Monday, 12 January 2009

SPHERE OF EVIL endangers Obama innoguration

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Egham UN,

You are empowered to take these global actions.

1) Desmond Tutu’s life is in grave danger. If you do not act today, he will be dead tomorrow. He will be killed by Jacob Zuma, aided by Bush and Blair. The Bishop has gone on hunger strike, don’t you hear? Haven’t you got ears UN Egham? Get your asses in gear and free Tutu! Bloody hell.
2) Arrest Zuma, lock him up and give the key to Nelson Mandela
3) Save Professor president – elect Barack Obama’s presidency that hasn’t even begun yet. Rumsfeld, Bush Senior, Clinton, Wolfwowitz, Cheney, Paulson (previous US Ambassador to UN, previous to Khalilzad, the guy with non matching moustache and hair. Find out which of them is the fake and tell the world about it) have master minded something with the Guantanamo detainees. The situation created by these SPHERE OF EVIL is literally unsolvable for President Obama (he is a professor in the fields of helping the poor and under privileged. He is our kind of professor and we don’t want other academics with paper qualifications coming out of their noses to pull ranks on the president. We don’t care who you are. You will never be as good as our choice prof is, and don’t you forget it!!!!)
3a) As the UN Secretary General (just appointed self, Your Majesty. Just like that! Tommy Cooper), I say you do this: Not a single sole from Guantanamo is to be moved any where. Fly the lot of them to Egham. We will televise them to the world, and find volunteer countries that will be breaking their heads to get them. Can you imagine the stories they could tell?
We wish to stress this: The whole world is demanded to help all they can to give Barack, Michelle, the girls and the dog a wonderful day on 20 January.
4) We will know who will be dragging their feet. We will then take appropriate action with mild bollocking and any one stupid will get a doze of what we gave to Zuma yesterday
5) How do you like the new UN prof?
6) Strip Mandleson of Lordship title, and then arrest him. We don’t mind if you reversed the procedure.
7) We immediately acquire the ownership of Barclays Bank and AIG where ever they are on the globe and space. They did not respect the dead line of 09:00 hours today (Ref Barclays Bank Rugby Branch, England). We even gave them a grace period of close of UK business hours 17:00 GMT. They have both relied on Bush’s power. This indicates that SPHERE OF EVIL mentioned above are the power base in Washington. We can see that now.
8) UN Egham to start proceedings for transfer of ownership to Mohammad of: Proctor & Gamble, General Electric, AIG and Barclays bank with immediate effect. No ifs, no buts, no nothing.
9) Your Majesty: As you can see, the New UN is rich to start spending on humanity. Meanwhile, and frankly speaking, we are a bit strapped for cash. Could you possibly arrange sending some money in small unmarked bills or marked large ones (Woody Allen)?

Your Enforcing Ambassador at Large and UN Secretary General

You might have seen the possibility of us ending up with more titles than the late Idi Amin. All told, we are still following research rules. Blame wool, laugh at wool, or cry. It doesn’t affect us in the slightest. Whatever the case, what wool and associates demand, they get. We remain a mouse pusher.


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