Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Red Alert Top priority BBC and Channel

Post number 53

BBC and Channel 4

Get up there in Lebanon and investigate urgently.

Rockets fired at Northern Israel. Report received 0600 hrs GMT. Hezbollah and Hamas Lebanon will be blamed, but are unlikely to be responsible.

Wool highly suspects the Neo Nazi Bush and gang behind it.

Ref: Hariri = Churchill
Barenboim empathised with Hamas. The world knows his delayed concert will solve all. Wool has ideas and is on course to achieving peace within our stipulated period of 6 months.

Hamas Lebanon is news to us, and their announcing themselves last night is highly intelligent. Not only can they help Hezbollah to prove Bush as Nazi, but will also help prove Hariri = Churchill. In both cases, the government of Lebanon will be proven as the Puppets of Neo Nazi Bush.

End of references.

IDF: If you get involved prematurely, you will be proven the culprit and wool will hand you over to the born free congress of 07. The latter is now live with the formal inclusion of Desmond Tutu as the cofounding member with wool. All other members are equally empowered in their fields of expertise.

Exercise caution IDF. Let them fire a few more. This blog will stop them.

Mr Ehlmut: Are you free now? Every body speaks, except you? Where are you?

Northern Israel. Relax. It will be over soon.



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