Saturday, 17 January 2009

Sentence past aims towards getting closer to Eotopia

Hamourabi Applies

Specifically for those who fealt emotionally or whichever other way feel hurt:
Your upsets are as valuable to philosopophies as gold nuggets, not as something so scary that you may have to hide it with you for the rest of your lives. Rather, if you think or discuss that " You wish MOhammad hadn't done that", then it would best for us to receive them as your gift(s) to Un Egham team to study. We will find solutions for that upset, let have it as a pill to try (just words). We will repeat the process if and when needed.

If you can get used to the idea that it is the blog that did it, then you will be angry at the blog. I have had nothing to do with it.

If UN Egham can open an electronic human complaints (no other complaints whatsoever) box, and collect these gold nuggets. These will be the arrival of our field data for a variety of researches to come.

Those upset about the sentence may feel different if they receive this. I don't wish you to feel better. I'd rather leave it to you to feel how like. Use it as you see fit. If I say have best night ever, Then I have set you a standard to aim for. You may fail to achieve the best. Best of who?

You fought to become BORN FREE. You've earned something valuable. Take advantage of it whatever that may mean to you.


Have a day or night that meets your requirements


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