Monday, 12 January 2009

UK and World Football + Cricket

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UK and World football:

Hardeep Singh Kohli is our global football consultant. He is Empowered to bring about a few changes. Start with little ones, Hardeep. You are telling us bigger ones will take care of themselves. It doesn’t make sense, but since you are the boss, then surprise us.

Alan Shearer, Garth Crook and Graham La Saux will give you a hand, unless they have chequered histories.

Here is little one you might consider at the bottom of your list:

This Rafa of Liverpool ding dong with Sir Alex Fergusson. Who does Rafa think he is? Huhhhh! At the same time, we have never, ever, ever trusted those double glazers at Man U. Find out what the hell is going on, Hardeep, will you? Thanks.

English Cricket:

Kevin Pietersen,

Don’t loose your genius and hopes for England. We haven’t.

We enjoyed the plough disc barbecue when in SA in 1982. Have one nice Apartheid stories to tell, but can wait for now. It’s constructive for 1+1 = 2 = Rainbow Nation.

Meanwhile, this will confue people unless you phone Careem to explain: We are of brown incomplexion. Always were, even when we stayed at the Johannesburger. But while there, we became as white as you are Kevin! The Hell's Angles motor cyclists made so much noise at nights on their way to ???? Hill, we couldn't get any sleep, mate.


Her Majesty’s Empowered Ambassador at Large


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