Saturday, 28 February 2009

Welcome aboard, Beyonce and J - Z

Post number 200,

Nice round figure post number for you two!


Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects

Smart Move, China.

Post number 199

Thank you China for ordering £1.5 billion worth of British engineering and workmanship (Rolls Royce, Land Rover and Jaguar). Your trust in New Britain is not misplaced. A small part of our labour force will have jobs now for 2 or 3 years. Thanks again.

As you know, Britain is in my safe hands, because I do not miss a trick. It’s just a matter of my catching up with my team in their flooding me with data that I cannot possibly cope with, in terms of putting them on the blog, quick enough.

Imagine if my team was on the 50th floor of a high rise with no lift (elevator) and I climbing up the flight of stairs. I am on the second floor and fighting my way up. The stairs is full of all forms of pests, pythons that can swallow me whole, crocodiles, you name it. I am killing and fumigating my way up like no body’s business and am making very sure footed progress. That’s for sure.

As I am doing this, they now tell me that I have to hurry up and see what’s waiting for me on upper floors (say level 30 or thereabouts): Factors like Fred ‘The Shred’, ‘Hood winked’, Lord Minor (City Minister and chief Free Mason, whatever that means), Oxford established by the so called Free Masons and people like Roger Scruten (not in my spell checker and hence insignificant!) Philosopher in Oxford and Washington, and author of some 30 books, are still infesting Oxford.

The said Phillosopher Scruten ranks us 60 million Britons as the Kangaro Court just because we do not feel it fair that Sir Fred 'The Shred' Goodman should get £693,000 (thank you team) a year for destroying The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), which is 82% in public ownership as we speak. He gets paid for destrying a bank, and I get rewarded by a fake lottery for bringing in £1.5 billion and 3 years worth of jobs to Britain. What justice is that Jack Straw, the Free Mason?

Oh, other things like Lord Minor was backed by the late Lord Mandleson, and that Jack Straw, Alan Milbourne (the Mandleson magnet, to help old people set up in business, indeed. He was addressing me, the poor child. I have Emma Soames of SAGA for that to sit me up in dry cleaning!) and Gordon Brown and so many others are all Free Masons.

What an absolute night mare, and you might ask if it is my night mare. Oh, no it isn’t. I am THEIR absolute living day light night mare, I can assure you.

Buy more from us, I tell you.

You see China, it’s like this:

Either Free Masons don’t exist in which case we have nothing to worry about.

On the other hand, they may exist in which case I have got them by the bollocks!!! And I can squeeze when I like, and how I like.

Gale Trimble of University Challenge in Oxford, and my Walton girl: Don’t worry yourself about this one dear. They are all mine. You just keep on reading them books and the Hansard thingy on all the Straws, and pass info to Jeremy Paxman.

Read about the dog too. If the Straws don’t have a dog, buy them one and examine it! You don’t know where you are with these people.

These so called Free Masons have just wiped part of the grin on my face, and I already feel like strengthening my team:

I call upon Edgar or Oscar Wheen policeman of the early 90s in training to become a police barrister. He was my Wandsworth dry cleaning customer and a friend of Gavin D, a barrister with the Kuwaiti government married to Clair, a white Zambian, born in Kaoma where I was once king, or similar. I was the son of NORAD who had bought the town and I used to pay a visit once a month to check on my subjects (Crown Prince, I was actually, and loved every minute of it). Liam Gleeson of Ireland and wife Glenda, a Lozi princess of the Kalahari will confirm. Apologies to Liam and Glenda for my being ‘one of the boys in those days’. Tell all. I don’t acre. Any way, it all the Norwegians’ fault…


Meet my psychiatry team: Michel, my social worker is Iranian. So is my psychiatrist, Dr Parvez Malikniazi. Better now, UK press and 60 million country folks? As I said, you are free.

So is senior police man (Iranian), Ali Desai, Met Police Commissioner Sir Stevenson, isn’t he? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, and say no more kind of thing. As I said, shape up...

And then, Iran of course, full of Iranians, and where President Khatami received batches of my e-mails that he, the BBC, and the European Royal Families received in yester years all of stuff about the Bushes and the Bin Ladens and Harvard’s classical car collection donated by Saleh Bin Laden.

More excitement came my way when the Peruvians supported the British Bishop and asked me to ensure the Bishop does not offer any more apologies. Wow! That’s exciting. There may just be enough material there for another post, don’t you think, China?

Guantanamo? Oh, dear. May be one of these days.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS Oh, Senior Daniel Ortega of SNADANISTA of Nicaragua: What are your archeolgists up to these days? Be as you are...

I hear the numbers of Albatrosses are up in a couple of countries.

Friday, 27 February 2009

I have won the Lottery. Just like That!

Post number 198

Michel Carney, Egham Police

Unlike Jack Straw’s spammers, this one has about 10% chance of being genuine. The money source is South Africa, not Nigeria:

"""National Lottery Headquarters
Customer Services/Claims Department
Reference numbers RF2052007/21
Batch numbers BT 12/53/0034

A whole page of details, then:

Telephone: 0027737699928

Once again, congratulations from the entire staff of the UK NATIONAL LOTTERY

Signed Mrs Gina Cruz,

Online coordinator for UK MEGA JACKPOT PROMO""".

Apparently, they had entered my e-mail address in a draw, and it has won.

No sooner than I hit the send button for post number 197 that my winnings of £820,000 was e-mailed to me. It beats Sir RBS’ annual pension of £650,000, doesn’t it? Gocha, Sir!

Any way, our old Jack Straw is a good liar, isn’t he? Man, is he good? I am referring to his vetoing the Iraqi War minutes of the meeting in the Commons the other day. So much confidence, so much conviction that I nearly threw in the towel and was just about to e-mail President Obama to forget every thing. He should go back to Illinois, because I was going to re instate George W. back in the White House, bring Rumsfeld back and all the rest of them.

They could have then smashed Venezuela, Gaza, Syria, Iran, North Korea, and Cuba, and that would have been it. They would have had the whole world and our old Jack could have been the Minister of Justice for the entire globe.

That’s how good our Jack is, Mr President. If you ever wanted any one to lye for you, I can get Edwina to bundle old Jack on the next available flight and he will convince any one for you. Give us a yell.

What drug was he on? 'Yo' Blair... And from me: Oy, Mandleson!

Any way, it’s not old Jack I am worried about. It’s the young one, his son who was the president of Oxford Union. WHAT THE HELL IS HE UP TO THESE DAYS?

That’s what I want to know, Gale Trimble, dear. Just read all them books on both Straws. Don’t forget Hansard, the goddamned Parliamentary papers (full of lies). Then e-mail your findings to Jeremy Paxman to read on Newsnight.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS Spam e-mailers: Keep on hitting Jack Straw until he publishes the War minutes on the internet so that I don’t have to extract them out of him. Brilliant. Spammers as my friends, hey! Use blog material for some of your spams, 'Nigerians'. Go for it.

A Scoop, British Press!

Post 197,

Who wants this?:

The British Bishop from Argentina, just home now apologised for his statement that no Jews died in Nazi Concentration camps.

1) Is the priest completely bonkers in the first place for making such an outrageous statement?

2) If yes, why was he given such a responsible position in the Roman Catholic Church?

3) If not mad, then does his claim bear credibility?

4) If so, why is he apologising?

5) What does he know about the Jewish State being created just to get rid of European Jews?

6) Does any one know about some one called Alanby? His name was changed as Al Nabi (a prophet in Arabic). A street is named after him in Israel. He a Britisher, played some kind of a spiritual role (we have not been clean in every thing we have done) to justify the creation of the Jewish State. Did Al Nabi tell the Arabs that he has brought God's chosen people home?! How do I know? You tell me. This is an example of my leaving no stones unturned.

Don't break your heads over this one, press. Just calm down. Get a hold of the priest. Give him the widest of publicities. This is of global importance, needless to say.

7) Inspect Anne Frank's dairy afresh, BBC global and Channel 4. There may be scope for good television there. Some one enquires: What was Anne Frank's Address where she was living and diary produced, for example.

8) This may be a load of crap. Prove me right: The British were sending CERTAIN Jews to Germany to be killed by the Nazis!!! But saving other Jews. What's this all about?

9) Martial Law Cabinet to fully participate and take appropriate action immediately.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

Welcome aboard, UK Press! We have a Revolution to do Together

Post number 196

Hammurabi definitely applies. Sentences may not make sense. No time to edit. The dam has filled up. I am managing the ‘spillway’ to avoid dam bursting open and flood downstream.

Welcome aboard UK press. You are not mad, deviant or any thing. It was this psychiatry thing that had shut up every body, and I have sorted them out for you all.

But first, an assurance that this revolution cannot, will not and shall not fail. That is a guarantee. It’s been on paper. I am simply playing it out and giving it to all piece by piece. Provided I remain disciplined, it cannot fail. I will remain disciplined. Here is how it works.


‘Truth’ and TRUTH can only be used as ultimate unbeatable force on earth provided I do NOT mix my personal side with the blog side, if you will.

Here is the first request to Muslims: To the Friday gathering ‘Juma’ at Royal Holloway University of London, Egham. Please continue to respect my privacy. I have not spoken a word to any of you or Katie Kerr of the Student Union (if still there). I have not even met Katie.

If I ever as much as saying to any one that it was I who did all that stuff, then ‘truth’ is dead. So is TRUTH, and through it, metaphorically, Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela and others. Finished. The whole thing collapses. The blog collapses. There will be no more writings and this living book will come to an end.

