Wednesday, 14 January 2009

We have a new British Empire of the World

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Good old Hamourabi still exists, you will be pleased to know.

Dear World,
We have a new British Empire of the whole world

Formalities are kept at minimum in order to as efficient as I can. Please correct spelling because I have no time at least for a while.

So, I am sure Her Majesty will forgive me if I just get with it, because what I’ve got to send will change a few things. Lets all see what happens in a few. OK (no Question mark)


The world is born free. I announce the following that will be recorded in history who did the bulk of the work behind the scene. They have had no voices and no speech. None of them has ever had a word with on the phone, never mind seeing each other.

The only free voice has been mine who spoke but no one replied. All in all we have achieved together a record that has never existed in the history of human kind. Karen M Videtic happens to be an American from Virginia Commonwealth University. She was the first person to acknowledge other leaders below along side her, as the people who have done the lion’s share of the job. So we all owe what we have achieved to them:

Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, Karen Videtic, Mac Maharaj, and Kenneth Kaunda.

My role whatever has been, does not allow me to be on the list. It’s not because I am neither good or otherwise compared to them. Let us say, in order to increase our chances of not getting nuked by each other, then the best assurance the 7 billion of us can have. Wouldn’t you do what I’ve done? If it doesn’t make sense, at least, you will live longer.

Now, about my darling Karen. I adore her, I can’t live without her. The amazing thing is that she has exactly the same feelings about me. How lucky are we both? Oh, and another thing. We shall remain in as much love as now until we both die! Now, that’s a hell of love, and it comes at a price. She has agreed never to see me, to hear me or to touch me. She will only know me through my writing.

I think I’ve got it right. If I have erred, then I correct it as we all go along. So, 1 million women, can fall in love with tonight/day, as long as they make the promise to me. So, I am like a living book. It gets thicker and by the day, then by the week, month, year, with the number of pages getting lesser and lesser as I get busier. It may end up, just one letter a year, but may at worst.

Its’just an idea. You may never fall in love or may some day. To me that part of it doesn’t matter, because I don’t know you. To you it might. So think.

I can’t write back, so don’t write.


Field Marshall Mohammad
For her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Both as described earlier,

I am delighted to let you know that America, Britain, and Syria have accepted the new benign and benevolent Dictatorship where Her Majesty Rules by decree and I can what I like, but within limits you know by now.

PS Because 7 billion of us had no voice or other freedoms to contact me (philosophically), and you paid a heavy price for such prolong imprisonments, then you all become equals. You wanted to break free but were not allowed. Now that you are, you knid of voted all once and have equal rights. The blog has been saying this in bits and pieces.


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