Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Your Majesty, I got Des Quinn! field application confirm theory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you still laughing. This is the greatest old world news I can give you. Actually 699 had given that any way. I just cofirm.

My powerfull sources at work, and there are millions of them at work terrorising (I have turned tables roud) the gun runners, knife pullers, drug dealers, Alex Ferguson (the supervisor) and other deliberately not named to shit their pants to they have done to our British kids.

I would have got back earlier, but I thought, I should help the team. This work to long to procure, and will officially start to clean up psychiatry once and for all.

Bed Rocks: Trevpr Ele (whatever) will die in fear if he knew I am sending this to bed rocks. He is convinced psychiatry is a weapon of thestate, and I CONCUR.
Here is Trevor's lab results from his doctor who knows trevor is seriously ill. I know, trevor is my neighbour, and has become a dear friend and ally. His contribution on paedophilia, helped me immensey.

He has been a service to his nation, and I would like him to be made comfortable, treated with love and care, and be housed in a place, nice and comfortable. Where we are, well...

Trevor must be protected because he is a gold mine of data that will shock the world. Here is his lab report details:

EIS machine results: Basics: Liver, gut/pancreas, lymph system/blood.

Dr Chris Boardman of Rosedale clinic, 48 Redlands Road (protect, my woman Michelle, Egham Police), Reading Berks.

Telephone: 0118 986 6635.

Claudia Hammond and colleagues: Enjoy sorting out psychiatry.

Done and dusted. Line drawn under it.

Now, Prime Minister Gordon Brown : Send potato sacks to all banks in the entire globe and fetch all the money and bring home. Its all mine, but you can enjoy it for a while. All financial transactions will now take place and every thing is ours. Tough tittees, the rest of you lot out there. EU, World Bank, my ass

Clive, the trainee will explain.
Dun and dusted.
Line drawn under it.

Your Majesty, this government of yours is kicking ass. ummmmm umm! Which one would you prefer?

Karim Ahamdzai,
Team leader, earth projects

Ps: black man in silver car visiting Desmond. Ya ya ya
Wheel Chair Service: See to them next, bed rock.


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