Thursday, 8 January 2009

Professor Obama is as sharp as we thought he was

Post number 56,

Professor president-elect Barack Obama,

We are so overcome by shear delight and hope that we publish this post outside our schedule of programmes because of the importance of the matter. News is leaked from our Guardian daily newspaper that you are going to establish channels of communications with Hamas. As to how world beating our own intelligence gathering analysis, speed and targeted bull’s eye distribution of the same any where on the planet, are, your's just matched it.

Then, you will know if we told you that you are stealing our show. You will be delighted to know that not only do we not mind, but will be pleased to work together with you. In fact, we over here, need not wait. However, when we finish with the good news, we have a bold item to put to you, but our bold can hurt. Ref: The number “i”. But this bold may also turn out to be like a boil that hurts once only when squeezed. Thereafter, the throbbing pain will have been removed.

The good news: We strongly suggest that you also establish contact with Mr Daniel Barenboim, the maestro pianist and conductor in Berlin, where he lives. Mr Barenboim may have already read our mind (you too) that we were going to swipe aside the current jokers in the UN, the US, the French, British, the EU and more, trying to put into effect a cease fire.

That is not going to work because as said earlier, these guys are selling weapons too. When one counts all the unknowns, one will realise that the unfortunate groups will end up with more unknowns that there are equations. Hence, they will not be able to find solutions to the unknowns using simultaneous equations. Assume, also that there are no other mathematical means of solving the equations. If there are, then the group needs months of computing to do, the sort of time we do not have. OK?

Mr Barenboim’s scheduled but delayed concert in the area is going to be used by us for every one to have a heart to heart in the presence of real peace and truth practitioners Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter, and some others from our Runnymede Congress of the born free 2009. This is the bare bones of it. We can flesh it up as we go along.

Now, the bold: We suggest Bush be impeached now, and leave it to you and team to consider. The reason we are prompting you, and, if the thought had occurred to you but you needed a catalyst, then we are him. He could and will try again to cause fire somewhere. We for our part will no longer rely on being on our defences all the time. We are going to go on the offensive so that he is caught by surprise, and his routines are disrupted instead of ours each time does something stupid and childish.

We are being a genuine country loving American here with America’s interests at heart despite damages we have inflicted to her of late. It has hurt and we felt the hurt, but we had to get our priorities right and had to hit George W very hard to save from him what is left of the world that does not lie in tatters.

The world is still not safe from him. It has been a habit of 8 years to loot (Iraq Museum, notably the Hamourabi Law Codes- the laws of mother earth older than our Magna Carta), to kill, to maim, to orphan and to burn. He nearly set alight the educated, forward looking and industrious Iran and
Syria, yesterday, full of sgarp women decision makers. He also prepared grounds to hit the UK with his state administered terrorism and blame Islam for it. We have a map of his thinking and destructive intelligence machinery. He moves a muscle and we are on to him like a cat to a mouse and pounce on him, as you’ve witnessed.

America will loose a lot more financially, and more leadership in the next 2 weeks if G.W, remains in power. The world is in a state of Force Majeure where no laws can or should apply given G.W.’s revealed identity of Neo Nazism. We are talking war crimes, and the same against humanity and the rest of it. If you wish to have alternative provisional laws at your disposal, then use ours, compliments of wool and public health:

Space is infected by Bush with bacteria, we claimed. We levelled charges against him in the blog. He has remained silent. The world is our witness. Spaces for comments in the blog are all blank! The infection of space means that only wool + fact(s) have jurisdiction in space that neither America nor the rest of the world have. America has been in-chare through practising uni lateral uni polar, and unbridled status. She has remained unaware of space hygiene for let us say, a decade. Our jurisdiction empowers us to quarantine space and shut down all satellites!

We can do better: We offer American experise to back up our calim: Mr Timothy Maxwell of GreenEarth (Proctor & Gamble), The International Fabricare Institue, and General Electric. If they refuse to cooperate, please advise them to write to us stating why do they not cooperate with the presidnet - elect. We will sort them out!

Now then, Force Majeure and our quarantine empowerment clause can be temporarily placed at your disposal to effect G.W.s impeachment. There will be a lot of benefits to our respective nations, among them a new true, equitable and honourable shoulder to shoulder, instead of the shameful farce our proud nation had to endure by America’s installed enslaved governments. How about that?

The whole world will benefit too in untold ways, some of which we know already but will save us both valuable and move on to other pressing matter we need to attend. It’s homeland security for Mr Gordon Brown to work with lesser stresses than have been necessary. Blair and Brown were instructed by America to govern through dread and fear so that people don’t ask questions about the illegal Iraq campaign and even more illegal Afghan campaign (NeoNaziism).

Human resources expenditure on the tax payer have been hyperbolic. These guys want to give us identity cards. Now while we would love to have such a card ourselves (no passport, you see), the nation will find the idea laughable when they will be able to speak and that will be very soon indeed. The laughing matter is that it should be the people who will or will not feel the need to have identity cards, certainly not the government! If there is no fear, then why have ID cards? Furthermore, there will be no police and media’s advance warnings and fear causing alarms about terrorism hitting us in future. We solved that last night.

Yours sincerely,


Ambassador at Large (Runnymede)

For Her Majesty the Queen


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