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Wool demands extended authority and gets it

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From now on, at least some of our global readers will think we’ve lost the plot, have gone completely mad, and will stop reading us. That would be deeply regrettable, but it cannot be helped. What we would like to predict is that you will come back and join the rest of us along the way.

We promised you all earlier that there will be so much to look forward to this year. We meant it and there is. For starters, we have got so many alternative approaches we could begin with, and all of them good, that we cannot contain the child like excitement we feel.

We will be dealing with some ‘hair raising’ issues that will alarm state and global establishments, but as long as they remember that we will be ‘child like’, we will be no danger in developing wool’s ideas to change the world. We said wool and not us. We made a distinction. Wool is the subject of research and we are merely a computer mouse operator. If any one disagreed with what we print (we will never come out to speak) or disliked the hypotheses, then blame wool, not us.

To all of you, we remain an unknown quantity and quality, so it would help if we could shed some light on how we gauge the fitness of the state of our mind and body to ensure we are fit enough for purpose before we address you - every time. To do this, we attend Friday prayers when we can, at a university campus with a good Muslim population. Some 200 to 250 of us attend. The institution is one of Britain’s top universities that attracts high fee paying foreign students. Among them are people from the establishments of countries such as China and Iran.

We do not come across as strange, abnormal, radical, or fundamentalist to any one in the Friday community. We do not ever speak about what we do. We realise the sensitivities of not drawing attention. Wool does not allow us, and wool dictates at all times. It tells us when we succeed, these people, some of them in high positions of authority will be dry cleaning customers. In the long run, we will resume being a shop keeper again and serving customers. We cannot turn any one away and refuse service.

Now, we just told you about our future aspirations and our future role and significance in the society. We will be a dry cleaning machine operator and a Hofmann presser. We are the best there is any where on the planet, and we would be fools not to enjoy the well earned status rather than become some body else whom we are not. If we tried to be a role model, and a leader of some sort, then we will be making a laughing stock of ourselves, and we do not like that at all.

We prayed yesterday, felt good, and are fit enough physically and mentally, to address you. We can tell you some thing else. Wool has so much humour that makes our work an absolute joy to conduct. We nearly burst into an explosion of laughter during a silent part of the prayer but luckily concealed it with a cough and got away with it. It was something G.W said after the shoe throwing incident. His short sentence contained the word ‘beef’. Get it Barack and team Emanuel, Axlerod et al?

You will realise that we have adopted a new style of addressing the world as if we were standing behind a podium with an effective PA system going. So here we go:

Our research has reached a point that the natural authority wool commands is insufficient to make further progress. Wool is asking for more. This came about as a result of our having a closer look at detailed work FAO has conducted on making a good job the IYNF this year. Previous posts alone put forth the conclusion that this year will be the International Year of BT Cotton or to coin a new acronym for the purposes of this research, IYBTC and not IYNF. Our digging into FAO's work confirmed this.

We said that we will loose some of you. Sadly, this may contribute: In FAO’s work, countries like Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, and Hungary have been given prominent roles in youth training, education, summer camp and other activities. Let us say, we borrowed something from the world of bacteriology. We ‘stained’ (Gram positive and negative and all that) the working map of the FAO to identify it. All roads led to USA. FAO’s start of work from 15 December 2005 ‘In Touch! Call for Team Members’ increased the amount of data to make our ‘staining’ and related derivations easier.

May we go back a step or two and say that those of you who note that we edit blog posts after publication will find proceedings interesting and even gripping. You will remain the course with us. We are delighted to have you on board. You will be the team to help wool change the world. Do not identify yourselves. We are not safe yet from getting rounded up by GW’s men, and may be even disappear!!! They are every where according to our bacterial analogy and 20 years of work.

We can further assist our keen followers this way to understand us better: We may be making wild assumptions in proving our theorems. In Euclidean geometry analogies, we may assume the value of just one angle in a triangle at 500 degrees, because we do not know yet the fact that the whole value of all the 3 angles is no more than 180 degrees. When we make such wild assumptions in these proceedings, don’t give up on wool. Wait till we have developed the theory a little further. Also, our logic of building up debate will follow the pattern of simultaneous equations as much as possible. Also, wool may end up with an imaginary number “i” in other equations.

