Saturday, 17 January 2009

Towards Eutopia

I feel Blog + whats left of a few hours ago, or lets call this sum P . The two together gives me the time of my ife.

I have blog + 0P = Blog.
the 7 billion of you out there feel blog + ZP

Your Z values vary. It can only be between zero and infinity.

The larger your P value is, the more different you and I are. put simply, among other things, you will be very angry with me. I will still say, look, it has nothing to do with me. Your anger and other feelings should be taken back to those who gave them to you. When you go back, you will find that I have executed a part of your anger at least. If still angry, then it is your job to look for solutions in the landscape which was condemned in its entirety. It is not my landscape to help you.

I have left,and dont have reason to back there again. I built something that suits me, but it was designed to 7 billion. Wait and see whether that number increases or not. Some of my people, may get fed up with I have built us, and say to hell with this. I say fine. You go back. No need to argue or to get upset. Every body is happy. We dont agree with our differneces, but we should respect them. You know We have our values in our ZP (now greater than 1 but smaller then Z). You have yours in say, quite a few books, only one of which happens to be the book of the religion you believe in. We say, great. Go and enjoy.

At least one minimum appears to be good (new?): We dont know how fit for purpose (important for theologists) ZP is so far. We know what is in our z. You may or may not be sosure of what is in your z.
Be as you are (From the Military of the old!!!!). One agreeable old value found (re engineeing. I am thinking of keeping it. Others, be as you are + look for differnces.

See its been 1 + 1 = 2 so far. If it not, then it would be due to human error

Observation: What I have built above tells me this. In the new landscape + new contents, aiming for Eotopia, I do not see the need for any man made products (????). In the equivalent environnment of the past with its assocaited old contents, there is a dependence on made made things to make it function (?????).

What you read above is my first draft. We can work together, but then again, we can't. However, because I aim for Eotpopia, then I have HOPE and right now am as a being (mind and body) perfect!!!!?

I am going to bed. So my feeling after doing this will be different than yours whenever you may reading this.

Be as you are

Important comment: having changed the world, I see incredible scenes and change of behaviours you will experience. On one occasion you will feel weird and (and a lot of other things when yome to the office and say : "Be as you are every one" Instead of "Good Morning every one". Some who have no idea what planet do you come from, will think you are mad and may refer you to a psychiatrist unbelievable and hard to explain. But unfolds: We will be a new minority in different parts of the world. But this minority will be completely different than all previous minorities. This minority will have power, and cannot be bullied arround. No one will be able to make stories about us, discriminate against or criticise our religion. So far, I do not see any need for one. But it is early days.

See how, a very cruel death penalty of a few hours ago that I called aiming for Eotopia unfolds in my view? I have not made things up to profit from. I have not created the need dor any one to change the blog ever, for as long as it remains as is, we will remain united. There may never be opportunities for any one to change it. Together and truthful, we will remain together and united, whether next door or a 1000 miles away. It was given birth by a blog, with 7 billion votes (assumed). If its works, it is the greatest invention human kind has ever achieved in history. And it ahppened so easily, so quickly, with no blood shed. It had weapons which will clearly defined later. We all know what my weapons dead, but their designwas good. Its effectiveness was devastating but to an individaul only.

Be as you are,


Do not be influenced by my personal feeling. But for historic records, I am thrilled bits and can't wait to see what turns up next.


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