Thursday, 8 January 2009

This should fix it for 1500 hours, English Cricket Team

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Hi, English cricket team

“We = Wool + Facts = Mohammad – Religion or thereabouts in this debate, but very powerful.

You have an important gathering at 1500 GMT, so we’ve got to rush with this. It may be full of typographical and others errors which we hope you don’t mind.

We’ve been crunching numbers, ‘staining’ our cricket map, and, we smell Adidas, mates. We were waiting for this day but had a lot to do earlier that might have escaped your attention. We have a team called the Runnymede born free Congress of 2009, and that is very big deal.

A member in this group who also ‘stains’ maps is Mark Tully ex BBC India. He will tell you about staining and all the rest of it. When Mark explains all, you will know that Adidas is no more than an agent of Neo Nazi George W Bush who has been at work to get Israel commit decremental suicide. He is using Israel, the whole 6 millions of them the same way Hitler did as we all know. Cardinal Martino of Vatican called Gaza a concentration camp. We do not agree to this, and will deliver comments to the Cardinal

Issues at hand implicate Adidas in quick sand from which there is no escape. They are doing something a lot more serious. The UK is trying to get her sovereignty back from America, and Adidas is stopping us do it. The disunity caused among you is breaking us. To break us is to commit UK to continued slavery. OK?

Now, do we also detect lap top, modern methods of management, instant stats produced to maximise efficiency, etc? Such modern trends may not suit some or all of the team, and may have created bottle necks for your readiness for your oncoming matches. We relate the modern methods to modern methods Adidas preferred when they brought Clima-Cool and got rid of the V-necked wool jumper.

The person(s) responsible for modernity are playing with UK sovereignty, and hence are the enemies of this nations. We will expose them quicker than they can imagine and flush them out. As to what we’ll do to them, we suggest they read the blog.

Meanwhile, wear your discarded wool jumpers proudly where ever you go, but and we emphasise, only if it fits in the landscape. Wearing it must not cause disunity. We are capable of bring it back any time you wish. Your wishes are indeed our commands, because you will do a lot for us.

Go get them, guys.


To others after the rockets issue in Northern Israel: Thank you the Lebanese govt/Hezbollah/Hamas Lebanon - all as one now (we insist), IDF, the Israeli establishment, the people of Israel and Gaza for exchanging positive dialogues. Absolutely brilliant job was well done. You stopped the destruction of Lebanon, Syria, and Iran at least that will have been well under way by now. We stopped it in a matter of minutes, didn'r we? Thank you all for working together with us.

We know that the status quo in the theatre of war in Gaza must continue as Israel planned for the designed duration. Hamas knows. If it stopped, then the world will be set alight somewhere else. We emphasise, and say: We Do know that. Pauses indicate more emphasis. But minimise damage. Fire blanks or something. The BBC video man will record sites hit earlier. Wink, wnik, say no more. Ask Eric Idle of Monty Python on this one.

At home, thank you Michael Palin, Lords Hattersley and Hurd (ref our Haig/Skinner versus your Callaghan/Heath, yes?), and significantly, Nick Clegg on announcing the EU, and individual states should stop selling arms to Israel. That was very brave nick and took guts to it. Others should look at the significance of what you might have meant: How can they sell weapons on the one hand and work as peace makers on the other? Wouldn’t they be making peace in ways to protect their market, Israel?

If Iran and Syria were to do peace making, then they would be protecting their market Hamas, too? If they all made peace, came home and sold more, then the parties at war will have more logistics to fight on.

We have ideas based on common sense and will announce them in due course.

Also work is acknowledged by Gordon Brown, and Lord Mandleson in going round the 3 regions telling people Bush is a Neo Nazi. We (Mohammad) are winners, not quitters, Lord Madleson! You work! (Manuel Faulty). Thanks also to the serious Fraud Office for investigating the Made Off affairs in the UK. This is a first, and the Serious Fraud Office is raising 2 fingers at the Neo Nazi Bush. History will record this, Chris.

Britain is rocking, world. Professor president - elect Obama will be working across political party lines. Britain is 2 weeks ahead of him. How about that?

More but can wait.



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