Thursday, 15 January 2009

Urgent! National Security UK

To all UK, police and intellignce forces.

This is an order.

Check 1/4 £million SLR Mercedes, City Police, DVLA. Car reg number: LS05JKZ.

End of order.

Dear Steven Fry,

Need your help on security issues.
1) Be as you are. No need to panic.
2) I hear you are an expert in geometry.
3) I have a puzzle for you and egg heads in geometry.


I hear the prince of Darkness's organisation of Paedophiles, drug dealers including opium from Afghnistan. Blair, Bush, Mandleson and associates form say a matrix of concentric circles. The top powerful ones like Robertson of NATO form the inner circle.

Now, sitting comfortably, so, I carry on: You see, these inner circle rape young girls and boys in Germany, Britain, Ital, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza (oh yes), lets see where else, dooby dooby doo la la la la la ho ho ho ho. Sorry, got carried away. Egypt, Lebaonon, and loads of other places and told you like Okinawa Japan, I will be here all day.

Because your time is precious, never mind solving the puzzle. I will give you the answer so that you can get proactive.

Oh, and another thing: Round up every body else who were destroyed by these Neo-Nazi Blood sucking vampires, and whose futures were destroyed to join you: Whether it's literature, sciences, music, snooker, Ealing film Studios, Shepperton, Elms Tree, University students (bright ones) drugged in their dorms,.... Its a nightmare.

Here is the answer: Go penetrate!!! I don't necessarily mean all of you. Some may like to penetrate elsewhere. What's the opposite of concentric circles? Don't waste time. I will find out over a cup of tea. Oh, dear, things I've done just so that they let me just a dry cleaner. I had to re engineer the world, re assemble it, defeat an empire, conquer the world, lock up George W.

Want to know what all these things are called collectivcely? Well, I broke their codea and found the answer: RED TAPE! No wonder those poor office people, neve getting any work done. Can any one balme them. Bloody hell!

You don't need drugs, world.

Field Marshall Mohammad
For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the world.


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