There is another way to look at it: If you think, I am going to meet Mandela, Barack or even you lot (the press), then you must be joking. What am I going to say? How are you going to start? Will you try to make me bigger than I am? You can’t. It’s impossible. I have not happened in the history of human kind. There may be a long, long time before another one comes along.

In fact, there will be no need for another one to come along. Because, if I live, I will finish it off. From here to Djibouti, Papua New Guinea, East Timour, the Balkans, Afghanistan (last. Afghan code. We feed our guest first even before our own children, or I will have ripped Hamid Karzai apart by now!).

I am no religious freak, the promised one, or any one else. I am as human as all of you and use colourful language (deliberately) to distract the misguided ones who may very well make me in to some body.

So, relax. I came, I did and I died. That’s it. No more.

To CCCC Limited stake holders and Jagjeet Singh Sandhu, company secretary, and brother: Of course, I have not forgotten about dry cleaning and the £15,000 Ahmadzai family commitment money. Just keep on looking at reading the blog title: It will always say ‘Sea Change In Dry Cleaning’. How else, and why should I convince you otherwise? You have the proof. It’s just a question of when.

Now, let’s get down to business, UK press.

Thank you Martin Bell, the Martial Law PCC Commissioner who replaced Sir Christopher Mayer long ago.

Before I forget, It’s not my fault that so many Jews got in to H.M. Martial Law Cabinet. It just happened that they are so damn good at what they do. From Lord Winston, to David Milliband and Edwina. I need real professionals with sharp abilities to get things done.

So, first. Edwina, get cracking and bring Emma Soames (Churchill’s grand daughter in to play. She likes to get her hands dirty at the newspaper press and do stuff. This is the time to do it girl.

Then get Louri Turner, Emma’s colleague at the Evening Standard and fashion.

Then get Hillary Alexander (Fashion, Daily Telegraph) and Anna Wintour (Vogue, New York, Tom Ford (still with Yves St Laurent?).

This is getting out of hand, UK press. The head is full of stuff and just pours out. Catalogue yourselves.

Psychiatry: They are thoroughly fed up to their eye balls about the way they have been TOLD to psychiatrise. How come is it that when you go and see one, it is them who don’t make sense, not you! Ask Lenny Henry, Stephen Fry, and Paul Merton. Psychiatrists have been instructed for decades to get hold of UK talent and kill them off, so that we will never be able to compete with Hollywood, Harvard, Proctor & Gamble and the rest. Well, they can all fuck off now, for I have set psychiatry itself free.

Through it, UK press, you are free.

Kids: Should we ever worry about them any more? Never! They will do it themselves. There will be no time to hang around parks, drink cheap vodka and take drugs. There will be no time for any of that. They will become the press’ right hand folks, and become new photo journalists. They have also been set free of psychiatry.

Kids, go way back in the blog, and look up Rare Breed Sheep of the UK. Become members of clubs.

I have set free HRH, The Prince of Wales and his Mutton Club Renaissance. Join in. Get proactive. Never mind what the Royals are or are not supposed to do. Just do it.

Sir whoever of RBS. Dig in press. Take him apart. £650,000 pension indeed.

I run the world with H.M Pension credit of £124.50 a week. How much am I worth?

World countries: Aren’t you just a shade over governed if I can run all of your countries for about a fiver a day?

These are some of the curiosities that indicate just how much things will change.

The new word is to Consumerise. This phrase will remove shyness in the establishment about the uses of Privatise, Nationalise and the rest. We are entering a new economic era where 60 million people will decide. I have given one day old infants an equal purchasing power of 1, the same as adults. Their needs may be just a few nappies, a baby grow, and milk powder.

Infants may be given proportional representation. Who knows?

The important thing is that for any project, you need data, feasibility studies, thesis, blue prints, and final working documents.

Any thing the Window Dresser government does is fitting a round peg in to a square hole. They want to maintain capitalism as it was, while clearly, the public’s money is used unauthorised, to maintain status quo (could have put better. You do it).

The public of 60 million have the data out there. Until 5, 10, 20 millions (UK police, no fear. You will be a part of it. Just join in) come out and give us the data through the NEW PRESS (YOU), magazines, TV, theatre, cinema (Ealing, Pinewood, et al), Glastonbury, etc.

Welcome, Italian fashion. I heard you. Make up our dry cleaning model for your own demos, and do it. When marching on Mafia houses and palaces, they can’t shoot the sea of people approaching their castles. Just go in, take those AK 47s. Shove them where the sun doesn’t shine. Start with the butt (thick) end first, so that the process is painful when the gun is driven in, and then out by their street assistant.

Paolo Ferrando (Imperial College alumni), Italian Catholic married to Candy, the New York Jew. This Muslim was your best man in Chelsea Registrar’s Office. Hi there. Join us. You will know that the Zenga family work very hard to keep Australian Merino wool alive. They buy it, make suits out of it and sell it for 6,000 Euro a go.

UK press: Pick up the thread from the International Year of Natural Fibres, thank them for the e-mail they sent me yesterday, expressing solidarity. Find IWTO, Scottish Enterprise and partners (Modiano, Johnstons, et al) and work on representing wool fairer.

Leave China alone about burying the world’s wool in cavity walls. China will know that I will need at least 100,000 new dry cleaning machines to begin with, new chemicals to mix and the rest.

Thank Arnie and tell him I won’t be back now! He will set Dr Bob and his 3,500 dry cleaners free.

Join in with the Spanish and expose drug ring of Argentina, Spain, and France through football.

I thank Worcester for twinning with Gaza. Wow! Run with it, press.

I thank Southampton for crying out loud about having been dumb down with fluoridation. Hit it. Expand it. Run with it. Bring Ireland in. Do your stuff.
No psychiatry, remember? They are one of us now. Nurses bored still for not using the knowlwdge they’ve learnt.

Jo Brand: Heard you loud and clear honey. Shame we will never meet, but still, love your nine letter words on COUNT DOWN, Channel 4 British TV, world. Good stuff. Keep on watching it.

Dig in to Bangladesh. What does Sheikh Hassina (daughter of founder, Sheikh Mujeeb Ur Raman) want. Boarder stuff. Unification with India? Is that what the mutineers wanted?

Open up Sri Lanka. Why divide a small country to two? Smells of Bosnification.

Why were the Norwegians, the best peace makers removed from peace making in Sri Lanka and Middle East. Step back in, Norway.

How has this been for starters, press.

Go for it.

I have done Consumerism here.

I will do Guantanamo soon.

The public keep bugging me as to what do I mean by ‘no stone unturned’. Well, the general answer is that the blog will ask any question the world is unable to ask!!!. I have no fear of any one. I don’t exist, remember.

In particular, I will give the public a taste: Michael Barrymore! I will dig in as deep as need be. That is a promise

Oh, help out Defence Secretary Robert Gate about the American coffins arriving home from theatres in Afghanistan and Iraq. If my Americans want their lost ones accurately recorded, better televised or not, I will know. We will do it.

Mohammad Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS What does Senior President Phillippe Calderon of Mexixo saying? He says he is in control of Mexican soil, the whole of it. Then how come 40,000 troops and a strong boarder police force couldn't stop the Drug Lords dealing directly to US GOERNMENTS (!!!) boader gaurds. Bust Mexico open, UK press.

Is Burma = Columbia and partially = Afghanistan? Airports in Herat, near THE IRANIAN BOARDER (!!!) (both military and civilain) close at 18:00 Afghan time until 06:00 hours and are soleley used by US military transprtes planes. Locals say, among other stuff, the Afghan opium is loaded and taken to secret American citiy (ies) in Geramny for distribution to Europe.

Open up Holland. Now, there some people. Stromg culture, excellent family unity, lesser teenage pregnacies, and they smoke dope openly. How do they do it? I know how. Do you? You see, the Dutch are no nossensical people. Take them as they are. If you don't like them, that's tough lough. If they don't like you, that's even tougher.

Tell Daniel Barenboim its not time for one of his concerts yet to remember Edward Saeed. I keep preparing the ground, Hillary keeps on ruinning it.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

A fresh Request Fulfilled

Post number 195

I am promptly reminded that Avaaz, global peace campaigners are also team members. Indeed they as are so many others. BBC, Channel 4, Oxfam, and the British Council, please keep in touch with in your global searches for Al – Qaida.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

The Police and The Community

Post number 194,

The blog thanks Sir Stevenson, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner for admitting that stupidities exist in his force that must go. I agree 110%.

It is ludicrous to have separate police vans for white police officers and the Darkies. Come on, man. We live in the 21st century and the whole wide world is reading this blog, thankfully.

How can we democratise Afghanistan and Iraq with such a shameful and disgraceful misconduct at home?

That is not all.

Take Commissioner Ghafour and senior police officer Ali Desai. The latter, modern, witty, with it, and a pride of any police force if not corrupt.

Commissioner Ghafour has been given £300,000 to go and sit home. What about if he is clean, loved his job, and would love to do it, still? But he may have been side lined just because he is a goddamned Paki?

Both of these men have Muslim names, but may or may not be so. Even if they are, so what? My being a Muslim hasn’t stopped me from kicking any body’s ass that are stupid and live in dark ages, has it?

This blog may not be in rich in money, but it is rich in time, and powered with ‘truth’ and TRUTH. If you care to know what these terms mean, then read earlier issues of the blog, and it will tell you. Truth and TRUTH are absolute unbeatable powers that must not be messed with. It silenced G.W. Bush and his Empire buildings Neo Nazi, Sphere of Evil Drug Dealing thugs, supplying Tony Blair and Peter Mandleson. The blog shut up the Pope, too.

Shape up and sort things out. I will be relying on you this summer.