Those who’ve done maths will know that “i” is an imaginary number (the square root of -1 or minus one) in its simplest form. This number doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t exist, and you can’t do any thing with it. To get rid of it, you’d have to square both sides of the equation to end up with -1, a known and measurable quantity (one unit below zero on the Cartesian coordinates or the y value on the X and Y Axis).

We will come up with quite a few “i”s. Seemingly meaningless quantities such as Zaha Hadid, the world renowned architect/professor on our new analysis on Iraq, herself another “i”, our having difficulties in accepting the world is free and Barack Obama will be the new leader of make the world free, Britain in a huge cage and not BORN FREE at least since 1929 (military wool jumpers with Stars & Stripes on them), Churchil, etc.

How many of you are there still with us? A good many? Brilliant! Stick with us. Now we said that in order to progress further, wool needs more authority. In this very complex of theorems where wool has sat out to change the world, we need to use logic of the 2 + 2 = 4 type where possible to make sense. So, to get more authority, wool needs facts. If it has facts, then even national and international laws can be legislated for future use to make things work, maintain law and order etc.

One benefit wool offers is that there is no need for massive state security aparatus unless they are devised to trap the very nation they are purported to protect. How much of a security network do readers believe this post has used? One man, having fun, living a well balanced social and professional life. In fact an old disabled man. You didn't know the last bit, did you? And we offer world security.

Let us show Britain a sample of how we can do things. This is addressed to Gordon Brown. There are people in our midst that firmly believe that the BBC license fee should be abolished. Dry cleaning and wool has known for years that these people are 'slaves who have become more Roman than Romans'. They are the agents of the American Empire who are determined to do away with a security aparatus of the nation that the BBC is. Ref: BBC's Defence (parts of it) against even nuclear attack to assure the nation that she is safe if the BBC still broadcasts on the given morning.

Also, the BBC world televsion and radio are the fairest broadcasters of truth on the planet. Their protection against nuclear attacks has made the BBC broadcast in ways the license fee opponents hate to see/hear. They'd rather see complete uniformity of the world getting news and views by the Empire run/controlled audio/visual media. These people should be flushed out, or should be allowed to slip away quitely whether on the board of governers or elsewhere. They may even keep their ill gained monies the Empire of Bush has paid them, so that they could spend some of it in CCCC shops when we open them.

How about that, Gordon? How much will have you spent to do what we just did? Please accept it as part of CCCC Limited socially responsible deeds.

Wool needs facts for another reason, too. Barack Obama referred to facts. He said that he needs facts, and decisions made on facts will be bold. If we (Mohammad) can draw on the pool of knowledge we have accumulated for the past 20 years to provide wool with the fact (one will do) it needs, then that would be tremendous, wouldn’t it? It would put Barack Obama/the formidable team (wool loves your team, Barack, every one of them, especially Rambo, the tough one. Wow) on par with wool. Or wool + fact = Obama + team. Wow! So our research will become very powerful indeed. Not us.

Barack Obama will have detected that we will not be sucking up to him. This is said for the benefit of those who have remained with us so far but are unsure of themselves. We don’t matter. We are just a mouse operator. Wool with its new power, the fact and sucking up to Obama is a ridiculous notion to entertain. A research subject sucking up to any one, be it Obama or any one else is meaningless but not an “i”.

Here is a tangent that is paramount to wool making its case: America is ingenious, intelligent, and enviably witty to have re invented herself. We as one (since 1980, Lusaka Zambia) are proud of them and hope we can keep up our end here in England to be worthy of being an American, passport or not. The voting portion of 300 million of us proved ourselves of enabling Obama to bring changes he is on about. It is him who has not proven himself yet. He can’t till 20 January.

