Monday, 19 January 2009


I can still gaurantee 1000s of years of elations and unbelievabilty.

So here is something so beautifully painful that when the extreme pain is over by both parties concerning this issue, then they will both in unison: Bolldy hell, so that was what it was all about.

Now Enjoy. So much joy that I really am deprived for not being able to witness every second of every minute with.

It is important to have my bench mark: Despite what has been achieved:

I certainly am not bitter
I certainly do not and cannot hate any one one.
I said I have lost respect to give you a little tester: That this man will explain what he means, and then we will have to live with shame for the rest of our lives. WRONG.

Ireally have helped you here becaise of sheer delight I feel.

As of current mood: I am as noraml, and calm as people saw me in TESCO yesterday with trevor. Asked them. I am not jumping up and down. I am not screaming as you had known me. In fact, I dont know what's wrong with me. I just feel like its been another, day. The amazing thing is that the mosr difficult of days was the easiest. Thats whats wrong thats right. Analise that.

Iran and the accused (cant find o more suited word. Take it as neutral) may wish to know that the above was mostly addressed to the accused. You may grasp lesser of the work. But you are stronger to control exercise. You are rich in culture that is a part of Hamourbi


I will not come back.

My keeping an eye on the rest of the world will be at risk. My mood is gauranteed to remain constant, you will be assured. Hamid, help positively if you are not engaged on other more important duties. These may be your efforts to save the rest of the world, for example.



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