Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Some thorny issues research dictates.

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This is a dictaed item, carefully thought out. However, if any one extraordinry ojections that would be justly fair, then it will be accomodated of course. Meanwhile, uere they are:

911, Lsraeli/Hammas borne/related/specific, The Sri Lankan sad situation, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan/India/ and all other divisive ones are best sorted out rationally (1+1 =). We can talk it over in ways this blog established. This is the 'partial Skeleto' if you like. THIS IN ITSELF TAKES TIME. There may even be a gap before 'Fleshing up' can be done.

Add The problems between Excellency President Harebe's (sorry for misspelling, sir) Columbia, Cuba, Mr Moralese's country, Excellency Chavez's Venezevela, and all others you can obviously think of. The absence of mentioning them is to not having sufficient knowledge and the hard work I am doing. Nothing else.

Oh, Indonesia, Phillpines (Muslims fighting in jungle (Tough ones with guns and every thing), Burma, Malaysia (PrimeMinister Badawi: You've got some die hard Malys who think Malaysia is for them only. The Chinese although quite well off and private education feel left out. Do you need long to sort it out, sir. No problem, but WE WILL KEEP EYES (both of them) ON DEVELOPMENTS. No need to report to us. We are on constant watch on other matters. So, we woun't go out of way to watch you. The Indians may wish to raise issues from what I've heard),



PS Remember that there may very well be ONE common denominator here. So we will save a lot in financial terms. Something we all need. The ones above are divisive and will split us apart (AGAIN). Our blog ideologies although not complete UNITES.


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