Hazel Blear, Window Dresser Community Secretary came out and said that radical Muslim youth must be sorted out and the fundamentals of fundamentalism driven out of them. Really? Share reading this post with Sir Stevenson and see if you can pick up any tips. If not, than I say this: May be it is the way their elders are treated and the youth are reacting. What is the point of them being who you want them to be, only to be kicked in to touch when older like Desai and Ghafour?

Find out. Talk to the youth. Leave the Imams and Mullahs alone. They are not allowed to be community leaders in Sunni Islam, you moron!!! They just conduct prayers. Get to know your Islam, even though it is none of my business to get involved in.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

Martial Law Home Secretary Edwina Curry to note and follow up.

Hamas Dumped

Post number 193

Once again, there is no one to negotiate with in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This time, Hamas has been taken out! To explain, one must retract and cover Hillary’s travels to Asia; now over with her visit to Indonesia.

I nearly congratulated Hillary Clinton on her successes in the delicate manner with which she handled the China/North Korea/US situation, when the world heard that North Korea’s missile launches were for peaceful purposes (Communication satellites). So far so good, because the delicate balance China is in, did not get adversely affected. This in itself must be developed and explained:

China had lost some 20 million jobs as a result of factory closures due to the shrinkage of the Chinese global export market (every where), not forgetting the US who consumed the most. Very few are buying Chinese any longer, but it was Hillary’s job to assure the Chinese to remain hopeful as far as the American front was concerned.

While the Chinese may stomach 20 million job losses, a loss of 50 million may bring China closer to civil unrest (according to an analyst here, ? Walden?), a toppling of the communist regime, leading to some reactionaries taking over with fingers on nuclear buttons! Then, what?! New power plays, every body repositioning themselves, and all the rest of it while we are all still sorting out the current multiplicity of crisis engulfing us all.

I was just about to congratulate Hillary for scoring major points in unravelling the Iranian Nuclear crisis so smoothly and easily. After all, she is the roving, self appointed roving emissary. Therefore, I thought she has done no wrong so far, but please read on, because there was another range of reporting that North Korea’s missile launches were for flexing muscles and exhibiting abilities to test fly missiles capable of hitting Japan, and Russia. If true, this will adversely affect the security situation for China (headaches for the regime).

Hillary’s undoing came under focus in Indonesia: She was well received due to Indonesia having been so significant in the early development of President Obama. He spent his first seven years of life there and must have fond memories of the place, its people and culture.

At the same time, Indonesia is supposed to have been and still is a hot bed of Al-Qaida. The world remembers Sheikh Omar Abu-Bakr with millions upon millions of fanatic followers. The man paid a heavy price for spending time in Indonesian prisons, but he is free now.

A lot of questions arise. Why didn’t Hillary take the opportunity to ask the Indonesian government to summon the Sheikh at once, bring on TV so that Hillary could bring Al-Qaida to the book and split it wide open in terms how and where Bin Laden is? How often are the two on the mobile phone with each other, and so on?

For his part, why didn’t the Sheikh exploit the same opportunity if he has a different story to tell?

Similarly, why didn’t the Indonesian government exploit the opportunity by helping set the world free of the Afghan crisis, the Iraqi one, and threat to Britain, the EU, the US mainland and elsewhere?

It is preposterous for the rest of us to remain dumbstruck at the stupidity of all the three parties.


Now, I can re track my steps and have a fresh look at North Korea. Hillary must have pissed them off some how by playing along the old Bush policies of negative diplomacy demanding North Korea must wrap up nuclear dreams and all the rest of it.

With this logic, Hillary can be given no credit for solving the Iranian crisis. Rather, unfolding Iran is down to President Obama actively promoting Arab art, culture, literature, science, jewellery etc across American cities to reach out and establish new understandings out there.

Meanwhile we Britons are promoting Iran in many ways (inter university exchanges like that of Egham’s Royal Holloway’s Professor Francis Robinson and team) including launching a major exhibition of Shah Abbas, in a London museum (a must see) the king who insured Iran did not fall in the hands of the Turks. In ways he is credited with the pride Iranians garb themselves proudly indeed as Iranians.

Iran was disentangled by our hard work along with President Obama, with Martial Law Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary David Milliband as the proactive catalyst.

Upon her return home, Hillary unilaterally appointed ? Ross as the section head of the State Department in-charge of the Mid East crisis. Mr Ross worked in both the Clinton and G.W. Bush Administrations. So change there then, Hillary.

Now, finally, and back in the Middle East, I can report thus: Hamas and Fattah have united to present one front in the peace negotiations in Egypt due next week (?) or soon. Brilliant. Israel was made by me to refuse being the Neo Nazi killing machines, with contributions from Senator Richard Lugar (earlier blog post) but his contributions are now ignored due to the Republican Senators and Congress men and women not towing a joint front with the Democrats on any thing. Well, almost any thing.

The shocking news is that both the US and the EU announced yesterday that they would rather see a bunch of technocrats in the negotiations rather than Hamas!!! Fatah and Hamas wasted their time in getting united, Israel’s Netanyahu was made to make a U turn and ready now to negotiate, but Wallah! Egypt gathering is crippled, with the Egyptians ending up red faced, and no room for the Paelstians. But then the whole thing is about Palestine!

It doesn’t take a genius to track down Hillary as the trouble maker in all this. She must have pulled the NATO card on the EU, and embarrassed Manuel Barossa, the President in agreeing with my Consumerism. Killing two birds with the same stone, if you will.

Hillary must be reminded that I can play twisted too. While I can’t pick out any Republicans any more to target, I can remove one of their crutches:

Madam Ambassador, ex US Embassy, Nairobi. Can you please get a little closer to President Obama and team and explain your internal communication just before and after the Embassy bombing with Madeline Albright, Clinton’s Secretary of State? Things like why didn’t Madeline answer your letter you wrote to her?

And Mrs Albright, are you with us or without? Please send comments to this blog why didn’t you reply to the letter, and then phoned the ambassador after the explosion and expressed shock? Shock at the fact that you were unaware how unsafe the building was when it all crumbled. When informed (phone call) that the ambassador wrote to you, you assumed silence. Why?

Why don’t we all sit back and wait now to see what happens next?

I must acknowledge positive work on the Mexican drug front by joint Canadian/US Forces, and work on child sex/pornography in both countries.

I am also glad that my title as the Team Leader is better understood now in having a free hand to metaphorically fly around the world and trouble shoot in the order of given priorities as they happen.

Please meet some of the team again, if you have forgotten: The BBC global organisation, Channel 4 Television, Oxfam, and the British Council global offices for now.

The BBC and others above will be unravelling Indonesia, including Sheikh Omar Abu-Bakr.

Next: Guantanamo, Consumerise, not nationalise, etc.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Fruits of The Revolution

Post number 192

Hammurabi applies.

Apologies are offered to the nation and indeed the world for not getting back to you all earlier on this magnificent day. I just finished a meeting with psychiatry after yesterday's announcing of our revolution. All is well. I am free to continue work, and the nation of Britain remains free of the fear of psychiatry ever detaining them for expressing themselves. You are practically FREE, folks. Congratulations!

1) Sincere condolences to David, Samantha, and the Cameron family for the sad loss of their son on such a Historic day.
2) As a direct result of my announcing the revolution, a daughter and a grandson, may have gained freedom of speech and expression to pay their gratitude to a mother and grand mother. They may have waited for 7 years to be able to come out and do so. This is one probability out of a few others developed over the years.
3) Then, Her Majesty did a bit more: She had her Royal Irish Guards marching in full military gear and bag pipes played. With this gesture, she demonstrated her direct rule by decree as the head of the armed forces (as far as I am concerned, and that matters a lot) and approved Professor Winston’s Martial Law government.
4) Then later her envoys Arch Bishops Rowan Williams and John Santamoo jointly united the whole nation of 60 million to donate to Zimbabwe…
5) I warmly thank the leaderships of America, Russia, and Iran for facilitating the Bushahr Nuclear Power Plant to be test started.
6) I thank President Sarkozi for opening his stamp collection with an H.M. The Queen stamp of 2004
7) I also thank Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California for doubling President Sarkozi’s album size! This is as significant as the doubling of the important Muhammads. While this one can write a little, the other one boxed pretty well and talked a little too!

Note: Land line telephone charges from mainland Britain to Ireland have been reduced to 3 pence a minute by some phone companies.

More later.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A Revolution of A New Peaceful Kind

Post number 191

I am overwhelmed and showered with excellent news from around the world and indeed Britain since my announcement to take Britain out of NATO. I have material to publish for the next two months even if the rate of continuous flow of fresh data reduced from full bore flow to mere drops (as if from a kitchen tap).

Here at home, the situation is as if I have ended up with droplets of water that I am in the process of adjoining together to form a lake. Every body from the sheep farmers to post office workers, Universities, fashion, and a whole host of others want to come out and 'express' themselves. Bruce Springsteen (a big thank you) wants to partake in Glastonbury (a first) this year and may be singing us some BORN FREE songs. We will then broadcast Glastonbury back to America and the world.

Abroad, the Norwegians have come out of the wood work and say they have a navy! Really? Who knew that? Not I. They want to get rid of NORAD (The North Atlantic Defence Treaty Organisation). Defence from whom? The Danes, the Canadians, the Swedes, the Finns? NORAD is as big a joke as is NATO. They will and must go home, to America.

Tha Jamaican midwives have been busily at work in Chad, the Pakistani girls complaining about their plight of poor educational facilities, the Indonesians inviting the BBC to cover their elections, the Mexicans demanding I do a piece on their drug trafficking through their porous border post this minute (!) and the US boarder guards receiving drugs from the Mexican drug Lords, and more.

