Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Urgent! Vital to global security

Post number 51

President - elect Obama to take serious note.

Please take note that George W Bush is a neo Nazi!!!

We call Mullah Zaieef the Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan until 2001, the leadership of Hezbollah, the Israeli citizen 911 conspiracy theorist whom Anna Machon (David Shaler’s biographer. He is the MI5 whistle blower) knows, the Iranian and Syrian leaderships for now. They must all be given viewing time on the BBC or Channel 4 to air views.

People named above with the nation of Israel and government are on our list of born free Congress of 2009. Israel will be born free. Then we will see whether they will fight or live in peace.

Let us say we know Mr Ehlmut, the prime minister. He must be freed to tell you what he knows. Find the attorney general (we believe) who accused the prime minister of bribery etc. He put an end to Mr Ehlmut’s political life, without having to prove his allegations. Proceedings were not concluded according to our intelligence. The attorney general is a Neo Nazi!

President – elect Obama, and the world: Successive Israeli governments have been kept hostages to conduct wars in manners they have to permanently keep seeds of hatred in the Middle East for the Neo Nazis to keep wars going and eventually dominate the world.

Israel has been treated in the same manner Hitler treated them.

Don’t believe us? Wait to see what this blog post does.



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