Thursday, 8 January 2009

You've got to give it to Bush

Post number 55

Definitions “we” and “us” as per the previous post number 54 and excludes religion, it must be stressed.

Utter rubbish! What is? The statement just made by a Muslim representative on on the 1800 GMT news. Listen for yourselves, world. The BBC are asked to provide details of the representative to MI5. We want to know who this man is.

It was said that the Muslim community in Britain is angry about Gaza, whereby terrorist attacks may be expected in Britain. Further, the man said that he also conveyed the anguish of the Muslim youth from the Arab world.

There is no means that the murdering state sponsored and administered terrorist Neo Nazi wouldn’t use to save his own skin in his immorally, and unethically dying days. Hasn’t he used Muslims as escape goat umpteen times more than he should have? Didn’t the lying, cheating deceitful Blair didn’t do enough of his share of locking Muslims up? Whatever his number, add one more, Bush: He locked us up for months in 2 prisons after falsely convicting us in his Kangaroo court. The world will laugh at this:

We damaged the Evil Empire's ill thought Monuments of Magna Carta and the earlier Neo Nazi John F. Kennedy’s memorial wall (my ass) on American soil. Remember the acre of Egham soil H.M. the Queen gave our America and we want it back and shall have it back, is American soil. Blair, while licking your ass, Bush, was so full of himself because of you that he actually tried us in Guildford Crown Court, a British court!!! The trial was illegal under national or international laws. How can a British government try a disabled old refugee in a British court for something he did in America? (We wrote to you UNHCR, and are coming for you soon). Even we know that, and don’t have to call the now immensely powerful Clive Anderson of our Runnymede born free Congress of 2009, with a no less than Desmond Tutu as the cofounder, for help.

After the prison, Blair was not satisfied. Oh, no, he wasn’t! Oh, yes he was. Sorry, Monty Bloody Python crept in. Honestly, at a time like this.

Any way, he locked us up in a psychiatric unit for 2 years and had us injected with Resperidone Consta when 4 nurses pinned us down while the 5th injected us. That was defamatory, degrading, demeaning and otherwise unexplainable by a semi intellectual like us whose only fault was to say 1+1=2. In Blairs dictaorial regime it was anything but 2. It still isn't 2, Desmond Tutu. Truth is what we will establish here and cure the nation's mental illnesses.

Our MP Phillip Hammond, number 2 in David Cameron’s Shadow Treasury right now, supervised proceedings from a distance through professor David Rye (good man and and nearly a friend now) who was the Chairman of the board. With me still, Neo colonialist, Neo Con, Neo Nazi Bush? No one heard, no one said anything, no nothing. Unlucky for you, there is enough of us left to kick your ass:

Fellow Americans and world: We’ve got him!!!

Have you heard that before? Topple his statues folks, if you’ve erected them yet.

We tried again last year to draw attention during the London Mayoral elcetions. We sent blog posts saying Borris Johnson belongs to a criminal party (criminal Hammond's Tories) and should be disqualified from being a candidate. This time the Brown Government had us picked up by the psychiatrists on 17 May LAST year and sectioned us under Section 3 of Mental Health Act. A cuel act where all of one freedom of movement, expression, and contact with outside world was curtailed. Moblie phone was destroyed!Medication was by force.

We were only released 2 months later, on 17 August, when Boris Johnson was either elected or was safe enough from our onsloughts on him. Why did Brown lock us up? Didn't he want his own Labour man Ken Livingstone to win in a no contest case where we will have rendered Johnson disqualifed? Or was it you, Bush? After all, this was your government in efect, not Her Majesty's.

It still is and we have freed it somehow with our Suomo sure footed steps this time round. You can't touch us now. We have become an asset for this nation, and Brown rather not upset our fantastic progress. Our money situation changed today. The loss at the close of market was only 2 points down. One of the least falls, and watch it go up £ gained agianst both Euro and $ because of our blog successes today.

Now the question is about the young Muslim man (sounded young)tonight: What has been done to the representative who made the announcement tonight? He must be investigated. He may have been bribed, raped, brain damaged, photographed in compromising positions, his family threatened with extinction in Pakistan or where ever; or equally, he could have been telling the truth to give Bush the benefit of the doubt.

MI5, see to it please.

Now, if this was the work of Bush, UK will never have any fear of the Muslims, because they are not stupid. They have already heard that the Arab foreign ministers are actually studying a plan devised by others where the French and the Americans have no objection to, for considerations for a cease fire in Gaza. A first! It is logically unlikely for Muslims to shoot themselves in the foot the way the man might have done.

Rocket throwing this morning was your job, Bush. We called your bluff, and stopped it. If it was Hezbollah genuinely, they will not have stopped. You know that, Israel knows that, the world knows that.

To the Lebanese government, Hezbollah, Hamas Lebanon, Mosad, Syrian, Iranian intelligence agencies, and UN forces on the northern boarder areas: Find the people who fired the rockets this morning. The future of all of you depends on it.

If you can’t find them, arrest Tony Blair. He must have done it. After all, he is the quartet’s peace envoy, isn’t he? Well, he will give you the kind of peace he gave to Iraq. Firing this morning’s rockets fits his job description. Or, he could be on his way to the US for his next million $ after dinner speech. Americans actually listen to this guy. No wonder, professor president – elect Obama will invest heavily in American schools to smarten you guys up a bit, as he was heard saying an hour or so ago.

All of the above are based on 1+1=2 logic that the Neo Nazi has eradicated from around the globe and because of it has been getting away with murder, literally. Only he can be directly responsible for half a million Iraqi deaths, having been thrown shoes at, to refresh his memory, and then saying “What’s his beef?!!!” Translating the slang, it means what is the man’s problem! Are you human, Bush?

This should stop London being hit again and 100s may be thousands killed like a great number in 7/7. With similar reasoning in force, Iran, Lebanon, and Syria at least will have been half destroyed by now. War is business, is employment, is cash flow. Bush is desparately trying to improve his bottom line before the hand over. Go and rob a bank, mate! One of your own.

Next sub intelligent move, blood sucker.



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