What amazes me is that Mexican Drug Lords deal directly with US Boarder guards, and president Obama pretending its not happening!!!! Or is it more like Bush and cronies including Blair and Mandelson are still in-charge of the civil service and are running the Drug show just like that? I really, truly cannot offer any other explanation at all. The volume traffciked each year is valued at 13 to 14 billion US Dollars!

Is that why Mandleson is hell bent to part privatise the Royal Mail in order to divide and to rule? You see, eventually, if he succeeds, there will be fewer post offices. This will lead to more isolated villages and societies totally unaware of each other’s existence where drugs can be sold, and children raped.

What is alarming is that the Tories (Ken Clarke) have ganged up to vote with Mandleson to make him succeed in privatisation. Has every body gone completely mad?

This is all happening while we remain a part of NATO, practically. On paper, we are out.

There is a sea change taking shape where millions of Britons will soon gently invite the American forces to leave and to go home. We will then have a different society for which to cater everything in a first ever bottom to top approach.

For now, I suggest I strengthen Lord Winston's cabinet:

Edwina Curry, Martial Law Home Secretary to unite all 48 police forces in to one, for humanity will be on the move from Scotland to Plymouth.

Sir Alan Minton Sugar, Martial Law Business to insure Royal Mail remains in Public hands.

Professor Phillip Allan of Imperial, Martial Law Environment, to establish ground zeros on the soil, water, and air environments and nuclear power. Kyoto is rubbish. American data and figures complied by Neo Nazi, Sphere of Evil, and Drug Dealing Bush Administration and are wholly inaccurate and unreliable.

Self will hold the post of Defence and order our forces out of Afghanistan as of today.

The sea of Britons taking to the roads this summer will bear in mind that we have one common purpose that has not been clarified until now. We will not demonstrate in separate groups. There is a business model to follow. It is called “Consumerism” from now on. The whole country is one big shop, and the people are customers and suppliers.


We will form a back bone, a skeleton, and flesh up. The model in mind is that of dry cleaning and associated businesses from sheep farming, wool washing and cleaning, dying, yarns, textile mills, knitting, weaving, fashion, tailoring, mass production, and retail.

On this back bone, we will add skeleton pieces from the transport (cars, vans, Lorries), other supply chains and all the rest of them.

There are better qualified women and men out there to complete the model, flesh up with services, catering whatever so that we are all one, with a common purpose to shop and to supply.

We will lay new foundations as if for a new building.

We will start with substructure or foundation that is below ground. These are the secret organisations, like the Lions Club, Rotary Club, Free Masons, the not so free ones, Chatham House, DEMOS, and all the rest you can identify.

You will simply knock on doors and demand to know every thing. After all, you can’t have a super market with areas curtained off that you can’t access. You get no replies, you go to Glastonbury and sing your hearts out.

This in itself will create a supply and demand situation that you must serve. Glastonbury may remain open for as long as it takes. It could remain open for a month or 6 months. Who knows?

The people will be like police sniffer dogs. They will leave no stone unturned.

There will be no fear of violence from the BNP and/or their opposing Muslim/black/Asians. Unlike previous occasions, they will all be outnumbered.

Once you get rid of the secret organisations, your foundation work is complete in the bottom to top approach.
Now, you are working on the super structure: You will set up local wards, and councillors.

Remember that so far, you have not touched the government. You have no business with them. Window dresser Brown and colleagues will govern as they do.

From local wards, you will then set up borough councils. Existing ones may do, or changes may be made as we go along.

We will be re engineering. We open up things. We keep the good bits, throw away the bad ones, and the blog will supply you with new bits. You assemble in the field. The blog approach will still be based on 1 + 1 = 2. Common sense will prevail at all times.

Then cities that will have no boundaries: Why limit space where some people live 6 to a room when others live 1 to 6?

Conjoin rural and urban economies together. You may or will need more post offices loaded with new supplies and services (internet cafes for youth?). They will be the blood streams of new societies. Every body will be aware of every body else, united, no matter how far apart.

Then, General elections, and new government.

You will then get straight answers from your MPs, and they will not change to a different species once elected.

That is the bare of the bones of it for now. You really do not need more even if I was able to give it to you. I have thus created a sustainable approach by making demonstration itself as a commodity. The demand is there. Supply it with live music, radio, TV, theatre, newspapers, web sites, and magazines.

You will have set up little transitionary or permanent businesses. You will have banked money and widthdraw from post offices come banks.

Royalty? Later, when the family will be able to speak. Meanwhile, the public will respect the crown merely as a bench mark on a map to find ones bearings. The personages of the Royals are neither here nor there, nor any where. Right? You see, one way to look at it is this: Here is a family who has been deprived of human rights of ability to speak or to express themselves otherwise. If they had chosen not to have done so, than that aspect will be brought to light too. Naturally.

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects

Leave The Phenomenon Alone!

Post number 190,

Gale (Trimble) dear. You, one girl, just on girl from Walton – On – Thames made it out there to make up for the likes of Darren , the pillock, and Jack the Lad my friend. And now, people criticise you because you are a woman.

Congrats for winning University Challenge, Oxford.

Although Darren can’t string two words together to save his life (he hasn’t a clue what my reply to the consultant means, bless him), but he does have a heart of gold. I once lent my bike to his lay about teenage adopted son to go and get a job, which he did (!) he wore the breaks down on my bike. Darren threw the bike away and bought me a new one! It’s always people like Darren who pay the price. Not this time.

Don’t you worry about a thing, dear. You have me now. Next time you are home, go and have a cuppa with Alan and Mary who are also my friends. Alan will roll you up a Golden Virginia (the brand I smoke), and if you don’t smoke, give it to the dog. She does! She weighs about a ton and takes (drags, more like it) Alan for a walk every day.

Any way, you read them books about petrology (what has petrol got to do with rocks?), and every thing. You will need them later to deal with the kind of people I deal with. Some of them, women (Hillary), and Jacqui Smith, the copy cat Home Secretary. You see, my own woman police officer, Michel Carney of Egham Police is a double agent. She tells Jacqui some of the stuff I do and Jacqui announces them over at the PMQs and elsewhere. British jobs for British people, was my line and she stole it. Never mind.

How do you rate my political science, Oxford? Not bad for a dry cleaner, hey?


Monday, 23 February 2009

Thank You, Senator Richard Lugar.

Post number 189

Hammurabi Law Codes apply

Dear Senator Richard Lugar,

Thank you for the diplomacy, tact, politics and impeccable timing. But then I was expecting nothing less from the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Advice Committee Senior.

Your reference to shift of policy on Cuba due to regime changes in both countries reminds me an Afghan saying that Zalmai Khalilzad could translate for you, if unclear: ‘Door, I am talking to you, but wall, you listen!’

We have had a change of regime in Israel, too. You came in time to save the day, because the amateurs had just disgraced themselves: The best they could do was to get the criminal organisation Amnesty International (AI) and use them as their sacrificial goat. The latter (who had ignored my personal case of sleeping rough and a beating up by the British American Police who gave me a broken rib) accused Israel of using White Phosphorus or whatever on the Gaza Palestinians, and Hamas of using rockets on the Israeli civilians.

I wanted to hunt down AI in due course and bring them to the book. The amateurs gave them to me with their hands tied behind their back. AI are criminals and their getting involved is not only ridiculous but unlawful. Why couldn’t they step in earlier, however criminally intent they are? They seem to have had no choice either. The amatuers had ran out of pawns to make moves wih!

However, the Israeli bit gave Netanyahu an open door to reach out for Mrs Levni and re invite her over for fresh talks, and I am pleased that she has accepted. AI was not needed at all, because I had check mated the amateurs in to submission any way. I had left them no way out. In fact, AI did a lot of damage. If Mr Netanyahu was left alone, I could have squeezed a better concession out of him.

You made up for it all and even suggested a short cut: To commence work across party lines just as President Obama had wished. Now, I am relieved that America has been placed on a self healing process, but not quite on auto pilot yet. Bringing in Jimmy Carter will definitely help. He’s been awfully quiet. Have you noticed that, Karen Videtic of Virginia Commonwealth University? I haven’t forgotten you, you know?

I take it that I should expect no more behind the scene antics from the bygone Neo Nazis then, Senator?

Kind regards,

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai
Team Leader, Earth Projects

PS. British sheep farmers, calm down; even though this is not a commercial!

MRSA, A Gross Professional Misconduct By a Health Professor and Corrupt No Win No Fee Solicitors

Post number 188

Professor Lord Robert Winston
H.M. Martial Law Government Prime Minister

At last, please note below a record of incomplete correspondence on Darren Pilley's MRSA case that you will find self explanatory. As to why Darren didn't finish school to save me the trouble to take up his case is something for the youth of today to bear in mind.

The records are incomplete because I do not have access to Solicitor Paul Faud's scare tactics used on Darren to sign off his rights. Apparently, Darren signed some form or other to clear the soilicitor of any wrong doing. I phoned Paul Fouad a few days ago and invited him to have a change of heart. He didn' want to know.

I thought you might find the case at hand of particular interest as a health professional. I will leave it to you to help me seek justice and fairly for Darren from the Window Dresser Alan Johnson.


Your deputy Mohammad

Mr D Pilley Taylor & Emmet Solicitors
12 …. 20 Arundale Gate
Sheffield S1 2PP
Surrey T 0114290 2200
F 0114 290 2295
DDI 0114 290 8208

27 February 2007

Dear Darren,


I enclose a copy of your medical expert report from professor Willett.

It is important that you read the report carefully as sometimes there may be errors of fact.

I am afraid that the report is largely unsupportive.

Basically your expert is saying that you sustained a serious fracture to your ankle and that infection in the wound was present almost immediately after the operation.

