Sunday, 11 January 2009

So, Bush. You Haven't learnt, have you? Have a load of this:

Post number 64

Post number 64

You really are getting to be a pest now. We can’t get rid of you white trash, Muzungu, Booka Booka (you tell him Careem, you vindaloo Paki/ Wog/nigger ANC so and so, such that they know who we are), to continue, you scum of the earth. And we want that nigger Obama to get a load of this (Prof, consult your Chicago team at npr quiz team who took our Morris dancing to sheds last night by saying the dance belongs to the 15th century and so do the British dancers. Ingenenious, but we will get them. Ha ha ha).

You want more, you white trash, Bush. We will give you more but let us sot out the curry Paki Neo Nazi based/related/born/specific Mullim Council of Britain first:

Mr Enaayat Bnglawala should and does know that the goddamned Paki Sir Iqbal Sakrani and us go way back to between March and August 2001. We were then placed in a half way house by the white trash scum of the earth Phillip Hammond MP. It is called St Judes Cottage on Bond Street, our own Egham (Englefield Green), and it is a place for recovering drug addicts.

We were placed there by Phillip Hammond on the ground floor with no curtains or money to buy them opposite the car park. Our own Egham shoppers saw us in full view like a monkey in the cage, and we had to lie on the floor to hide their stares. OK? Well, these people knew us as the super inventor not long before who ha then become a drug addict. We had not been. This had been the democracy Blair had and is making million talking about his democracy to white trash, niggere like the Rev Jessy Jackson and others.

Well, what about Sir Iqbal? We’ll tell you. We used to borrow change from drug addicts to make phone calls to Sir Iqball, not asking for help, but expaining what we had to offer provided he did not Islamise it. He ignored us time and again.

Now, the MCB has joined the band wagon seeking fame and fortune. Fine, but do not undermine our research. Here are some disagreements we have with MCB;
1) 40 Palestinians killed as reported by the MCB this morning is false. Ref: Our decommissioning of the UN woman in Jerusalem who was the original source to us reporting the killing. UN is tied to Bush. Bush is Neo Nazi. Oh, dear, oh dear, oh dear. We need to bore the rest of you scum bags and scum of the earth whoever you are and proud to be politically correct, with the explanation of Neo Nazi:
1a) Analogy: Imagine Golda Meyer, Moshi Dian, Ben Gorian, Natanyahoo (the hawk), you name them. Now, imagine two scum bags that every one of these in successive decades have stood at podiums addressing the world how right they had been to defend themselves. To do that they had to kill Palestinians (simplified to drive the point home to MCB who think not to understand), and as simple as that. Take their land, destroy their Olive plantations and do really cruel things as we have come to know in varying degrees

1b) While at podiums, an syringe with sharp needle had been each time and decade by successive US presidents, having instilled in the Jews that if they do not say what they had been instructed, they will be dead in seconds, for the message of terror to spread throughout Israel. Then, threats were maintained every cm of military ground, ever air mile, and sea mile so that the Jews killed, maimed and looted as instructed. All the leaders of Israel knew all along and still do, that a new and much more devastating holocaust will turn them to ashes. It would then make sense to blame the neighbours in whom so much hatred had been and is created.

1c) Jumping to today, all of Israeli leaders hearts’ are in their mouths obeying instructions from Bush (that why we impeached him and the Illinois Senate approved. Ref: the Chinese sheep story). With each successive day, the butchering rate is increased at least in words by the Israelis. Bush turn the thumb screws tighter, Israel responds harsher. Why? Bush wants Hamas, and Hezbollah to slip, so that Bush moves in from Iraq, Djibuti, Mombasa, where else, lets see (tapping the desk with finger and going to make a cuppa. We made tea and are back), NATO (must and will go), not Israel because she’s been already fried with her people, Turkey (American specific military, Messrs Gul and Taib Rejab Erdwaan. What was the thing about some guys found with a stash of grenades, RPGs and stuff found in the wood? Are you doing something to sort out those bastard generals. Don’t shout if need help. We will know. Comment not spiritual or religious. Oh, yes. Can you imagine us calaiming to be the promise one and all that rubbish. Bush tried that in April/May and we stopped him in previous blog kaz etc), Pakinstan, Afghanistan….
1d) That was why we kept Russia out of the nuclear equilibrium. We happen to trust Russia. We used together and we learnt a hygienic habit from the Russians 45 years ago (Afghan Shebergan/Mazar I Sharif oil and gas field when we had drilled 53 wells). We leave our tea spoons in the mug right until the tea is finished. Our stained tea spoon is in our mug right here, right now. How about that, Prof nigger Obama?

2) We may have lost the thread, numbering, etc, but does it really matter, owing to what we are achieving now? So, here goes: The other source that reported the 40 killings was a UN man, but this time, in Gaza. Get your scum bag heads together, and concentrate on this one: The UN man said he saw the 40 dead, or saw the site where the massacre took place or some such. This is where we got the UN man. Genuine sites of casualties are confirmed by the victims relating stories to our trusted global BBC. Why doesn’t the UN man take the BBC to interview the surviving families, and neighbours.
3) The quartet man Blair had been installed to add more weight to the credibility of the Neo Nazis, UN, EU, and Russia.


Oh, nearly forgot. Why having been so racially abusive to the whole human race? Our answer is: Exactly, why? Good enough? Yes, say the News of the World, because they have been as sharp as Caroline ? (Tory Chair)/Obama/Cameron/Mohammad. For the rest of you:

Abuses came to you with compliments of Prince Harry, the scum bag (Oh, yes. It’s research, you see?), his friend the Paki Ahmad and Mohammad the wog/nigger/Chikano/Spic/Booka Booka/Muzungu/slit eyed Chinese (yes, HRH Prince Phillip? No? What do you want? Blood? An armful? ‘endearingly’
Well, News of The World: As smart as you’ve been, now you will sell millions more, mates. Go for it full throttle, but you do have competition: The Guardian and The Observer.

Daily Mail: YOU WORK!

Daily Express: As smart as Mohammad and associates. We will help you with 911 thing. To begin with, we ask John Snow to get a documentary dusted and ready to show the world. It is the one you showed about a year or so ago about the destruction of the US Embassies in Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi. There are some honest witnesses there that we would like His Excellency Professor Barack Obama must keep an eye on. We insist on this one, Mr president.

Love you all, humanity.


For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of all places mentioned earlier but not limited to.

PS The Place defended Prices Harry. The Palace mean H.M the Queen, HRH Prince Phillip and all family members even though they may not residents at the Palace. H.H’s approval means and our research has concluded that H.M the Queen has granted Mohammad to take back the acre of land in Runnymede and do things there scheduled earlier on.

And H.M the Queen and indeed Prince Harry may very well be pondering about their dreams of being able to speak freely to the nation, one day, when they will be heard telling us that Ahmed the Paki did call Prince Harry white trash. They were equals, and they are friends. Then why not either of them ripping each other apart, racially, all day long? Just as the nation and our beloved America well from today!

Thanks MCB. Do you like the irony? No need to be upset. The Pope is a Neo Nazi, you see? We spare no one. But god forbid if you were riding on our waves. Remember, we are not religious, because of the 1 billion of us. We firmly believe that where you would like to go, and if you become famous, you will be digging yourselves a hole from which you will never ba able to come out.

It’s been a pleasure to have saved your skins. Now, pack up the MCB thing and go do something else, completely different. OK?




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