embassies to colonise Africa), and the embers of the state sponsored administrators of Global Terrorism – Bush’s Sphere of Evil Neo Con/Neo Nazis.

Let us defuse Iran, Jim Lara and NPR: Iran has been sceaming for years that her urban centres suffer a 30% shortfall in electricity. She can't run her industries without the addition of nuclear power. Can you send a team down to Iran and record what the Iranians have been trying to say for years, but that America had shut them down and up! Boradcast your recordings to America and the world. Tilt the balance in favour of Emmanuel, Axlerod et al. They are all swimming against strong currents and are being washed downstream!

More later.

Mohammad Karim Ahamdzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects


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