Sunday, 11 January 2009

The World Heard Mr Mac Maharaj, Mr Mandela's Close Associate and Colleague Since Prison days.

Post number 67

You Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, Protectorates, and All Union Jack zones,

We have fantastic news to announce. The long anxious wait is over. Mr Mac Maharaj was just heard speaking live On the BBC World Service. He sounded well.

Mr Maharaj could only speak to us after effective blog post convinced Mr Jacob Zuma to have a fresh look. The ringing of the bells of Egham and other strong compelling points in post number 66 had their designed effects on Mr Jacob Zuma. He submitted to the capabilities of our very high profile campaigns backed with an equally highly respected and world renowned political, legal, and professional leaders.

We also received news that Mr Zuma may face fresh court proceedings to review earlier charges against him.

Mr Maharaj's reaching us is a major success towards our realisation of goals through the launch of the Runnymede Congress of born free scheduled for some time this year.
As you have already witnessed since August, instruments of effective governance both at home and literally running the affairs of a dysfunctional world by us have been so revolutionary, your Majesty that our records have stunned the world. Here are some of them:
1) The world was a broken machine with a huge spanner thrown in it. It brought the world to near grinding halt. We removed spanner – well almost.
2) We re engineered the world so that we could install in it our incredible intelligence network that is perhaps 20 times speedier, and effective than any thing the US had to offer to counter it. She did not succeed, as the world witnessed
3) We are changing the world, and re assembling it concurrently with no down time (failed regime changes).
4) Our intelligence work is open to the world in full view. We obviated the need for sophisticated combined machine and human intelligences. This is again in plain view of the whole world, and is done by one man
5) Our intelligence work in the presences of friends and foes. It is overt! Detection and interception of intelligences data is not possible, due to slow speeds of oppositions. We owe a good share of our successes to this factor
5) We scrapped every one else's cease fire and peace making, beacuse we found them unworkable. We convinced Hamas, Israel and Hezbollah to adopt ours, and they did. It is being implented currently. Because of it all, we made head ways in the Middle East crisis in just a matter of weeks. Others working for 40 years have not achieved 10% of our results. In fact, we predicted to bring permanent peace in the whole region in 6 months. We are ahead of schedule.
6) The world is run and controlled by one man in his room, having fun with his computer.
7) We are well on our way to disarm the world of conventional and nuclear weapons. NATO is being dismantled in priciple by the Europeans
8) We established ground zero for the environment. This is a major achievement.
Advantages will be apparent soon with the disappearance of pseudo environmentalists. They have caused 1000's of confusions by mis informing the world. A very exciting future is ahead of us
9) Subsets of successes in the Middle East: The revival of Mr Olmert and bringing him back to power. The bringing in to world's views of Hamas and Hezbollah. Establishing dialogue and communication between Hamas, Hezbollah, and Israel! The meaningful announcement of the liberation of Iraq and British soldiers receiving send .
10) Detected nuclear threat and defused it with relying on Russia as an equaliser
11) Of course the proof of the US having run a Neo Nazi Empire
12) The dismantling of the American Empire brick by brick by maintaining such equilibriums to leave a substructure to build a new super structure on it. We have ensured a very sound foundation already
13) Making Iran proactive to air views through the BBC
14) The bringing of Jacob Zuma to justice with major positive prospects for South Africa
15) A very effective world governor with ability to make every one toe the line, but using democratic methods. Making them offers they can't refuse
16) Obviating the need for over size governments. If one man can change the world and then re engineer it to make it work, and administer it at the same, then world countries can be run by one person perhaps inputting a few hours every other week
17) Diffused oncoming confrontation between 2 major world religions with over 2 billion followers
18) Liberating British Universities by removing Imperial placed bottle necks in their of progress
19) Super human world leadership qualities beating the best ruing ones
20) Brought Syria into field of play to establish dialogues with other key players
21) Proactive steps are being taken to shake up the British Commonwealth and re engineer it
22) Global budget including our own cost of living = £124.50, Your Majesty. Some weeks we surplus that we carry over to the following weeks. We are fighting all wars every where with logic and philosophy and produce miracles all the time.
This renumeration record may remain unbroken for quite some time.

The irony is that a man with our capabilities does not have a single penny income. This is also an incredible record. But this one needs to be broken soon, or some one will begin to feel very guilty indeed. We feel there is no one, or else, the world would have been a just, compassionate, rewarding, and fair world.

Is there a global prize or medal for this kind of innovation or any other prizes on offer? If the answer is no to both, then many questions should arise. The simplest of them would be: What is the point of going to school if one’s future financial rewards will be those of Mohammad’s.

The last 2 paragraphs produce this observation: In this world at this very minute, there is no appreciation for hard work, motivation, reward, innovation, cost effectiveness, Social justice, morality, fair play, dignity, self worth, equality, truth, human intelligence, being unselfish, working at poverty line, human rights, and others the Congress of 2009 will identify.

Parameters above will constitute ingredients for new laws. Existing ones will be re engineered. Good bits will be used to make new laws. Congress of 2009 and the proposed Universal Courts of Human rights and others headed by Clive Anderson, Lord Hattersley, Lord Hurd, Lord Mandleson, David Attenborough, Ken Livingstone, other suited members of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, Mac Maharaj, John Prescott, Dennis Skinner, Hardeep Singh Kohli, David Lammie, Shami Chakrorti, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Imran Khan (human rights lawyer), and others qualified may consider parameters above as a partial skeleton to complete. The complete skeleton will then be fleshed up. Suitable pieces from re engineering existing laws will be fitted in to both the new skeleton, and flesh. New laws will be born for application to the relevant ones in the list of 21 items above.

We are advised from America that presidential pardon should not be applicable to any Neo Nazis we uncovered. We concur. This is in effect, our authorisation to President Barack Obama to issue presidential decrees as soon as possible. He announced last night that he will keep Guantanamo Bay open for longer to accommodate the Neo Nazis. We appreciate his due diligence on this gravest of matters.

Yours sincerely,


Your Ambassador at Large


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