As someone who smoked 26 cigarettes a day, consumed 56 units of alcohol a week, and had an opiate addiction, you were at an increased risk of sustaining infection from the operation.

This should have been explained to you in detail prior to the operation and there is no clear evidence that it was.

However, Professor Willett believes that, despite this increased risk, you would still have had little option but to continue with the surgery. The doctors would have strongly advised you to proceed with surgery despite the increased risk factors.

The area that Professor Willett does question is the use of Augmentin antibiotics to treat the infection. He is unable to comment on the use of this antibiotic as it is outside his area of expertise. He is suggesting we obtain a microbiologist’s opinion as to whether this treatment was appropriate. I will now make enquiries of a suitable microbiologist as to whether he can prepare a Report on this point.

If there are any matters contained in the report with which you disagree or over which you require further explanation, kindly let me know.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Fuad
Taylor & Emmett


Keith M Willett FRCS
Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery, University of Oxford
Honrary Consultant Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon
T 01865 22210/743204
F 01865 222811
E-Mail: and
DX: 6540708 Headington 93 OX


Name: Darren Pilley
Date of Birth: 24/11/1970
Date of injury: 10/05/2003
Date of Medical Report: 14/02/2007
Instructing Party: Taylor & Emmett, Solicitors


I am a Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery in the University of Oxford and an Honorary Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Jon Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. I am a past president of the British Trauma society. A am Civilian Surgeon Advisor to the Royal Navy for Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery.

In brief, I graduated in Medicine from Charing Cross Medical School (University of London) in 1981; became a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1985 and completed my specialist Higher Surgical Training in Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery in 1991. I subsequently completed a Clinical Trauma Fellowship in Toronto, Canada. I was elected to the chair of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery in 2004 after twelve years of NHS Consultant practise.

My clinical practice is exclusively with the immediate treatment, reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation of patients sustaining musculoskeletal injuries. I have a particular interest and have published research in the multiply-injured patients, acetabular, pelvic and limb fractures, fracture biomechanics, surgical training and services.

I act as a trauma surgery specialist advisor for the Department of Health, Audit Commission, for Health Authorities and for Surgical Training at the Royal Colleges of Surgeons o England. I was the Trauma and Orthopaedic speciality advisor to the Royal College of Surgeons for the Oxford Region from 1998-2000, a Royal College of Surgeons appointed member of the National Speciality Advisory Committee in Orthopaedics and Trauma until 2005 and currently on the Royal College of Surgeons of England Trauma Committee. I am chairman and a faculty member on national and international fracture treatment instructional courses and an Executive and Board member of the National Trauma Audit and Research Network.

This report was compiled with reference to:

• Medical, nursing and physiotherapy records and radiographs from the Ashford & St Peter’s Hospital NHS Trust.
• The claimant’s statement undated and unsigned.
• General Practitioner medical records.

This medical report was compiled with reference to medical records and radiographs only. I have not had the opportunity of interviewing or examining the claimant. This is my first report prepared on the claimant.


I have been asked to give preliminary advice with a view to preparing at a later stage the report for the Court complying with Part 35 CPR. I have been given a background summary of the injury and treatment events and the progress of litigation. I have been asked the specific questions:

1. Please advise generally whether you feel that any element of Mr Pilley’s treatment fell below a reasonable standard and whether the duty of care to Mr Pilley was breached by the Trust.
2. Please indicate whether there were any opportunities to diagnose Mr Pilley’s infection at earlier stage and this was missed.
3. If an opportunity to diagnose the infection at an earlier stage was missed please outline the likely cause of treatment that would have been used and the likely outcome for Mr Pilley have avoided the need for a below the knee amputation.
4. Was a reasonable course of treatment followed once the infection was diagnosed?

For the benefit of the Counsel this report will be structured in clinically appropriate time periods for care. My explanatory notes and opinion will be identified in italics throughout this report.

This represents the period of the acute in-hospital stay following the claimant’s injury.

1.1 Claimant’s History: The history gleaned from the claimant’s statement indicates that he had an accident on 10 May 2003 when he fell down a flight of stairs at a friend’s house. He was fit and well and worked as a bus driver prior to that accident. It is recorded that his right leg went through the banister and he suffered a fracture to the right ankle. He was taken to St Peter’s Hospital in Chertsey and underwent surgery. He was in hospital for three to four weeks and had an aircast boot on the right leg. Infection was present almost immediately after the operation and despite attempts to remove the infection by antibiotic medication and further surgery the right leg deteriorated to a point where he had to undergo a below the knee amputation on 24 January 2005. It is the claimant’s view that the hospital was negligent in that the original surgery was performed incorrectly and that the infection developed in hospital. Certainly infection was diagnosed whilst he was still an in-patient.
1.2 Medical Records for the period 10 May to 12 May 2003: It was recorded that Mr Pilley was received at St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey Accident and Emergency Department at 16:04 hours on 10 May 2003 by ambulance. It was recorded that he had fallen down the stairs under the influence of heroin injuring his right ankle. There was obvious deformity; the circulation was satisfactory but there were critical skin problems. The ankle was clinically dislocated with the skin tethered with severe pallor (no blood supply) over the medial malleolus (inner bony prominence of the ankle). An emergency closed manipulation (re-location) was performed under sedation, which was successful, and photographs were taken of the ankle. A below knee (back slab) was applied and post-reduction radiographs were undertaken. The claimant was then referred for further management to the orthopaedic team.
1.3 It is recorded the claimant was assessed by the orthopaedic surgeon and the history again recorded “Fell down the stairs under the influence of heroin and ETOH (alcohol). Right ankle fractured and obvious deformity occurred. One hour later came to A & E. Reduced by A & E doctors with morphine and medazolam sedation. In back slab currently stable. Digital pulses always present. Past medical history depression? Schizophrenia, heroin abuse, alcoholic on ? anti depressant medication. Previous ORIF (fixation) fractured left arm. Drowsy from medazolam. Comfortable in back slab.
1.4 Rdaiographs were considered to show a relocation tri-malleolar fracture of the right ankle.
1.5 The defined management plan was for thr claimant to be admitted and have intravenous access and blood screening undertaken. He was recommended for open reduction internal fixation of his fracture and consented. He was prescribed a course of chlodiazepoxide for anticipated alcohol withdrwal. Surgery was planned for, query the next morning.
1.6 Radiographs available to me, show a reduced tri-malleolar Weber C supra-syndesmotic fracturedislocation of the right ankle whaich has been reduced but remains displaced by 3-4mm at the main fracture sites.
1.7 A NHS consent form 1 was completed and signed by the claimant and the admitting SHO doctor (? Aziz).
1.8 It is recorded surgery was undertaken the following day (11 May 2003) by surgeons Kinmont and Khalleel and his assistant was Aziz. Surgery was recorded as open reduction internal fixation of the right ankle, medial and lateral sites. Fixation of the medial side was achieved with two partially threaded cancellous screws on the lateral side by a fibula one-third tubular plate and diastasis screw. The anaesthetic record indicates a general anaesthesia with supplementary spinal anaesthesia at L2/3. Anaesthetic agents given included local anaesthetic for the spinal injection, fentanyl, propofol and odencitrine for induction and seroflurane as a volatile agent. A tourniquet was applied for one hour and six minutes to the surgical leg. Chlorhexidine spirit was used as the skin antiseptic preparation. Wound closure was with clips and the post-operative instructions were for the claimant to be non-weight bearing, for the leg to be elevated and he was to be fitted with an aircast boot. There was to be a wound check at two weeks when the clips should be removed and he was to have an x-ray on arrival in the fracture clinic that day and a removal of the diastasis screw was planned for ten weeks.
1.9 Image intensifier recorded during surgery indicate that initial attempt at fixation with two diastasis screws was revised to a febular plate and single diastasis screw.
1.10 The claimant drug prescription chart records that there was intravenous administration of Augmentin 1.2gms (antibiotic dose) at 19:15 hours on 11 May 2003 at the induction of anaesthesia. Post-operatively three further doses were given at 6 am, noon, and 6 pm on 12 May 2003 (the day after surgery).
1.11 Post-operatively it was recorded that the claimant required regular oral analgesic medication and received the prescribed antibiotics. He was mobilised with a physiotherapist and discharged at 17:30 hours after his last dose of antibiotic on 12 May 2003. A two week appointment was made for a clinic review.
1.12 The final review by the physiotherapist prior to discharge indicated that his wound dressing had been reduced (made smaller). He was fitted with an aircast boot. He was taught non-weight bearing on crutches with which he coped well. He was considered safe and discharged.
1.13 Final radiographs (from the operating theatre) indicate that an anatomic reconstruction was achieved of the ankle joint mortice with appropriate stabilisation using standard implant techniques.
1.14 Comment on the Standard of Care of the Period 10 May to 12 May 2003: The claimant suffered high energy fracture dislocation of his right ankle. This was appropriately identified promptly in the Accident and Emergency Department and an emergency reduction under sedation was undertaken because of the skin damage over the inner side of the ankle. No radiograph was taken prior to reduction. This represents good emergency care of the claimant and I consider there to be no deficiencies in this element.
1.15 The claimant was then admitted under the orthopaedic team and assessed. He was appropriately recommended open reduction internal fixation to restore ankle congruence as a way to optimise long-term ankle function and reduced the risk of osteoarthritis. This was appropriate contemporary advice and the recommendation for treatment that would have been given by the vast majority of surgeons tp patients of this age with this fracture dislocation pattern.
1.16 The risk of infection in surgery of this type would be expected to be in the order of 1% to 5%. This would normally be included as part of the consenting process. In the claimant there are a few personal features that would represent a slightly increased risk including his alcohol consumption (56 units a week), smoking (twenty cigarettes a day) and opiate addiction (general indicator of poor nutritional and compliance). The traumatised skin over the inner (medial) aspect of the ankle was a specific risk for impaired wound healing. His relatively young age would count in his favour. These risk factors are insufficient to change the recommendation for surgery.
1.17 The NHS consent form 1 was completed by the claimant and introduced by Dr Aziz. It is designed to be completed by the health professional and to detail, in the sections of the form, the intended benefits and to indicate the serious or frequently occurring risks. It would be normal practice for infection to be listed on that form. These sections were left blank in the claimant’s case. I, therefore, do not have documentary evidence that infection was discussed with the claimant but in any event the risk was small and surgery would be strongly recommended; there being no other reliable treatment for this injury pattern at this stage.
1.18 Antibiotic cover was given for the surgery with the important pre-operative dose at induction of anaesthesia together with three (less important) doses post-operatively. This is consistent with the normal regime for hospital in 2003.
1.19 The use of Augmentin as the prophylaxis is an area to be discussed. The antibiotic policy for implant related surgery is established between the operating surgeons and the Infection Control Committee of the hospital. The selection of antibiotics is under the guidance of the advising microbiologist and should reflect the type of surgery, risk to the patient and the prevalence of types of bacteria in the hospital and Orthopaedic Unit. Whether Augmentin was the appropriate antibiotic should be reflected by the guidance of that committee in May 2003 for that institution. The selection of an appropriate antibiotic policy would also have to take into account avoiding the development of antibiotic resistance in the bacteria compliment present in the hospital. Reference to a microbiologist for an expert opinion on this point may be required.
1.20 For the care received by the claimant for the period 10 May to 12 May 2003 I cannot identify any elements of the surgical care that was deficient either by error or by omission. The antibiotic selection is outside my area of expertise but I would recognise that Augmentin was a standard therapy administered in many hospitals at that time.

