Sunday, 18 January 2009

Your Majesty, Permission To Spesk "Dad's Army"

I will go put the kettle on, and think HAMOURABI not for its money for all else. I might be half your, or sooner. The soone I come back, the better the will be, but I am not sure. How can I bloody be. I've been shaking like a leaf for GOODNESS sake.

I will watch Channel 4 for more intermittant feed back. Other classification between Channel 4 and BBC remain in force. Beginning with Channel 4 now. Channel 4 to be as they are and fit me in when you can to maintain current mood. Over what geograohical aera? Your guess is as good as mine. When, and if we have a fairly agreement, then will be the time to let me see you.



So far so good and as I was HOPING. But I am only human, man or woman.

OK (neutral) the collective of you and I we are as we are but in our own two ways. (how close are we is important) but may or may not be a big deal.

Now, I will introduce my team in drip feed to maintain as near to a laminar flow as is possible: Call Henen Knowels and her father David RHODES !!!!!!! or may be not. David and I may know each than we think we do.

I will take 10 minutes off. Meanwhile channel 4 be as wish. I am not watching. Call of nature for me. See you 9 + or - a couple of miniutes. Sorry. Forgot to say Helen knows nothing or pretentds not to. See you channel 4 as arranged earlier.

RED ALERT + COULD BE NUCLEAR> HUMANITY DEAL. You Will never know when I will be back. This is EVIL, a differential (dy/dt) there of and the first of my gloden nuggets.

Invalid! Because I lost CCONTROL and forgot to go indefinitely to turn tables round on EVIL. They would have then started guessing. Give them a taste of their own medicine, if you will. ASSESSMENT SUB-HUMAN>

I don't know how long will I be. A mixture of SUB-HUMAN + my psychologicalwar fare.. Conclusion: Time of return is unkown. I've got to figure things out. Say data reshuffled by SUB-Human. I remain human. no hokus pocus and shit.

I am back: I am incontrol. The world is safe. Why? because when I took your leave, I did repartions. They were. Insure own stabbility right at that moment. This phase has a strong element of my Sumo sure footed steps wearing Doc Martens (DID THEY KNOW WHY THEY STRANGLED DCO MARTINS!!!!!! If they did, here lies a lot of evil.) Back tracked and insured there are no loose paving slabs (as if dry worked over uneven base. Edges could move up or down round edges. I could trip over and that will unkown danger and will have produced intangible reactions from me. I don't know what..

Sorry. I was completely engrossed in what happened in the last 24 hours. We lost coordination.

I will be back at 9:30.

So back in time, say 10 minutes to prepare you for introducing my team. I've finished watching now. So please be as you are.

Still making tea.


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