Saturday, 17 January 2009

Terms of reference TOR Re Engineered (to improve later)

1) Hammourabi holds firm for the remainder of the producings
2) My Title as signed remains in force, to save time in not having to sign each ORDER
3) I delegate power in part to Egham UN where Egham is less than Mohammad qualitatively and quantitatively.
4) with my excess authority, I overrule desisions, recommendations and all others.

With excess power, I now overrule the majority consensus to keep David Cameron as the leader of the Tories. I am not convinced, but carry on the exteremy sensible work thus far. I am seeking other Mandlesons. So watch out. So, as you are.

Subject I want to be brought to the fore, and debate started is the death of Mo Molem. Indications are that she was killed.

New subject: This could be as big as the one that freed the world. Most of what I have heard are as mad as issues that exploded out of that did not make sence then. But the new blog tacking issues step by step as I have got us to where you are now. We even have more now: An eye for eye, Got Bush dead and alive and a few more.

Let us assume that have 1 million words that are not only unbelievable, but so outrageously farcical, that will not make you laugh, but it most definitively do more damage and cause me so much ridicule that even I cannot measure.

The good news is that my philosophies feel challenged and is dying to have a go and get to the bottom of it all. The way to do that would be as if you assumed me to be a nurse, taking blood samples, and I to take and to send samples to the lab.

Now here comes the crazy stuff: The patient is such a pressure vessel that he claims to know what is in the blood already? The speed at which he blasts the data (outrageous stuff) hits me at say 100 words a second. I (only a bloody nurse, for goodness sake) am expected to only capture all words, but to analyse them and send the sample and my take (impossible) to the lab. If I sent you the sample and the impossibles, then the whole world will laugh and redicule me.

Similarity between the projects: Common denominator of data dying to come out.

This plus other knowledge I have sent you, encourage me to have a start. So the following is two chunks (not bits) and excites me.

DO ACT NOW: My own road could be full of paedophiles. My contrated condnsed data over 5 years plus. They ignore me as I don't exist, but I get Christmas card (just one). I do not like the feel of that at all!!!!!

Staines: A metaphoric bird's eye view of stains show different evil communities.

Have a look, and after all, laugh at the research, not the mouse pusher. You see that I am so excited by what I have heard that I did something silly. Mentioning "mouse pusher" at the beginning would have sufficed.

The above may just slightly be helpfull in his vampire thing, he tells me. He is sitting right next to me. Its a nightmare to handle him (he can't stop talikng), analysing, and writing the package to you, all of it almost simultaneuosly.



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