He comes across as good, very good. Wool bumped into him when he was heard for the first time. Wool had to listen again. There was something about him. Over the course of months, wool has deducted that he only uses words he needs. That is hard to do when you talk off the cuff. Wool assumes that his saying ‘decisions will made on facts, and they will be bold’ may have taken hours if not days for him and team to come up with. Wool sees so much in those few words that it is dumb founded, as you will find out further down if we don’t loose the thread. We will try not to.

The fact that our work will empower wool to put it in parity with Barack and team will authorise wool to expand on “i”s. Wool will be bold. Now if wool’s bold = Obama’s bold, then, neither we nor Obama can wait for 20 January to come. His first term alone will establish him as the best president America will have for the next 1,000 years. But his bold must equal ours. If not, then a lot of disappointing things will happen. Wool will fail, pushing our socially responsible causes thus far will have failed, but above all, Obama will be a flash in the pan, more of the same, and the more he follows the old world order, the quicker he will have failed us Americans who re invented ourselves to help him bring changes unashamedly. Neo cons would have gained and they will make a come back.

America voted to admit that wrongs have been done to others, and wait for it, the world is not free. Obama is expected to set it free. It is very easy to test Obama. If he carries on with the same magnetism from 20 January onwards, then the re invented America is on course and the world will applaud him every step of the way. Wool thinks that all Obama needs to do is to make a progress of a few nanometres a day. To expect him to do more would be disastrous. If he ‘switches on’ the world to tell him how they had suffered, Barack will need a team of 10 thousand to register complaints. This will tell the world his work load, and he will be freed to work at his own pace.

The opposition of Empire builders at home, and others outside America who have become ‘more Roman than Romans themselves’ are a plenty. They will sabotage, shoot, kill and everything to stop Obama concurring with wool’s “i”s. We know we lost some of you right here and right now, but can’t be helped. Here is something that will help keep you onboard: In our Euclidean geometry and simultaneous equations theorems: Obama may need to utilise couplings/joints (from the world of pipelines) for joining pipes that are made in fps units (use another common term) and metric pipes. These couplings are Kenneth Adelman, Richard Armitage and may be Tom Ridge, during and after the taking over from the incumbent, wool believes.

Wool thinks that these couplings will help Obama deal with zealot neo con bastards (wool’s choice of words not ours) like Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld. Is wool right?

So far, we have been making a case (we think!) that if we followed our discoveries from our ‘staining’ the FAO maps, and make recommendations for poor Mr Henrik Kuffner to implement, we will get bogged down and will be overwhelmed by the US and her extensive network of field workers that have been at work to ensure the year will be that of BT cotton with wool having a very small part to play, if that. Hence, the fresh approach above. If wool succeeds here, then the FAO programme of development will crumble from within.

This way, when the incumbent president and team who have been the master minds in scheming the UN General Assembly Agenda and the detailed FAO schedule of activities for this year, see that we are having a top to bottom approach, their selected agents in the field will be disabled. They will no longer be able to steer the year the way of BT cotton. Wool remembers the very capable Zalmai Kahilzad, the US ambassador to the UN. His late input to the IYNF could still be as credible to the US causes (to the detriment of British wool and food security) as his effective efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan had been.

Now, the fact: We would like to re affirm that George W. Bush has ignored our warning him that the US may be responsible for infecting the space with bacteria. We stand by our claim, and call it our fact for strengthening wool to tackle any issue on the globe to prove that an American Empire exists. The Empires has continually impeded progress in the UK and needs to be dismantled for the good of humanity. The Americans have re invented themselves to help Obama do it. The Americans' interests on the matter coincides with those of Britain. Wool + fact will be delighted to help.

The fact is now established as a fact unless the following reject it and confirm to Barack Obama and team in writing. Dry cleaning (an integral part of wool) has tried in the past to get answers from the list (since 2001) but none have replied to emails and letters or phone calls. Here is the list.

