Friday, 16 January 2009

Urgent! For you Barrack

Hamourabi Defintely applies (get real menaings of sentnces). Top priority

Protect Norway. Treat her as if she was Olmert's Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then protect U of A, Tucsdon. welcome them professor Harold Wheater of Imperial and all others Superbly Powered and every thing

Ditto ditto but U of Wyo at Laramie

Ditto but all people throughout America
Reason: My one man conerts on both campuses

Cheyney has made Karzai as my clone. Therefore, Cheney has known me since one day when I was a sophomre in Kabul Universidty. Maths calss (calculus). An incident happened between me and lecturer Rajab Ali Karim. American staff saw a leader who will not back down.

When giving conerts on campus, my attire was a duplicate of what Karzai wears today. The multi coloured Green striped robe...................

Cheney whose office boy Karzai is has been painted to the Afghans that he (the Wholesaler of the father land) has my integrity and that of my father (Mohmmad Allem) never used his government car for personall use. He instructed driver to park car at the ministry and my father cycled home 10 km each way every day to home. Thats who I am. Is Karzai the same as me? Check his bank accounts clive and Freeze them. We wil tell the world who has more.

Follow proeedure Monty Python mathematical series to Afghan cabinet minister, and deputy minister whom I know is a thief. Nasser Saberi (known to UN member BBC knows him). Nasser stole from me and Wandsworth Borough Council (house 44 Granard Avenue), rented to Afghan refugees). Do every thing: The war lords, you name it. Watan dara komak konain. Dr Ashraf Ghani) Protect him, Barack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why this emergency? I got an international phone call (withheld number!!!!) from a woman who asked if my name was MKA (full names, I think)? I said yes (I knew what I was doing. Sumo steps) so that I could suss her out. (DO a mandleson type thing). She gave my post code. I said wow. How did she know (Sir Lord Mandleson). Then I turned tables round. I got the company as "consumer research". I smelled fish (my detective tools). I asked tell me more. She started falling apart. I insisted asking more, calmly, no anger or she would have put the down. I have her enough rope to hang herself and I yhink she did.

Here is how: She wouldn't tell me what country she was calling from. When I insisted, she said the office is in the UK. Address please, I asked. Instead of address, she gave me a web site: I don't trust any body. This could be man in black leather IT type. Check he out, police, army, air force, every thing the US got. They are all mine. American soldiers. Turn around ans shoot Karzai for starters.

When I warn that people should mess with me, well take that Nasseer Saberi, you bastard. Which passport do hold right now? I bet, the British so that you could bring the drugs and giva it to Mandelson. Fuck you.

Tidy up, Dr Ghani. Get team Mandela Hassas and others to give a hand. There, Afghanistan. Done and dusted.

Mohammad Ahmadzai

Field Marshall Mohammad
For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the world.

Clive, you work!


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