2.0 CARE FOR THE PERIOD 13 MAY TO 7 AUGUST 2003: This represents the period of out-patient follow up care following the initial fracture fixation.

2.1 Claimant’s History:
The claimant states that “Unfortunately I did not make a full recovery and I developed infections on my right leg which would not go away. The infections were present immediately after the operation and despite attempts to remove the infection by antibiotic medication and further surgery the right leg deteriorated.”
2.2 Medical Records for the Period 13 May to 7 August 2003: It is recorded that the claimant was assessed by his General Practitioner on 16 May 2003 recording the injuries to the ankle and foot and that he had an operation with fixation of multiple fractures he was certified unfit to work. The first recorded follow up attendance was recorded on 28 May 2003 at Chertsey Hospital. It is recorded that the wounds over the medial lateral side were healed. The staples were removed, dressings were applied and he was given an aircast boot and advice on gentle ankle mobilisation but he was to remain non-weight bearing. A further review was planned in three weeks to arrange removal of the diastasis screw.
2.3 It is recorded that the claimant attended the General Practitioner on 2 June 2003 for unrelated treatment. The next attendance was via the Accident and Emergency Department directly to the clinic on 4 June 2003 when it was recorded that the claimant had come early to the clinic as his ankle had become painful. It was noted that he “had been putting some weight on it!” Also the aircast boot had been rubbing on the medial side causing blistering and infection. A change of dressing was undertaken and as antibiotic (flucloxacilllin 250mgs q.d.s. orally) was prescribed. He was to remain strictly non-weight bearing and to take the boot off when not needed. He was to elevate the leg most of the time and be reviewed in two weeks.
2.4 At that subsequent review (?date June 2005) it was recorded to be five weeks from surgery. The lateral wound had healed well. There was a serous (clear-serum-like) discharge from the medial wound. Culture swabs were taken from the wound. It was re-dressed and he was to continue with the aircast boot and was prescribed a course of Ciprofloxacin antibiotic (covers a broad spectrum of bacteria including MRSA).
2.5 At a review on (?) 20 June 2003, six weeks from injury, it was recorded that the septic wound on the medial side was much better. Swabs had grown Staphylococcus Aureus (the commonest bacteria on skin and cause of wound infections: it was not MRSA) He was to continue with flucloxacillin and dressing. He was to be reviewed in one week.
2.6 At that review on 2 July 2003 it was recorded the medial wound was almost dry. He was seven weeks from surgery and he was able to (?) weight-bear while (?). Ankle plantarflexion was 30 degrees and there was no dorsi-flexion. He was referred to physiotherapy. A culture swab taken on 18 June 2003 was recorded as growing +++ Staphylococcus Aureus that was sensitive to erythromycin and flucloxacillin. It was resistant to plain penicillin. That result was accessed from a ward enquiry raised on 20 June 2003.
2.7 Comment on the Standard of Care Received by the Claimant for the period 13 May to 7 August 2003.
2.8 During this period the claimant was under out-patient care. The medial wound at the ankle was recognised to have become infected. He was initially given treatment with an empirical antibiotic (flucloxacillin). A culture swab, taken from the surface of the wound from the serous discharge, grew flucloxacillin sensitive bacteria: sensitive to the antibiotics that had been prescribed. The antibiotics were changed however, at the visit before the culture result was known, to Ciprofloxacinto which the bacteris was also sensitive. The treatment was changed back to the original flucloxacillin antibiotic one week later when the cultured organism and antibiotic sensitivities were known. That treatment resulted in the wound improving and being almost dry within a week.
2.9 Surgical site infection is a risk with any fracture implant surgery as indicated previously. The wound that failed to heal in the claimant and became infected was the one at the point where the skin was most severely compromised by the initial fracture dislocation; This was an important factor. It was also recorded that the claimant had been weight-bearing which would create a larger pressure load on the skin inside the aircast boot but that in my view would not be a major contribution to the infection although it would irritate the wound and compromise early healing.
2.10 Comparison of the radiographs dated 20 May 2003 and 25 June 2003 revealed a degree of osteopenia (demineralisation of the bone) consistent with the weight-bearing status. There were some non-specific bone changes at the medial malleolar fracture site that may have represented changes of infection. There was also a little loosening around the diastasis screw in the fibula; this is a normal appearance as a result of rotational forces due to ankle movement that month period.
2.11 The response to the infection was reasonable and appropriate. Initially empirical antibiotics were administered; a culture swab obtained after a delay of one week and that confirmed bacteria to which the antibiotics prescribed throughout the period were sensitive. This resulted in a documented improvement of the infection. The patient was to proceed with physiotherapy. This would be a practice adopted a substantial body of orthopaedic surgeons for this complication.
2.12 A more aggressive approach to potential implant related sepsis is adopted by some surgeon (including myself) and any potentially infected wound would be monitored without antibiotics and if infection progressed the wound would be opened, deep sample cultures taken and a more aggressive intravenous antibiotic course pursued. The policy adopted by the surgical team at that stage at St Peter’s Hospital was not, in my opinion, inappropriate. The Straphylococcus Aureus bacteriacultured was not a particularly resistant organism (it was not MRSA) but the presence of the implant screws in the medial malleolus, if involved in the infection (which was quite likely) would limit the chances of the infection being eradicated by oral antibiotic treatment. A good response, however, was documented.
2.13 I do not find that the care for the period 13 May 2003 to 24 July 2003 fell below a reasonable standard. I do not consider that the infection was treated inappropriated. It was diagnosed promptly and responded to and, although not as aggressive as pursued by some surgeons, the treatment undertaken was reasonable and common practice.

