Friday, 9 January 2009

Space and Enironment

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Further world communiqués, this time on space and the environment:

1) We have the empowerment. We no longer ask for permission to do it. We no longer beg and borrow funds. We demand it, and get it. We will also raise funds ourselves.
2) For acquiring funds, we lay claim to the ownerships of the entire General Electric, and Proctor & Gamble, pending their providing answers to the now professor president Barack Obama. We give the two global giants until Monday 0900 GMT 12 January 2009 to own up to the dry cleaning spotting table as a real potential for the spread of MRSA, and Closteridium Deficille that kill thousands of people in the UK and world hospitals every year.
3) Item 2 above is related to infecting space. Proctor & Gamble have had from 2001 in collusion with Lord Peter Melchet and Greenpeace to have taken Mohammad’s concerns seriously. Instead, they master minded Mohammad’s beating up, imprisonment, confining him to mental health institutions, with help from Phillip Hammond MP mentioned earlier
4) 4) To reiterate, if we do not have answers by 0900 hours on the said Monday morning, then General Electric and Proctor & Gamble in their entirety any where on the globe will become Mohammad’s assets
5) With his new assets, Mohammad will then spend like there was no tomorrow on the following. Clive Anderson: You work!


6) We empower professor Phillip Allen of our own Imperial College, London, and Gabrielle Walker, the author of ‘Snowball Earth’ to tell us what the world has not heard because of shortage of funds and gagging UK knowledge by the Neo Nazis. Sir, and madam, the world is at your disposal through the BBC and Channel 4. Tell us all.
7) Phillip’s and Gabrielle work will mark ‘ground zero’ on the environment. We will then take logical and sequential step to solve global warming, Kyoto and others that our snow balling team with added members will unearth.

Space: Simply put, since it belongs to wool + facts, provided Proctor & Gamble and General are defeated by Monday morning, we will then spend like crazy on
8) How UK universities students & staff can build space experiments and even launch at unbelievably low prices, rockets and stuff to space
9) For example, our Open University PhD students are building an experiment that will orbit the moon! They are cash strapped, and nobody has or given them any money. They don’t need to beg any more. Mohammad is rich. How much do you want? Millions? Approved
10) We then have something called Leicester University. Really? Who are you, then? Well, they tell Mohammad, now that he is rich (beyond his wildest dreams, Robbie Williams. You sing! The millennium and stuff that America didn’t want to listen. They will now. Throw away those goddamned pills) that Leicester’s Physics and Astronomy department are building their own satellite! Well, Mohammad will be damned if he ever knew if he remained poor. So, you tell the BBC and Channel 4 to make new programmes in competition with Big Brother, and the X Factor over on ITV (Bull’s eye, Simon Cowell. Pack up and go home, mate. You’ve done enough)
11) Now then. We also have Moon Orbiter (ESMO) designed and built by students from 29 universities in 12 countries

The world will be shocked, but delighted by what they didn’t know. You will see pseudo environmentalists with global repute disappear into thin air and immigrate to Waziristan because elsewhere, they will be accessible and exposed to side aching laughter. Watching Television? Well, have we got news for you?!


For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth

PS CCCC Limited's Arts, Music, sport and Culture: No Elvis, and his millions of impersonators will be allowed within a thousand miles of Runnymede. Do yourselves a favour and stay home.

Those who wish to attend Runnymede concerts. If the singer/performer does not understand the blog, then don't bother even to take a step towrds Runnymede. Those who may think they are qualified, then write lyrics that they will sing themselves (no lyrics by others will be allowed for singing by the vocalist(s)to reflect blog philosophies. No ifs, no buts, no nothing, to tell you that Mohammad is indeed an expert in keeping the rubbish away, no matter what gaints they are and what reputes they have been given by the Neo Nazis.

Our consultants in these fields are flooded with every Tom, Dick and Harry crowding them, and can't do their jobs properly. Leave them alone! And another thing: If you insist, then you will be detroying your own multi million empires yo uhave built, with your own greedy efforts and publicity machines. We don't need to use the blog at all to blow you away. Get it? We are on the offense, not defence, remember?


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