1) George W. and Laura Bush at the White House (countless emails)
2) Dick and Mrs Cheney (countless emails)
3) Colin Powell (countless emails)
4) Professor Christian Munthe, associate professor of environmental philosophy in 2001 at University of Gotenborg, Sweden and professor of practical philosophy at the same university since 2006 (emails and phone calls)
5) Anthony Gottlieb of the Economist, a philosopher and visiting professor to the Harvard School of Public Health (emails and phone calls)
6) Charles Ledbetter, the author of ‘Unlearn in order to learn’ Lateral thinker and advisor to Tony Blair (hand written snail mail)
7 & 8) Tom Mintier, London chief of CNN in 2001 and professor J Kahn, Bioethics/CNN health wrote ‘You Me and Foot and Mouth disease’ of University of Minnesota (repeated emails to both)
9) Professor Virginia Berridge, history of public health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, LSHTM (emails and phone calls)
10) Professor Astrid Fletcher, Epidemiology also of LSHTM (emails)
11) Professor Harold Wheater, Head of our department at Imperial College London (emails and phone calls)

What is important to know and it took us some time to realise is that at least parts of the world was switched off by the GW's establishment. Not only the academics in the UK but one in Sweden and one in the US (Minnesota) dared reply to us.

The exception in the list is Tom Mintier of CNN whom we accused in writing of being an arm of George W Bush and of both having a hand to infect Britain with the Foot and Mouth Disease to make Blair and Britain toe American lines. We made a huge accusation, and although could not prove it, Mintier preferred to ignore our emails. Our Egham police was powerless to investigate. The empire has control of our police forces!!! So, our internal security is in the hands of the empire, at least partially.

If president-elect Obama is able to get copies of our emails from the Bushes, the Cheneys, and Colin powell, he will have realised that other recipients were heads of states and governments in all continents including the governments of Cuba, Papua New Guinea, Syria, Israel, Iran, Pakistan and China. Ideally, according to wool, these people should be under house arrest until the distinguished professors above have either confirmed or rejected our claim against Bush and staff, i.e. their ignoring of our warning on the possibility of infecting space.

We were and remain convinced that the Bush Administration had kept the world switched off, and no one, no matter how powerful could make a sound to us about matters we raised. Therefore, we have reasons to believe that we are living in an American Empire where the press, media, the knowledge world of academia, innovation, business, and all else had remained shut. The Empire had only drip fed the world with what they wanted.

Cries about the world being after America to harm it is the biggest sickest joke the world had to endure during the two terms. What has a power with 1 million military personnel (2001) scattered around the globe got to worry about her security? No, the current world scene of bloodshed, chaos, misery and unhappiness is fairly and squarely levelled at the Feet of GW and neo cons. The incumbent may not be responsible for all the intelligences and blood thirsty military power used to make the world of 100 member states a while ago to 200 states. But the administration of the last 8 years is responsible for some of it. This is divide and rule, beyond doubt. Who did it, if it wasn't the US?!

America of today will go down in history as one of the most vicious and blood thirsty empires the human race has suffered and endured, wool insists to record in history.

Our fact about polluting space remains a fact until and unless the list above express views one way or the other to president-elect Barack Obama. We at CCCC limited, and wool needn’t even know.

Therefore, the fact empowers wool to assume global authority and develop many of the “i"s we mentioned, for IYNF to succeed with wool given its fair share of floors every where; and for president-elect Obama to have an absolutely fantastic start on 20 January.

If any one wishes to know how dry cleaning and wool have been daring to develop theories we have, our answer is that the mouse pusher is ‘BORN FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’. Ref: our first 26 years of life in the late father of the nation King Mohammad Zahir Shah’s reign were all BORN FREE years. Enough to make us remain so for ever, and encourage us to follow a good cause if we saw one. Only those who are BORN FREE can be what we are. We intend to make Britain BORN FREE so that 60 million of us can become what we are. That is a promise from wool and its new acclaimed fact, folks.

This wool thing got a bit too big for its' shoes, you think? Well, what did IWTO ever mean when they called it the ‘fibre of the gods’? Did the gods really get angry?...

Did the late Michael Limpriere have any thing to do with naming wool thus? May his god (if he believed in one) rest his soul in peace? May his family be strong?



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