3.0 CARE for the PERIOD 8 AUGUST 2003 to 25 SEPTEMBER 2003
3.1 Medical Records for the Period from 8 August 2003 until 25 September 2003: It is recorded the claimant attended the Accident & Emergency Department of St Peter’s Hospital on 8 August 2003 with the history of a query abscess on an old scar. It is recorded that he had had fixation of an ankle in May 2003 and he developed a query abscess at the bottom of the scar which had burst three days ago. He was referred to Orthopaedic Surgery. A re-attendance is recorded in the Accident & Emergency Department the following day on 9 August 2003 when he re-presented with the same problem. It was recorded that he had been seen in the Accident & Emergency Department yesterday but DNW (did not wait). It was recorded that there was swelling over the lateral aspect of the ankle and it was painful. It had burst and discharged three days previously and the pain had eased. His temperature was 37.3 degrees (normal) and there was 1-2cm discharging abscess over the right lateral malleolus 2cm below the scar from the previous surgery. Wound swabs, blood tests and a radiograph were undertaken. He was referred to Orthopaedic Surgery. An ulcer/sinus without discharge was noted over the lower part of the right ankle lateral wound but without any erythema. There was minimal swelling and lower ankle movement was recorded as not affected. He was apyrexial (no fever). He was commenced on oral antibiotics, after the complications were discussed with the Orthopaedic Registrar on call and the claimant was to return to a Fracture Clinic.
3.2 At that Fracture Clinic review on 11 August 2003 he was seen by a Consultant (D.S.Elliott) who concluded there was infection around the diastasis screw which needed to be dealt with urgently and he was admitted directly for removal of the screw, curettage to the screw hole and antibiotics.
3.3 Surgery was undertaken the following day on 12 August 2003. TH screw was removed and the drill hole was curetted and lavaged. The wound was left open. A culture of bacteria from the operation revealed Staphylococcus Aereus that was sensitive to antibiotics (benzylpenicillin and flucloxacillin) to which the identified bacteria was sensitive for six days.; he was discharged on 18 August 2003 with a further one week course of oral penicillin and flucloxacillin.
3.4 T the clinic review on 26 August 2003 the wound looked clean. There was granulation at its base and he was to complete the oral antibiotic course (duration not specified).
3.5 By review on 24 September 2003 his wound had settled, the ankle movements were very good and he wished to return to work as a bus driver. He was signed back fit to work. He was advised if the plate did cause him problems then it could be removed in the future. He was discharged.
3.6 A radiograph on 9 August 2003 showed probable union of the fibula fracture. There was a radiographic lucency around the diastasis screw in both the fibula and distal tibia. The medial malleolar fracture appeared united but with some radial lucnecy around the screws (radial lucency can be explained by either mechanical loosening or infection).
3.7 Comment on the Standard of Care from 8 August to 25 September 2003: During this period the claimant developed infection on the opposite (lateral) side of the right ankle related to the diastasis screw. It did not clinically appear to affect the previous site of problem over the medial side or the more proximal fibula plate. The infection was identified promptly, responded to appropriately and it was the correct decision to proceed urgently for screw removal and cuterage of the screw drill hole to try and eradicate infection. The organism identified was a common Staphylococcus Aureus with a sensitivity to first line antibiotic penicillin therapy and this was administered. The administration of a week of intravenously followed by an oral course was appropriate. The length of the oral course is not clear within the medical records. This resulted in a clinical resolution of the infection.
3.8 This response, action and treatment were reasonable and appropriate. It was the equivalent to that that would be offered by many UK orthopaedic surgeons in this situation.
3.9 I would have concerns that it was a little premature to discharge the patient at the follow-up. There was a potential for residual sepsis to be present. The good clinical examination and resolution of the wound does, however, does not make that decision unreasonable, particularly as the claimant was given the option to return if there were any problems on an SOS basis.
3.10 In hindsight, further surveillance would have been more appropriate but I do not consider that it would have changed the next stages in the evolution of his infection.
3.11 Parallel blood tests were also undertaken (an indication of the inflammatory response of the body to infection) and these were normal or near normal. They did not support a significant osteomyelitis problem; CPR 14 (normal 0 to 6) on 11 August 2003. ESR 30 (normal 1 to 10), 11 August 2003, ESR 17 on 13 August 2003). These blood tests show relatively minor responses to local infection and would not support established osteomyelitis of concern.
3.13 Medical records for the period 26 September 2003 to 17 December 2003: It is recorded that the claimant re-attended the Accident & Emergency Department on 6 October 2003 with a further abscess over his right ankle. It had been present for four days. He was admitted to hospital. His case was discussed in a trauma meeting on the morning of 7 October 2003 and further surgery was recommended to drain the infection and remove the lateral plate. The surgery was undertaken on 8 October 2003. Granulation (reactive tissue to infection) was found along the sinus tract and up to the lower end of the plate implant. The sinus tract and cavity were curetted and the plate retained. The wound was left open and treated with an antiseptic pack. It was left to heal by secondary intention and intravenous antibiotics were commenced with a view to changing those depending on the cultured bacterial sensitivity. Again, Staphylococcus Aureus was cultured sensitive to flucloxacillin and metronidazole. The claimant was noted to show sensitivity to one of the dressings, so that was changed. The claimant remained an in-patient at the ACU (? Alcohol & Drug Dependency Unit).
3.14 On 15 October 2003 it was recorded the wound was better and he was started on a two week course of antibiotics.
3.15 Dressing changes were recorded in the interval until a review formally by the orthopaedic surgeons on 11 November 2003. At that assessment it was recorded that he needed intravenous flucloxcillin antibiotics. He was to stop smoking and a vacuum dressing was applied to the wound. He was to be admitted from the orthopaedic clinic and blood tests taken for inflammatory markers (CRP, FBC and ESR). Intravenous antibiotics were administered (flucloxacillinand metronidazole) from 13 to 18 November 2003.
3.16 The claimant then appears to have been discharged from the ward. It appears that he was an in-patient under the Alcohol and Drug Dependency Unit concurrently during this period of his treatment. He was to continue dressing and be seen in two weeks in the clinic, having been discharged on an oral antibiotic course.
3.17 A review in the clinic on 4 December 2003 indicated that his wound was improving. He was advised to keep the foot elevated to reduce the swelling. Two weeks later (17 December 2003) it is recorded there was some water around the ankle with some aches and pains with movement and he was walking partially weight-bearing. The wound had improved and had settled down. An x-ray taken was considered to be satisfactory. The medial fracture was considered not to be united. The plate on the lateral side was considered satisfactory. A radiograph undertaken on 16 December 2003 (available to me) shows that the fibula fracture has united with a good callus response. There has been an increase in the mineral content of the medial malleolus although it remains patchy. The fractures all appear united. There were significant bone changes in the distal tibia in its lateral aspect at the site where the previous diastasis screw had been fixed with focal de-mineralisation consistent with bone reaction to the previous implant or infection.
3.18 The claimant was referred to physiotherapy because of ankle stiffness.
3.19 Comment on the Standard of Care for the period 26 September to 17 December 2003: During this period the claimant was admitted for recurrences of I infection related to the implants fixing his fracture. The fracture continued to progress to union. Treatment for the infection episodes involving admissions to hospital, surgical clearance of the infection site, intravenous antibiotics for one week followed by an oral course again is reasonable and appropriate. Concurrent blood tests did not suggest serious osteomyelitis although they were slightly elevated.
3.20 There were radiological changes over time to suggest a significant reaction in the bone to an underlying septic process. It is impossible to differentiate whether that is a scar response to the infection that has remained active. The presence of residual implants would prevent alternative imaging modalities such as MRI scanning that could have assisted.
3.21 During this period, it was apparent that the (occult) infection did persist probably predominantly in the distal tibia at the site of the previous diastasis screw placement.
3.22 IN retrospect a more radical approach may have had a greater chance of curing the infection but on a balance of probabilities in my opinion appropriate measures were undertaken and progression to more serious infection was inevitable, as it had already declared itself refractory to reasonable standard treatment. The amount of bone involved in infection by December 2003 in retrospect probably included a significant area in the distal tibia metaphysic adjacent to the ankle joint.
4.1 The claimant was assessed in the clinic on 5 February 2004. It is recorded that he continued to have a lot of pain in his right ankle, which was stiff and sore. It was clinically still warm. X-rays showed the fibula fracture had united but the Specialist Registrar who saw the claimant was concerned that there may be some diastasis (separation of the tibia and fibula) and it was recognised that the bone in the distal tibia looked abnormal. It was considered that he should have an examination under anaesthesia with removal of the medial screws and a MRI scan to see if there was any infection.
4.2 Medical records indicate the claimant was admitted as a day case on 16 February for implant removal. At that surgery the metal work was removed. The ankle was found to be stable on examination without any opening of the joint on stressing.
4.3 The Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon reviewed following that surgery the claimant on 17 March 2004. It was recorded that he was getting some better sub-talar and ankle joint movement. Further physiotherapy was arranged. Concern was recognised that he may have chronic osteomyelitis in the distal tibia and that he had an un-reduced diastasis of the ankle joint that that probably contributed to the arthritic process. A MRI scan was arranged.
4.4 That MRI scan (available to me) was undertaken on 22 July 2004. That demonstrated an extensive high signal change in the distal tibia extending to the articular margin (of the ankle joint). There was patchy loss of the normal articular Cortex in the distal tibia. Posteriorly there was a breach in the cortex with a high signal change extending probably sub-periosteally (to the surface of the bone). Two high signal rings seen at the distal tibial shaft surrounded a circle of reduced signal suggested a possible dead bony fragment and that appeared to correspond with the site of one of the screw tracks; it was considered that this may be a small sequestrum (segment of dead bone). The conclusion was that the scan certainly suggested ongoing infection of the distal tibia; the possibility of an extension to the joint spaces was raised because of the reduced joint space and early high signal changes within the dome.
4.5 At the clinic review on 18 August 2004 for the san result it is recorded that his ankle was not too bad. He could stand and walk fully weight-bearing without much pain. There was aching most of the time and stiffness after long sitting and first thing in the morning.
4.6 Following a Consultant review (15 September 2004) the claimant was for a planned admission on 1 December 2004 for an exploration under general anaesthesia to try and remove the sequestrum and to try to clear the distal tibia of infection.
4.7 It is recorded the claimant was admitted for surgery and underwent sequestrectomy and open debridement of an osteomyelitis abscess of the distal right tibia on 27 September 2004. Two Consultant Surgeons undertook the surgery. A nectrotic bone abscess was identified in the distal tibia and connected to the hole laterally from the previously infected diastasis screw. There was sequestrum around the site of the proximal diastasis that was curetted and cavity irrigated. Intravenous antibiotics were given at the end of the procedure and Gnetamicin antibiotic beads laid inside the bone cavity. Those antibiotic beads were planned to be removed in six weeks. The claimant was subsequently re-admitted and underwent that surgery on 8 November 2004. No further infection was identified at the time. Further tissue was sent for culture. The culture sample sent at the time of bead removal showed no growth and clinically the ankle was quite quiet. The plan was to review him with a possible MRI scan. No further antibiotics were administered.
4.8 The claimant re presented on 22 December 2004 with further infection. He was admitted for further drainage and started on intravenous antibiotics. There was a warm red area over the front of his distal tibia. Surgery was undertaken on 24 December 2004 when a further bone abscess was drained. An extension of the bone window revealed a further cystic area of infection. The claimant was discharged on a further course of flucloxacillin to which previous bacteria had been sensitive. Culture samples subsequently grew +/-coagulase negative Staphylococcus (probably contaminant of doubtful significance.)
4.9 A review by his treating Consultant on 12 January 2005 recorded that the claimant was requesting a below the knee amputation for his chronic osteomyelitis of the right tibia. The leg was still discharging. The surgeon recognised that this had been on the cards to amputate his leg for some time and that he was acceding to the claimant’s wishes to undertake that promptly. He was appropriately referred for pre-amputation advice limb fitting clinic in Roehampton.
4.10 Comment on the Standard of Care for the Period 18 December 2003 to 12 January 2005: During this period it was recognised that the claimant had a chronic osteomyelitis in his distal tibia that had occurred as a result of the infection from the screw. All the metalwork was appropriately removed and he subsequently underwent a MRI scan to define the osteomyelitis process and extent. He was then appropriately offered and underwent exploratory surgery to try and clear the abscess. Again cultures confirmed that it was a Staphylococcus Aureus bacteria and a small piece of local dead bone possibly harbouring the infection was also removed. Despite that surgery the infection recurred. Radiographs already showed involvement of the ankle joint with destruction of the articular cartilage and post-septic arthritis.
4.11 Attempts at surgical clearance of infection were unsuccessful and the claimant was left with a chronically infected and disabling problem relating to his right ankle.
4.12 Given his limited mobility amputation was a reasonable option to consider and undertake at that time.
4.13 The staged surgical attempts to clear infection undertaken by the surgeons were appropriate and followed the normal sequence of events and, indeed, were done, in my opinion, promptly and at appropriate times as defined by the progression of disease.
4.14 Deep infection in bone occurs insidiously and may initially appear as a superficial problem that will often respond to local treatment. Intermittent recurrences are as indication of a more significant problem either related to the implant or bone. The appropriate sequence of events in contemporary practice starts with local surgical treatment supported by antibiotics, if that is unsuccessful and infection persists this is usually suppressed with antibiotics until fracture healing as occurred so that fracture stability is maintained implants can be removed safely. If infection persists beyond this time it is usually deep in the bone, established and difficult to cure. Eradication involves identification of the deep infection and attempts as surgical clearance with antibiotic support. These steps were followed in the treatment of the claimant at reasonable time periods but without success, the infection being refractory to treatment.
4.15 The organism causing the infection is a standard skin organism and was almost certainly introduced as a contaminant from the patient’s skin at the time of surgery. This is a recognised event in all surgical procedures but in most cases the antiseptic precautions and antibiotic cover in conjunction with the patients immune system overcome the innoculum (number of bacteria). Implant fracture surgery complicated by infection affects a very small number of patients (1-5%). Below knee amputation as a final end point for a chronic myelitis of the distal tibia is an extremely unusual outcome following ankle fracture surgery but it is a recognised complication. I do not consider on the balance of probabilities this was avoidable had treatment been undertaken in any other manner. Appropriate steps, decisions and treatments were pursued.


