Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Whatever. We are bovered unlike that bastard whole saler of Britain

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Hammurabi applies and demands justice. It always has and it always will!!

Clive Anderson,

We are only human. The are trying to create fear by getting the whole world claiming and doing outrageous things (Barclays on e of them). You really have to decose thid one.

They are trying to ruin 20 Jan by making me popular (figure it oyt). That’s not all. They claim Michelle is woman in blackdress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EU 2ice world watch We thinl, EU-Russia-Ukrine (liars!!!!!!!!), Greenpeace (heathrow, ), oh dear BIN LADEN (NOY!!!)

Look we can’t be bothered . If any one tired to understand the fucking blog, we hajve reopened the kaz in Egham blog thingy. W e had claimed most of the world then. The same day theu arrested us . We remember Toyota, oh Mercedz, Lexus, you name it. Well ifthats no indication of the whole world then what is?????????

We’ve had our heart in our mouth since we set up Mandleson and gave him an extra title. Doesn’t anu one kmnow what intellignences is?? Bloody hell!

The black women thing has been on our mond snice oh don’t know. Try Desmond – Mandleson. POK?!

Here it comes. We go and listen to Gale Leamanski women. Can’t remebr the film. It was only Yesterday. Film with Shaw Penne and the Sarandon woman.



The parliament is talking a lot aof crap. We ar so pissed oof. BBC you record every thing and give to clive . We will sort then (get it!) later.


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