Sunday, 18 January 2009

World, see how it worked. All audio/video, which I had as per standards (BBC + Ch 4) that I had set up earlier contributed. While in this sector, I had banned Manu U logo, had forzen asstets, banned all nintendos, play station, all others I don,t know. MTV global, Hollywood, Bolly wood, had underpinned Sun down, set up EAling Pine wood, Elms tree,.

Combined audio/video, arts, psycjology, films, and all other devices of evil had been working together and hitting our brains constantly every second of every day, that had turned us into zompies all over the world. Man U logo terrorised by Tv, logos on everything enforced the presence of terror at all times. The collective ofother on luinch boxes, every thing from MTV. The nightmare crewated and 7 billion humans were beaing terrorised while they shoted free world. Killed, raped, drugged, pillaged, burnt.

The ultimate aim wa sto end up with a very few and get rid of the rest of billions of us. That would have been their Utopia. That is why I called our Eotopia, the real, just, true, kind one.

All in all, we disinfect the world of all eveil. Ban every thing to do with the above and start all over again. To inspect each and every one and re engineer would be a night mare. We havent time for for that.

On the battle seen, I watched from my station all over the world. Kept on receiving news from every where with upbeat soirits telling me it is tough but our teams were in charge every where. I was houting encouragement. We got them boys. Hot Ferdom, Wyo Cowboys. We kicked ass.

Ole (plus the portugese one) Central America, omrade castro (also directing from his bunker and giving me a hand) Lartim America, Papua New Guinea: Wow, what a diverse beautiful world. Old culture and values. You respected Christianity he brought you. Your culture is very important for you. When he put a foot a foot wrong (literally), you chopped up Chlamer Tamate, cooked him right there on the beach, and eat him!

When you realised our values he he brought you, you honoured him with a memorial. Icouldn't see it the chaos. Is it still there? Oh. good. Wgat a relief.

Africa, Mid East, Europe, what can see. You all from the world over showed each other and I that we are all equal. So that at at end of it, I dont come out in a staged show, enforcing on every one how greatr I was during the whole battle that lasted days. If I did that, then, there will be a great vertical distance (mile high!) for me to exploit, rape, abuse children, drug, and all the rest of it.

Because all eveil had been created in the vertical distance through out most of the recorded Histoy (we will re Write!!! You can bit on that. We wnat to build a bench mark to be true for 1000s of years with same values we nearly died en-mass and sat up).

So, if I remain the same as the 7 billion of us, there will never be mile deep where I could amass evil. Its a bit like swimming trunks with nopockets in it. Get it.

I will be back at 11 and resume with the team, this time thriugh BBC 2 (boy touch stone for TV ground zero)

May not need to continue. If need be, then you will wish me, and your wishes (7 billion) will be my commands. Oh yes!

Now, I will leave you all, and be back at 11 to be with my consultative council (still cherishing 1 vote each that prized out of Evils throats).


Karim (my name. Evil made me into a Mohammad. Analize that. I am busy doing other things. Ther is another one, but he can't spell his own name. Muhammad, indeed. He can't count either.)


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