Friday, 16 January 2009



Hamourabi and every thing,

Look, I need to be informal so that I can squeeze in more (dropping legal cross tying in, telling the world that I serve HM to serve the whole wide world and all that).

OK, now. We've got PopeX2 now. So clive can factor this in for all of them. You know as I take you through. I have sorted out ecery thing here in a matter of a week. Every body is nice. Tangent: You see world cities are competing to take prime positions for tomorrow's business. I do my bit for London (under house arrest, mind you)Tangent ends. No one killed with knives, very little gerugs, get this: a rape case is going to be tried in public with 200 witnesses the world what happened. People can speak freely now. They overturned the Heathrow thing.

The made govt revrse Mandleson policy of selling post offices. Break community unity, then rape and pillage. Hcase a united village out of the area in Heathrow, and make them live a few families here and there. Created single mum families. Pope comes and drugs, and they rape kids at well and no will know. Morris dancers are making loud noises because that brings people together. The best amalgamater, to re unite us faster than some other means. and they even have a ruthless para military type where no sticks are used. Get the philosophy? fight with Morris dancing, word culture every thing that we are wich with but have neve been allowed to use the damn thins.

Now, with that fantastic progress, we are making Mandleson and his lot nervous wrecks soon to get mentall illness. We are giving it back to them. Here is how. The resaon every thing is changing at the speed of a juggernaut is that the reps of PopeX2 have got no idea why things changed over night. They are nervous. So, they ask the next in the chain of command to know why. No one knows. So, finding solutions has reached the very top. All popes X 2 have no answer. Here is the catch: TOO MUCH RED TAPE! A lot more than I gave to Steven Fry to throw away so that him and his mates could penetrate P X 2's even deeper. Tricked you. didn't tell you part of it I? I have a wicked sense of humour, you see.

With no answers reaching their terroring soldiers on streets, the latter get even more stressed soon totally incable of coming out of the house. This would be similar to Norwegians telling colleagues (Hadet, Ole Paulsen/Lisa Fogstad and loads more. I haven't fogotten my mostfavourite home. I just couldn't because of NORAD = NORAD. Now that you are safe, I will be soon) that they had come back from a months holiday. Now Bear in mind that it is sunner and Nowegains like others flog in to hot climes, an get tanned. Except that this guy is paler than he was a month earlier (I am laughing like zray). He was locked up because he was caught drink drinving! He feels too disgraced to tell.

The joke above will get rid of shaved heads. Give it time. I may give it PUSH IF PEOPLE DIDN'T get the code. Any way, all going so well, and no solutons in sight, they got their biggest Pope, Rupert Murdock. Desparation got highly damaged Murdock who is probably on crutches now, he got the some bigs to dislodge me.

I have charged Gordon Brown to get re engineer the House, and get rid of scum. I don,care if its Tories, Lib, Dems, trhe looney party and who ever else. I dont give a fuck Murdock. He got the Times Newspaper to ridicule Brown. It advertises on TV (Oh, yes. Too much Mandleson inside him, literally) shoowing Brown with a happy smile changing to looking draine dout of will to live. The point being that I will get worked up, slip up and loose the whole thing with a mighty sledge hammer thrashing a nut to smitherines. What the morons dont know with their inferior last cebtury ontelligence is that is me who has the sledge hammer.

Every time they come back with suucessively bigger ones, I tell Clive, hit the 3, 4, 5,..... button until the Pope comes himself. and I will ask him to go get the other 4 or there will be no deal. We will televise proceedings on TV. from there on. frankly speaking, I have no idea what will happen. We just have to wait and see.

I thought you to know Barck. The Americans will know too when they are able to read this in the nearnfuture.It will take the world longer perhaps. Bloody Orange. I hear they havent got the technology to get kids text like crazy. The post is written in plain English. I will go and find out.


Field Marshall Mohammad,

For Her Majesty Quuen Elizabeth II of the world


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