Sunday, 18 January 2009

Very IMportant! What I had given you given so far, had been after having infront of my mind:

Washington went, America went, except Lincoln to igve Aerica a bench mark. Washingto tied to British thrown, so America reverted to British rule.

Because through TOTALLY UNPLANNED coincidnce, I came and smashed every thing. You wouldn't believe this! Johnny Cash did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paedophila. Not only that. But this is even more extra ordinary. While whatever was happening, Trever (gotraped age 7) and I were discussing child abuse. Johny Cash exploded out of his mouth, and when I heard that, and recalling how John Cash cried for decades, matched intellectual efforts for me free myselffrom hrt ebasrds(signifyiong I do not have a religion yet), my next post had been ready for some time for me to press the trigger (send button, obviously).

That hit the world when you were all sitting up the subhumans to be proven with extraoridnary skills of Israel, Hmas and every one else really (or else, some boddy would have goofed up, right?). So, add, my feelings, your orchistrating matrices (?) to drop the bomb shell (my guess Danielle Barenboim), coming wavingf hands pointing to an American covered in striped, saying it him all along! Bang So the previous bit, and more (can't remeber) made me push the button and the whole house of cards collapsed.

I became (not Islam as far as I am concerned but we definitly will consult. All 7 billion of us) became the head of every thing (Why me?) that I had no idea it will turn out that way. Blame Paedophilia. Now analysie that and you will get trevour you wouldn't believe your senses.

Trevor had taken stool samples withblood in them. Surgeries had denied blood in samples and referred him to mental health. He had been sectoned, his food poisoned at ACU (wher I was locked up. Some nice peple there, Michele Hydr, my new social worker will help), His internal organs are ripped apart. They constantly break in (Mandleson. Now every body should know why I highly object to that man ans every one associated with him with thinnest of threads), they constantlly break in to his house (next to mine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), to poison his food, and his water. He get his water from my tap, and carries his food with him wherever he goes. I am amazed he is the man he is. The wolrld will meet Trevor.

The world owes a debt of gratitude to Nelsson Mandela, and team, inclding my beautiful record holding Human (Heroine, very dangerous word, I sort of proved. Subject to scrutiny, but I feel, it was designed to create women in leather. I did that all by myself! Not really. How could I be sure?)


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