I understand that my duty is to the Court, both in preparing reports and in giving oral evidence. I have complied and will continue to comply with this duty.

I confirm that insofar ad the facts stated in my report are within my own knowledge, I have made clear which they are and I believe them to be true, and that the opinions I have expressed represent my true and complete professional opinion.

Signed K.M. Willett FRCS
Professor of Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery,
Honorary Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon

Now, my reply to the Professor's report for Darren:

Your Ref: PF/JWO/75938-1-8

Mr Paul Fouad
Messrs Taylor & Emmet Solicitors
20 Arundel Gate
Sheffield S1 2PP

16 April 2007

Dear Paul,


Thank you for your letter of 27 February 2007 and the accompanying report by Professor Keith M Willett of 14 February. I regret the delay in replying due to my unhappiness with the report and I had to consult friends for advice.

Please insure that this reply reaches Dr Masterson, your appointed Microbiologist (whom you authorised on 4 April) before he compiles his report for you. My views and any additional data I provide may have a bearing on his findings.

Firstly, I agree with your comments that Professor Willett’s report may contain errors of fact, and the report is largely unsupportive. Therefore, any comments related to blaming me for the loss of my leg is irrelevant and cannot be taken seriously in a court of law.

Secondly, has Professor Willett not realised that his report is merely a weak attempt to conceal the fact that my infection may very well have been MRSA? Please read the following mathematical derivation (a bit similar to solving simultaneous equations). If so, the consequences to his professionalism, grasp of justice and fair play can and will be seriously questioned in the courts. His reputation as a respected Professor may be at stake:

Extensive reference is made in the report to terms ‘infection’ and ‘antibiotics’, the latter extensively used unsuccessfully in eradicating the infection right from the start. We all agree that the infection was contracted almost immediately after the first operation subsequent to my breaking my ankle. Professor Willett repeatedly assures readers that the infection was not MRSA. However, he confirms that the bacteria is a strain of Staphylococcus Aereus. Using Dr Willett’s report, we seem to have Something Something Staphylococcus Aereus or SSSA. At the same time, Dr Willett uses the term ‘Sensitive’ instead of ‘Resistant’. He says that the Staphylococcus in question is Sensitive to 6 antibiotics, namely, Augmentin, Ciprofoxacillin, Erythromicin, Penicilin, Metronidazole, and Gentamicin beads. The latter used unsuccessfully in the bone cavity as a last resort but failed and the only option left was to amputate. I never requested that my leg be amputated, and this part of the report is certainly devoid of facts. I blame St Peters for supplying Professor Willett with false information.

To continue Dr Willett’s own logic on questioning the infection as MRSA or not, one can safely substitute the term ‘Sensitive’ with ‘Resistant’ in his analysis. In other words, the bacteria was not Sensitive to the 6 antibiotics but was Resistant to them or the infection would have been eradicated and my leg saved. In fact, The Oxford Thesaurus defines Sensitive as responsive, attuned, etc. The bacteria was not responsive to any of the antibiotics mentioned. To be absolutely on safe ground in this logical debate, the term Resistant is better suited to use instead of Sensitive. Therefore, we now have Something Resistant Staphylococcus Aereus or SRSA. At this point, Professor Willett (although not a Microbiologist, but conversant on the subject according to his report and impressive CV) should have questioned the hospital infection control team (a fairly strong team of 2 doctors and 3 nurses during the period in question) as to why did they not test the bacteria for resistance to Methicilin antibiotic to ascertain whether the Staphylococcus was MRSA? If not MRSA, then Methicilin would have certainly killed it off and my leg would have been saved.

Common sense dictates that the hospital infection team must have tried Methicilin on my bacteria to kill it off and eradicate the infection. Did they not? Isn’t Methicilin the first port of call? or has any reference to trials with Methicilin been cleverly omitted from the records to conceal the fact that my infection was indeed MRSA. Needless to say, the substitution of the first S in the abbreviation SRSA above with M gives the reader MRSA. Simple logic and it does not require extensive expertise to challenge Professor Willett’s claim that my infection was not MRSA.

If the above derivation is unclear, then please give Mohammad a call on 1784 ........, and he would happily explain all.

I reiterate that the derivation above by Mohammad is arrived at solely from analysing the data given in Professor Willett’s own report. There was no need for us to offer our own medical and Microbiological expertise on the case at hand. In layman’s terms, this has been a case of giving professor Willett enough rope to hang himself. And he has, wouldn’t you agree, Paul? As mentioned on the phone, precious public funds have been wasted on Professor Willett’s report. We all know too well that surgery was unavoidable – the loss of one limb was weighed up against my life which would have been lost if the infection spread to my vital organs. A child will understand this. Let us hope, Mr Masterson’s findings are accurate and relevant to my case.

Please allow me to say this about Professor Willett’s report: The more I read the report, the more disbelief and utter shock is experienced by me, my parent and others. How can it be possible in the 21st century that a noted academic takes an innocent member of the public for a ride in broad daylight, merely for personal gains and siding with the mighty NHS, while totally disregarding my welfare and my future security. I will have to live in utter poverty for the rest of my life if the likes of Professor Willett have their way for personal gains. The press and the media will have a field day if I am forced to approach them to seek justice. I will, if the need arises.

Another factor that reduces the impact of Professor Willett’s report in the eyes of unbiased readers such as court officials is his exonerating The NHS Trust concerned, of all probabilities of hospital acquired infections ever having a history in St Peter’s Hospital. My own press cuttings covering infection related articles in the local press on St Peter’s hospital were entirely ignored by Professor Willett. Furthermore, while he blames me for my alcohol/drug abuse, Schizophrenia (I have never suffered this illness in my life or else my elderly parents, the family GP and others will have been all aware and records of treatment would have existed), he seems ignorant of the fact that 5,000 people die in UK hospitals yearly as a result of hospital acquired infections.

I conclude by saying that it seems highly likely that my infection was MRSA, but facts have been cleverly concealed by the use of the English language as a tool. I would be very interested to read Dr Masterson’s comments on the subject. In fact, I would like his specific ruling in/out of the two strands of the genome, +++ Staphylococcus Aereus and +/- Coagulase Negative Staphylococcus, both mentioned in Professor Willet’s report, for their resistance to Methicilin.

You may use this e-mail address in future if you find it more convenient, and in order to conclude this case at a speedier rate.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Pilley

CC Mr & Mrs Alan Pilley (mum and dad) Have I ever suffered from Schizophrenia?
Walton On Thames

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Israel, Let Us Consolidate.

Post number 187

Dear Prime Minister Ehlmut of Israel,

I could not pass up this opportunity to reach out and consolidate. Darren Pilley’s MRSA case can wait.

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You will all be alright down there, Mr Ehlmut. Live and sleep in peace.

Karmal Dahan of ex Amiran Engineering, Lusaka (plot 2141 Kariba Road) my Iraqi Israeli Jewish friend and neighbour if alive will introduce me to Israel.

Yours sincerely,

Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai,
Team Leader, Earth Projects